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Jamaica: Ganja
THE GOVERNMENT is targeting annual revenue of US$2 billion from the ganja industry when regulations to govern the sector are finally in place.
US CA: Allure Of Legal Pot Fuels Land Rush In Humboldt
TRINIDAD, Humboldt County - Pot politics are nothing new to Sunshine Johnston, who has been cultivating cannabis on her organic farm near the famous Avenue of the Giants for many years. But the emergence of land speculators in the Emerald Triangle is threatening to ruin her bucolic buzz.
US OH: Up in Smoke: Group Ends Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot
A group Saturday ended its effort to put a medical marijuana issue on Ohio's general election ballot.
US VA: Richmond Police Waging A Different War On Drugs
Richmond police Capt. Michael Zohab is building an army for the war on drugs. But his fight, as supervisor of the city's narcotics unit, is not against the people using them.


US NY: OPED: Addicted To A Treatment For Addiction
Lebanon, Va. - LATE on Christmas night 2013, April Hileman was summoned for a drug test. She had broken the curfew imposed on her by a drug court and relapsed with the opioid pills she'd been hooked on for six years. Earlier that day, Ms. Hileman had driven to a neighbor's house here in far southwestern Virginia to buy a handful of Suboxone pills, or "Box," as the drug is sometimes called. After she tested positive, Judge Michael Moore of Russell County ordered her to jail, and her 3-year-old daughter spent the rest of the holidays with relatives.
CN ON: Column: Take A Toke And Relax A Bit
Stoners Need to Know Weed Is Still Illegal You'd think the stoners would be a little bit more laid back.
CN ON: Pot Raids Aren't Political, Just a Matter of Law
Marijuana dispensaries had become the new dollar stores. Just as ubiquitous around the city, just as slapdash in their inventory, just as fill-your-cart accessible to anybody with a few bucks in their pocket. And not necessarily a medical prescription to go with.
CN BC: Editorial: Drug Violence Our Problem, Too
White Rock/South Surrey is considered a peninsula - not an island. Some residents and even some elected officials seem to like to suggest that drug turf-wars - and their spin-off violence - are a mid-to north-Surrey problem.


US CA: Measures G, H Weaken Property Owners' Rights
The dishonest depiction of "the majority of cannabis farmers as criminals" by the Farm Bureau and the yes on G campaign flier is appalling. Their claims are unsupported by facts and insulting to businesses and the largely legislate businesses and taxpaying property owners.
Canada: 'Reckless' Accusation
Re: Pot Dispensaries 'Reckless,' Blair Says (May 25): I have been cautiously optimistic that Bill Blair understands cannabis policy in Canada, but his characterization of dispensaries as "reckless" and uncaring is disheartening.
CN ON: Pointless Pot Laws
Re: No bang for taxpayers' buck with pot charges, Mark Bonokoski, May 21 This column illustrates the inherent dysfunction of legislation wherein 80 per cent of police-reported marijuana offences in Canada in 2013 were for simple possession.
US MD: MD. Criminal Justice System Still Isn't Fair
Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein is right to "Thank a Cop" in honor of National Police Week. Good police work is essential to a fair and effective criminal justice system.
US CA: Supervisors' Measure G a Waste of Taxpayer
On Jan. 12, Butte County supervisors considered a request from development services to add a single sentence to our Right to Farm ordinance, a sentence that would specifically exclude cannabis farmers from its protections.
CN BC: Base Cannabis Use Warnings On Scientific
Re: High-potency pot poses risks to the developing brain, Opinion, May 16 While we were pleased to see The Sun devote attention to the important topic of adolescent cannabis use, we were disappointed to read Dr. Diane McIntosh's op-ed in which she stated that adolescent cannabis use increases the risk of developing schizophrenia. After intense study, scientists have concluded the evidence to date does not support the claim that cannabis causes schizophrenia. While the correlation between living with schizophrenia and using cannabis has often been observed, much of the research has suggested that the association can be explained, at least in part, by the use of cannabis as a means of self-medication among individuals predisposed to, or living with, schizophrenia.
UK: Where Are the Brave Politicians Needed to
I AGREE wholeheartedly with David J Crawford in his exhortation to government it should decriminalise cannabis (Letters, May 23).