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CN ON: Film Festival Takes On Tough Topic
Young filmmakers in Oxford County will have the chance to take on a tough topic: The effects of drugs and substance abuse.
CN ON: Owner Of Busted Cannabis Dispensary Pleads Guilty To Two
COBOURG - The owner of a full service pot dispensary store that was busted last year pleaded guilty to two charges in February in Cobourg court.
CN ON: Marijuana Legislation In Spring - MP
'We'd rather take our time and do it right than rush into something and regret it later' Nipissing-Timiskaming MP Anthony Rota expects to see legislation this spring to legalize marijuana.
CN AB: City Staff Have Pot On The Brain
Officials mull ground rules for looming legalization City staff are laying the ground rules for possible legal pot shops in Edmonton.


CN ON: Column: Selling marijuana: First, Do No Harm
For those who believe there is no potential harm from illegal marijuana stores in the city, consider Shelley Marshall's story.
CN ON: Column: Selling marijuana: First, Do No Harm
For those who believe there is no potential harm from illegal marijuana stores in the city, consider Shelley Marshall's story.
CN BC: Column: Pot Still Risky Business Outside Vancouver
I am reminded often of how we live in something of a pot bubble here in Vancouver - how marijuana advocates enjoy a mostly hassle-free ride from the local constabulary.
Canada: Editorial: Bringing The Pot Debate To A Head
The arrest in Toronto on Wednesday of Marc Emery, one of North America's leading pot legalization advocates, may seem draconian to his many supporters. But the law is the law, and those who are alleged to flout it risk arrest, regardless of their reasons for doing so.


US MA: Pot Winning Fans
President Trump is ill advised to expend resources to shutdown state legal marijuana businesses ("€œPot plans moving forward despite toughtalk from Trump,"€ Feb. 27).
CN ON: Raids On Pot Shops Not The Answer
Re Police raid Cannabis Culture shops across Canada following arrest of 'Prince' and 'Princess of Pot,' March 9 We need 21st-century Untouchables.
CN BC: Cannabis Shop Raids A Waste Of Resources
I am deeply disappointed in North Cowichan's decision to apply the letter of the law to our cannabis dispensaries last Friday.
CN BC: Another Take On Medicinal Cannabis Administration
Re: Langford mayor urges Trudeau to take action on pot ( Langford Mayor Stew Young seems unaware that drug and natural health product regulation is a provincial, not a federal matter.
CN BC: Don't Slam Marijuana Dispensaries
This is in response to the letter entitled Not in a position to practice medicine (Martyn Lewis,Western News, Feb 24). It does not surprise me to see someone from the pharmaceutical industry spewing forth his verbal diarrhea slamming marijuana dispensaries, considering the dent pot is putting in their industry.
CN BC: Lighten Up And Light Up
People need to chill out. It's just pot. It's been around for ages and it is not going anywhere. Lighten up and light up.
CN BC: Time To Rethink Approach To Drug Education
Re: "Even the courageous can be caught by drugs," column, Feb. 21. As Geoff Johnson shared, addiction is a complex issue. His observations of his own experience with opioids are a testament to the fact that many times drugs can be helpful in our lives. And as we're reminded almost daily, drug use can also be incredibly harmful.