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US MD: Maryland General Assembly Ethics Committee Hires Special
Del. Dan K. Morhaim, a Baltimore County Democrat, speaks to reporters on the last day of the Maryland General Assembly's 2016 session. (Algerina Perna / Baltimore Sun)
US MA: Mass. Legislation Would Sharply Curb Marijuana Law
Senator Jason M. Lewis proposed legislation that would reduce the amount of marijuana people 21 years and older could possess in their home from 10 ounces to 2 ounces, and the number of marijuana plants people could grow from 12 per household to six per household.
CN BC: Are Langley And Canada Going To Pot?
With the release of a 106-page federal task force report, the possibility of legalizing marijuana inches closer to reality
US: Marijuana Activists Hand Out Free Joints For #trump420 In DC
[photo] Marijuana activists hand out free joints for #Trump420 in DC Hundreds of people turn out for free marijuana cigarettes at the #Trump420 event, scheduled to include a march to the National Mall where participants will light up four minutes and 20 seconds into Donald Trump's presidency. - --- MAP posted-by:


CN BC: Marijuana Linked To Health Issues, Study Finds
Here we go again. Another week, another massive report by top doctors and scientists finding very limited medicinal value to marijuana. In an age when liberal politicians such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson claim to be implementing "evidence-based" public policy, I find it odd that they have such a blind spot when it comes to pot.
CN BC: Confusing Hodgepodge Of Dispensary Regulations
For those keeping score at home: Langford just shut down its only marijuana dispensary, which puts it in line with neighbouring Colwood, which has decided to keep them out, but at odds with Sooke, where three pot shops popped up.
CN BC: 2016's Toughest Issues: Marijuana, Panhandling, And
Happy New Year everyone! The beginning of a new year is both a time of personal contemplation and looking forward. And so it is for council. It is hard to believe that we are midway through this term.
CN BC: Editorial: Pot Sales Should Follow Law
West Shore RCMP were justified in closing a newly opened marijuana dispensary in Langford. While the federal government is in the process of bringing in new legislation on marijuana, no one has the right to break federal or municipal laws, and that's what the pot shop was doing.


US IL: Opioid Epidemic Is Real, Getting Worse
I am writing to you in regard to the article "New pitch made for alcohol, drug treatment center near Campton Hills."
CN AB: Reefer Madness
I write in response to the column by Senator Betty Unger published in the Jan. 11 Sun. I write as a citizen with a serious question for one of my Senators. These are legislators who have the power to make laws which affect all of us. It is imperative that they have a full understanding of the subjects on which they rule. So here is my question: Canada claims to be a free society. In a free society, there are limitations on freedom where there is a good justification. Traffic laws are examples. For a limitation to be acceptable, it must be demonstrable that there is a significant harm to be avoided and that there is no other realistic way to avoid that harm. If our laws do not adhere to that standard, then we are not a free society. I want to live as freely as possible, as do most Canadians. The lies which led to cannabis being made illegal in the first place have been thoroughly refuted. Prohibition has been a proven failure at controlling drug use. With that understanding, ! I ask you to justify the continuation of restrictions on Canadians' use of cannabis (marijuana). My question is: Why is pot illegal?
CN NS: Medical Marijuana Illegally Taxed
Why are patients who legally acquire medical marijuana being illegally charged sales tax on this medicine? Correspondence to get clarification on why this is so included federal Health Minister Jane Philpott, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and our two MPs - Mark Eyking and Rodger Cuzner.
CN MB: Finding Fault With Stance On Pot
This is a direct reply to "Heed Cigarette Lessons For Pot," a letter written by John Fefchak of Virden.
CN BC: In Wake Of Opioid Crisis, Regulate Drugs
Editor: I think the development of more powerful street drugs (i.e. fentanyl, meth, etc.) of course is driven by the profits available for cheaper more powerful lethal drugs. I think it may be time to look at legalizing drugs so we can better control them.
US WI: Gary Storck: 'Dr.' Scott Walker Needs Update On
Dear Editor: Gov. Scott Walker indicated in a recent interview that he believes the only medical use from the cannabis plant is limited to just one cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), and only for use for childhood seizure disorders that don't respond to conventional treatments.
CN BC: Illegal Drug Users Aren't So Different From The Rest
Editor: With regards to the letter on Jan. 10, Chasing drug users a waste of time: I strongly question the author's assertion that "these self-inflicted drug users" are using "the greatest amount of our medical resources."