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Get connected with drug policy reform activists, experts, academics, doctors, lawyers, economists, sociologists, criminologists and former and current drug users.

DrugSense Chat
Drugsense Chat is a place for activists to organize and coordinate their activities, and for the general public to learn and ask questions about drug policy and reform efforts. While its atmosphere is friendly and informal, we strive to keep profanity and offensive behavior under control. We believe in freedom of speech, but with freedom comes responsibility. The views expressed in Drugsense Chat are not necessarily the views of Drugsense or its staff.
Mailing Lists
A mailing list is simply a single email address which redirects mail to many other email addresses. To be a bit more precise, an automated process accepts mail sent to that address, processes it, and resends it to a list of addresses. Internet mailing lists are most often used for discussion groups centered on a specific topic, in which case every subscriber can post to the list. For newsletter distribution, only the author can post and the subscribers just read.
As part of our Media Activism Project, DrugSense has created a virtual conference center to allow activists to gather and discuss drug policy reform. After many years and various chat programs, we have determined that TeamSpeak software is the best solution to enable users to both speak and type to each other. It does require all users download and install TeamSpeak but it is free and well worth the effort.

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