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US NY: N.Y.'s Medical Pot Distributors Reflect Industry's
ALBANY, N. Y. (AP) - Tie-dyed they're not. Entrepreneurs, physicians and wellheeled investors are among those authorized by New York health officials to grow and dispense medical marijuana, the latest sign that the industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings 20 years ago.
US IL: 'Dry' Town Site Of New Medical Marijuana Farm
If you want a bottle of booze in downstate Albion, you have to drive out of town. But the Edwards County town of less than 2,000 residents is the site of a huge medical marijuana farm.
US HI: Homegrown
Kauai Stakeholders Want Locally Owned, Operated Medical Marijuana Dispensary LIHUE - A group of Kauai stakeholders plans to apply for a medical marijuana dispensary on the island, and hopes to make it 100 percent locally funded and operated.
US TN: Manhunt Is On
Police Issue Warrant for Suspect in Slaying of Officer Memphis police were looking Sunday for a 29-year-old bank robber they believe shot and killed one of their own after a traffic stop Saturday night.


US MN: Editorial: Finding Solutions for Overcrowded Prisons
Either Americans are the most evil people on Earth or there's something terribly wrong with their criminal-justice system. We hope it's the latter. With less than 5 percent of the world's population, the United States has nearly 25 percent of the world's prisoners. The U.S. locks people up at a rate nearly five times the world's average. Since 1980, its inmate population has more that quadrupled.
US NJ: Column: Chris Christie Is Wrong When It Comes to
If Chris Christie becomes president, he said he would enforce the federal marijuana laws. I'm also guessing he'd make husbands wear fedoras to work, make wives stay in the kitchen, and make sure the two of them gave each other a quick kiss goodnight before they turn into their individual twin beds.
US CA: Column: Rolling Up With Willie Nelson
With marijuana prohibition finally ending in states and cities across the land - including full legalization in Alaska, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. - who could be better than my friend Willie Nelson to lead the way for weed quality and social responsibility?
Australia: Column: Crime Thrives On Illegal Drugs
SOME find "getting high" a great rush and an escape from their stressful and frustrating lives, while others have paranoid hallucinations or worse.


US FL: Our Incarceration Nation
OUR INCARCERATION NATION There is a destination where you're about five times more likely to be incarcerated than the rest of the world. It's got only 4 percent of the planet's population but claims more than 20 percent of the world's population behind bars. It's not Syria, and it's not Cuba. That place is the United States of America.
US CA: Ending Drug War Would Fix A Lot Of Problems
I invite readers to look up egomania and trumpery in the dictionary. But heck, I'll save them the time. Egomania is the obsessive preoccupation with the self. Trumpery is showy but worthless finery; nonsense: trickery. Also, consider "chameleon."
US CA: Follow Portugal's Lead and End the War on Drugs
Re: "Drug legalization: Learn from Portugal" [Opinion, July 26]: As a former drug warrior, I offer my support to the Register for their editorial on Portugal's drug laws. The American War on Drugs is slowly coming to a close, and we must take notes from those who have trekked this path before. Portugal decriminalized possession of small amounts of all drugs more than 10 years ago, prioritizing harm reduction and addiction treatment, and the positive results are nothing short of astounding.
US CA: Pot Put Into Perspective
In last week's story "Pot 2.0," why are the only sources cited law enforcement officials who have a vested interest in keeping marijuana prohibition going?
US MI: Marijuana Dispensaries Save Lives
According to the Center For Disease Control, 44 people die from prescription opioid overdoses every day in the United States. In 2013, more than 16,000 people fatally overdosed on prescription painkillers.
CN AB: Macros Closure Sad
The closure of The Mobil Access Compassionate Resources Organization Society's dispensary goes to show in numerous cases the law does not understand what or why it is enforcing a law that often is not supported by the majority of people.
US CA: Prohibition Didn't Work for Booze, Doesn't
Since the beginning of human commerce, the basic law of supply and demand has mostly determined the exchange of goods. In our country, the demand for cannabis has clearly increased over the past half century. Our response to that demand has been the same as our nation's response to alcohol nearly a century ago: prohibition. That policy was a disaster for all but the illegal suppliers.