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CN BC: Vancouver 'Hub' For Money Laundering: Experts
Ex-Mountie says there's a lot of dirty money involved in real estate purchases and building boom Vancouver is "emerging as a critical money laundering hub" for international criminals, due to a convergence of factors including drug money, international connections, an active port, and a hot real estate market, experts say.
US PA: No Foul Play, Says Veteran Officer
He Said Drug Squad Stayed Within the Law. Michael Spicer, one of six Philadelphia police narcotics officers charged in a federal corruption case, testified in his defense Friday. And with his career and his freedom in question, he sought to set a few things straight.
US AK: Proliferation of Used Hypodermics Spurs Talk of Needle
WASILLA -- A different kind of blight is emerging from heroin use in the Valley: discarded hypodermic needles littering roadsides, parks and waterways from Butte to Houston.
CN BC: Dispensary Offers Free Joint Or Pot Cookie For Reopening
Many people strolling bohemian Commercial Drive simply smirked as they saw the dispensary's sidewalk sandwich board advertising its "grand reopening" with the offer of a free joint or pot cookie.


US CO: Column: NFL Blowing Smoke On Usage
Let's call a cease-fire on the NFL's senseless war against marijuana. When Broncos rookie Shane Ray messes up and gets pulled over by police with 35 grams of marijuana in his car, he needs to answer to his mom, not NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
CN SN: Column: Legalize Pot? Perhaps Not...
LEGALIZE POT? PERHAPS NOT... This column is not an argument either for or against the use of marijuana. My middle-aged, mom-ish self is now part of a demographic that is more in tune with the use of pot medically, rather than recreationally, so I feel I would be spectacularily unqualified to make an emotional argument on either the pro or the con side on whether the use of pot is morally right or wrong.
US CO: Editorial: Cracking Down On Pot Pesticides
News that Denver regulators have put millions of dollars of marijuana on hold due to pesticide concerns ought to be welcome information.
US CA: OPED: Measure Helps Curb Prescription Drug Abuse
All parents think that their child could never overdose on drugs. How could that happen? They are caring, involved parents, after all.


CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
We hear a lot of discussion and opinions with regards to the use of marijuana and the establishment of dispensaries in our communities. Nowhere do I hear mention of an increase of any problems arising from the presence of marijuana dispensaries.
CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
Re: Ottawa blasts city pot shop plan; Health Minister Rona Ambrose sends letter to mayor, warning dispensaries are illegal, April 24
CN BC: New Drug Strategy Is Needed
I don't support people using drugs, but the "war on drugs" isn't working. If drugs were regulated or decriminalized, and addiction were treated as a health problem, gang related activities would disappear. Black markets and gangsters flourish under prohibition.
US OR: Pothead Stereotypes
Regarding "Group's photos aim to alter pot's slacker reputation," (April 22): I am pleased that The Oregonian/OregonLive published photos of marijuana users without resorting to stereotypes. It is in society's best interest to present marijuana in a manner so as not to discriminate against users, since many are hardworking members of our society. Just like marijuana, alcohol has an unfavorable side. This doesn't mean that every alcohol consumer is an alcoholic. Although I encourage a sober lifestyle, as an adult, one has the right to spend recreational time in their own manner.
US HI: Medical Pot Fees Are All About Greed
Legislators responsible for amendments to House Bill 321, the medical marijuana bill, should be ashamed. The $20,000 application and $30,000 renewal fee for dispensaries was the give-away. It was always about the money.
Canada: Harper's Grass Stain
Re: Where Every Day Is 4/20, editorial, April 27. Now that two neighbouring U.S. states have legalized marijuana, Ottawa can no longer claim Canada must uphold marijuana prohibition in order to maintain good U.S. relations. Canadian policy-makers should ignore the reefer-madness hysteria of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and instead look to their Senate for guidance. In the words of recently deceased Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, "scientific evidence overwhelmingly indicates that cannabis is substantially less harmful than alcohol and should be treated not as a criminal issue but as a social and public health issue." Senator Nolin headed up a 2002 Canadian Senate study that found marijuana is relatively benign, prohibition contributes to organized crime, and law enforcement efforts have little impact on patterns of use.
US MA: Pot Would Be Taxed
No one expects the Herald to endorse the repeal of marijuana prohibition and its replacement with a legal framework in which adults may responsibly cultivate the plant and engage in commercial activities ("The fine print on marijuana," April 20). So the polemic was expected.