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CN ON: Medical Pot Dispensaries Becoming A Growth Industry
Toronto planning crackdown amid retail marijuana 'free-for-all' The Queens of Cannabis owners wanted their bright and airy Bloor St. W. shop to have a "healing atmosphere" distinct from dozens of other marijuana dispensaries springing up, almost daily, across Toronto.
Canada: Mother Fights To Give Ill Child Pot Oil
Motivated by love and desperation, an area mother is fighting an uphill battle to treat her daughter's chronic illness with a special cannabis oil.
CN AB: On High Alert Over Driving Laws
Police Have Challenge Ahead With Legal Weed and Impaired Driving While recreational marijuana use is on the brink of being legalized in Canada, driving while high isn't, said a Colorado state trooper speaking to local law enforcement about how to curb drivers impaired by drugs.
CN BC: Half A Dozen Medical Pot Clinics Get $250 Fines In City
The City of Vancouver began cracking down on unlicensed medical marijuana shops over the weekend, but owners say they're still committed to keeping their doors open.


CN BC: Editorial: When The Smoke Clears
The federal government will start clearing away some of the haze about marijuana legalization. Health Minister Jane Philpott announced April 20 that the government is a year away from introducing legislation to legalize pot. The particulars are unknown and, presumably, undetermined, but the feds stressed they will look to keep the drug away from children and the profits away from gangs. Legalization strategies will be developed in consultation and co-operation with law enforcement.
CN BC: Column: Puff The Magic Law Changes
Last week started in July. By Friday it had settled into June. And through the weekend, all the plants in my garden kept insisting that it's May. The world is upside down. Or at the very least, it's tilted at a pretty weird angle.
CN NS: Column: Smoke 'Em - And Tax 'Em - If You've Got 'Em
In Newfoundland and Labrador, the latest budget brought huge debt, a two per cent increase in the HST and shutdowns of everything from seniors' dental programs to more than half the province's public libraries.
US GA: Clarkston Taking The Lead On Weed? It's High Time
Clarkston's effort to decriminalize pot has Gov. Nathan Deal and the state's chief law enforcement officers tsk-tsking because that's what governors and chief law enforcement people figure they must do when it comes to "drugs."


CN BC: 4/20 Garbage Was No Issue
As one of the organizers of the 4/20 Vancouver rally, I object to the unfair portrayal of the garbage cleanup after the event. Every year, volunteers clean up trash. After everyone is gone, we do one last sweep and leave a central pile that the city picks up.
Canada: Government Catch-Up
Re: Why Do Vancouver Potheads Get A Free Pass?, letter to the editor, April 22. Marijuana is effectively legal in Vancouver because the people who live there want it to be so and don't see the need to wait for permission from someone in Ottawa. Rather than call for prosecution of pot stores, perhaps letter-writer Gordon Akum could ask why possession of pot in Toronto results in criminal charges. After all, the vast majority of Canadians support either decriminalization or legalization of cannabis. It's time the government caught up with the people.
Canada: Private Grow-ops
Re: Gangs Threaten Liberal Proposal, April 25. Had we legalized cannabis when the Le Dain commission opened the door, we could have got ahead of the organized crime problem. But as every parent learns, the longer you delay dealing with a problem, the more intractable it becomes.
US MN: Show Me, Using Data and Facts, Why It Can't Be
I'd like to point out some inaccuracies in the April 23 article "Marijuana wax is a rising concern." In the states that have legalized marijuana, what we haven't seen is an increase in crime. We haven't seen an increase in death. We haven't seen any real social problems in these states that stem from legalized marijuana.
US CA: Use It Or Lose It
To the Editor: First let me get off my chest a bit of family lore before I segue into the marijuana economy.
US TX: Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture
Re: =93Texas tops in use of civil asset forfeiture =AD And it's likely to get worse, Audrey Redford says,=94 Monday Viewpoints.
US UT: Medical Marijuana
I really take issue with Richard Davis' assertion ("Medical marijuana issue will damage Democratic governor campaign," April 27) that gubernatorial hopeful Mike Weinholtz's campaign was damaged by the revelation that his wife, Donna, is under investigation for using marijuana to combat severe arthritis and nerve pain. If anything, his refreshing authenticity and truthfulness will endear him to voters.