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CN ON: Every Dose A Potential Killer
WATERLOO REGION - Sally has been taking drugs since her mother introduced her to them when she was 14.
CN ON: Trying To Stop A 'Tidal Wave'
WATERLOO REGION - Five years ago, local paramedics responded to one opioid overdose a week. Now the rate is almost two overdoses every day.
CN BC: Court Sides With Cities On Pot Shop Regulation
Penticton's mayor is applauding a recent B.C. Supreme Court decision that ruled local governments do indeed have the right to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. "The judge clearly stated that even though the use of marijuana is federally regulated, the federal law does not authorize access to medical marijuana from dispensaries and municipalities are not precluded from putting in regulations to control them," Andrew Jakubeit said in a statement.
CN QU: School Settles Lawsuit Over Strip Search
The mother of a teenage girl who was subjected to a strip search at l'Ecole secondaire de Neufchatel has dropped a lawsuit requesting damages of $383,000 against the Quebec City school board and the school's administration.


CN BC: Column: Say No To Legal Heroin
SAY NO TO LEGAL HEROIN Ends always justify the means for those striving to do good, no matter the cost to life, liberty and truth.
CN BC: Column: Bad Drug Policy Kills
BAD DRUG POLICY KILLS Last month, my colleague Laurie P. died of overdose, one of 116 fatal ODs in B.C. in January. She was a harm reduction activist and had a graceful, inclusive style of community organizing.
CN AB: Column: Record Drug Bust Part Of Vicious Circle
INCREASE IN PROPERTY CRIMES SHOWS PREVALENCE OF DRUG CULTURE IN AREA Last week we made headlines with a record drug bust after more than $1.2 million in drugs, cash, weapons, drug manufacturing equipment and vehicles were seized by the Lethbridge members of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.
CN BC: Editorial: Methadone Is Life Or Death
If governments were really providing an urgent response to the fentanyl crisis, Correne Antrobus wouldn't be prowling Victoria's streets looking for a drug dealer to sell her daughter methadone. Antrobus shared her story in the Times Colonist this week. Her daughter is addicted to opiates, but wants to quit. When she asked her family for help, they sought medical support and a quick start on legal methadone that would stabilize her addiction, keep her safe and allow her to seek treatment.


CN BC: Not Thumbing Our Noses At City Council
We would like to respond to a recent article (Penticton Western News, Feb. 8, Some dispensaries'thumbing their noses' at the city rules) which Mayor Andrew Jakubeit said we are 'thumbing our nose' at the city by operating without a business license.
CN BC: Cities Should Act On Marijuana
Re: "Langford launches new bid to block marijuana dispensary," Feb. 15. I'm fairly certain jay-walking is still against the law. Is Langford Mayor Stew Young "mad as hell" that this is still going on, despite being illegal?
CN BC: Opioid Addiction Treatment Should Be Made A Priority
Gordon Clark's Feb. 6 column contains two errors: He assumes that we can 1) enforce or 2) educate our way out of this opioid crisis. Such assumptions have been made for decades and have perpetuated the opioid epidemic.
CN BC: Speed Up Legal Access To Cannabis
I find our government's action in easing access to alcohol surprising, especially in consideration of the extreme caution shown in regard to providing legal access to cannabis.
CN BC: An Uneven Playing Field
Dear Editor: I am writing today about having the power to be able to choose. Who has to follow the law and who doesn't?
US WI: Pot Referendum Should Be Welcomed
State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, and Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, recently introduced legislation that would place an advisory referendum on the November 2018 general election ballot asking state voters if they support legalizing medical cannabis.
CN BC: Why Enable? An Answer
Editor, The News: I firmly agree with Larry Campbell's statement that "crime rates drop and addicts become more stable when [they receive] heroin from a doctor instead of a dealer or pimp" (Campbell, Boyd, & Culbert, 2009, p. 127).