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Write a Press Release

A press release is created and distributed to inform media personnel about a newsworthy event. The objective is to grab their interest and get them to not only attend the event but also publish a story about it. For years, the press has had the empty 'Just Say No' answer shoved down their throats and ARE hungry to hear from the drug policy reform side. Most already know the truth and will jump at any chance to present it to the public.

Here is a good format to follow when submitting a press release.



Event information - including who,what,when,where and why - in 3-5 clear, concise paragraphs.

Contact Information and organization name/address

A good Press Release should be no more than one 8x11" page of paper when printed. A second page can be used if it includes relevant photos of the cited event or primary individual(s) related to the story. Your Press Release should be sent out twice if possible - once no more than a week prior to the cited event and again the day before.

Whenever possible, follow up on all sent PRs by contacting the media source by telephone and asking to speak with the reporter or columnist to whom the PR was assigned.

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