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US FL: Amendment 2 Fight Gets Into Rhetorical Weeds
Those For And Against Ballot Initiative Are Busy Parsing Its Language TAMPA -On Nov. 4, voters will determine whether Florida becomes the 24th state and the first in the South to approve a comprehensive medical marijuana program.
CN BC: Suspicious Transactions at Casinos Worth Millions
VANCOUVER - Gamblers flocked into four Vancouver-area casinos over a recent three-month period hauling bags of $20 bills that added up to millions of dollars in suspicious transactions, according to information provided by the provincial Finance Ministry in response to a freedom of information request from the CBC.
US NJ: March To Legalize Marijuana Comes To New Jersey
TRENTON - Several hundred people gathered in front of the New Jersey statehouse on Saturday to push for the legalization of marijuana. The event would be the second major gathering near the statehouse where the crowd would light up in defiance of the law. The last occurred in April on Easter. No arrests appear to have been made at the event which went off without much complication, despite one individual passing out around the beginning of the event. A relative told organizers that his brother suffers from anxiety and was overcome, he was transported to an area hospital by EMT's for evaluation.
CN MB: Manitoba Embraces Harm Reduction Principles In Policies
There is a growing recognition that harm reduction policies are more effective than abstinence-based policies as Manitoba organizations embrace harm reduction principles. During the Manitoba Harm Reduction Conference, held in Thompson Sept. 29- Oct. 1, representatives from various community organizations, First Nations communities, the five regional health authorities, and government departments addressed how their organizations are evolving to incorporate harm reduction. Provincial representation covered as far south as Steinbach and as far north as Churchill. Dr. Michael Ellery, clinical specialist of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba shared how client-centred care, an integral component of the harm reduction model has been proven to be more effective at treating addictions. All five regional health authorities, including the Northern Health Region, are at various stages of recognizing harm reduction as part of its patient care model.


US FL: Editorial: Our View On The Proposed Constitutional
Constitutional amendments should be rare. They should be saved for issues that the regular political process is unable or unwilling to handle.
US CA: Editorial: A Pot Shop Mess of the City Council's Own
San Diego's first legal medical marijuana dispensary has been approved by City Hall. It could still be appealed, but it's likely the dispensary will be in operation in Otay Mesa before the year is out. A few more are expected to follow soon afterward in other city neighborhoods.
US FL: OPED: So You Think You Want To Legalize Marijuana?
When I was younger, I probably would have supported legalizing marijuana as well, but due to some personal trials and tribulations that I went through, Amendment 2 is something that I absolutely cannot support. And, hopefully by telling my story, I can show you, and everyone else in Florida, why this amendment is bad news, plain and simple.
US FL: OPED: Why Parents Should Be Alarmed About Amendment 2
By now we've all heard the arguments for and against the legalization of 'medical' marijuana under Amendment 2. The amount of inaccurate and confusing information about the legalization of 'medical' marijuana can overwhelm parents.


Canada: Make It Harder To Get
Re Your Kids Brain On Pot (Life & Arts, Oct. 17): The point of legalization is to make it much harder for children to obtain pot. Gangsters don't care who buys their product, whether it's pot or heroin. We need to legalize and apply strict regulations, allowing public health officials - not the prison system - to deal with the negative consequences of drug use.
US OK: Decriminalize Pot
"Considerable downside to decriminalization of pot" (Our Views, Oct. 13) criticized state Sen. Connie Johnson for advocating decriminalizing marijuana use. Yet any thinking person has to recognize the wisdom of Johnson's position. Pot shouldn't be categorized as a Schedule I drug. It's not addictive like opiates or amphetamines. Despite the claims of law enforcement officials, it's not a "gateway drug."
US CA: Prop. 47 Will Spend Where We Need It Most
Regarding "Prop. 47: Right, right, right - wrong" (Oct. 16): I am a certified chemical dependency counselor working with this population for more than 20 years. Here's the truth: Treatment is more cost-effective than prison.
CN ON: Canada's Antiquated National Drug Strategy
Public health departments freely hand out condoms to promote safe sex yet when it comes to drug use you're effectively on your own. In the case of heroin and MDMA (ecstasy), it will be of little help to the victims that the drugs will be analyzed after the fact. The misrepresentation of drugs on the black market is perhaps the biggest threat to a user because they can't easily answer such questions as What's the purity? Has it been cut (diluted) with a toxic substance? Is it even what was paid for?
US FL: A New Voter
I am a student at Sarasota High School. I am 18 years old and will be voting in my first election this November.
US FL: Science Wins
Regarding 'Don't let the 'Colorado Calamity' invade Florida' (Brad King, Other Views, Oct. 16): I will not argue the statistics as to how many dispensaries now operate in Colorado, but because law enforcement has failed to protect legal businesses is hardly the fault of cannabis or dispensary ownership. In Colorado, all violent crime is down. DUIs are down. Death by suicide and pharmaceutical overdose is down. Only burglary remains steady. Apparently, burglars do not use cannabis.
US FL: Catering To Criminals Instead Of Patients
I just love the thinking of those in charge of deciding where dispensaries for medical marijuana should be sited. Let's by all means place them where criminals are more likely to be comfortable than patients who are disabled and/or in serious pain.