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US NJ: NJ Weedman Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges
TRENTON - Wearing a tailored gray pinstripe suit and a ganja chain dangling from his neck, Trenton's well-known marijuana activist showed up more than 15 minutes late to court Tuesday for his arraignment where prosecutors formally extended a plea offer that could send him to prison for years.
US CO: Thornton Votes 5-4 to Allow Four Retail Marijuana Shops
The City Officials Voted 5-4 to Allow a Maximum of Four Retail Shops to Open. Thornton - The state's largest city with an all-out ban on marijuana sales decided Tuesday to allow the nascent industry, but not before hearing an earful from members of the community.
New Zealand: $300m Gain If Pot Legalised - NZIER
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research - a group better known for its views on inflation targeting and GDP growth - says New Zealand should move "sooner rather than later" to legalise marijuana which would generate a net gain of $300 million to the government accounts.
US AZ: Groups For And Against Legal Pot Face Off
Leaders of the campaigns for and against the statewide proposition to legalize recreational marijuana use in Arizona appeared at a Yuma forum Tuesday to make their cases to an audience of about 30.


US AR: Column: Competing Prescriptions
Voters May Face Two Pot-Related Measures in November Arkansas voters may yet see dueling ballot proposals to allow medical marijuana in this state. Last week, backers of a second pot-related ballot question, a proposed constitutional amendment, submitted what they say is more than enough signatures to get the issue on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.
Philippines: Column: Duterte Likens Drug Addicts to Zombies
But "meth," or methamphetamine hydrochloride, short for shabu, is something else, the President pointed out.
CN ON: Editorial: End Abuse Of Migrants
For most Canadians, the image of exploited labourers toiling in fields of drug crops recalls the seamy side of Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.
US MI: Column: 537 Plants Seized in Medical Marijuana Sting;
Huge bust halts MMJ grower On Aug. 18, the Colorado Springs Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence division assisted with the execution of three search warrants that resulted in the arrest of one person and the seizure of 537 marijuana plants, three firearms, ammunition and an undisclosed amount of cash. The raid took place within city limits and included agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


New Zealand: Marijuana Relief
It's interesting being a criminal. I spent the past 30 years being a relatively model citizen. Then I got diagnosed with terminal cancer in multiple sites. I have turned into a criminal to survive, thrive and stay alive.
US AR: Nothing Off The Table
While spending endless hours in a waiting room at UAMS I've now read multiple anti-medical marijuana editorials printed in the course of a couple of weeks. It must be nice to have your own bully pulpit. Please excuse my tardiness in responding. I volunteer as a cancer patient advocate and I've been kind of busy.
US CA: Draconian Laws
I often do not agree with Debra J. Saunders; however, I found her views regarding use of marijuana to be spoton. The fact that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is outrageous.
US CA: Marijuana Simply Must Be Legalized
During my long medical career, I campaigned against nicotine, excessive alcohol and drug use. I use none. Marijuana, however, must be legalized. Its effects are certainly less than alcohol.
CN BC: Itas Not Too Late On Pot
I wish to express my gratitude for the "Our View" item in the Aug. 13 PNR, Time not on their side.
US DC: The DEA's Crusade Against Pot
The Aug. 16 editorial "Don't reclassify marijuana yet - research it" would have benefited from more research itself. The Drug Enforcement Administration's refusal to reschedule cannabis has nothing to do with health, for if it cared about safety, it would need look no further than itself. You're more likely to be shot by a DEA agent than you are to die from an overdose of pot because the latter has never happened. The burden of proof has unjustly fallen on legalization advocates; initially convicted by racism and xenophobia, cannabis has been proclaimed guilty until proved innocent.
US CA: Vote On Facts And Not On Emotions
Prohibition, by any meaningful measure, appears to have failed. Overcrowded prisons, over burdened court systems and a dramatic socio-economic impact on those prosecuted. Compared to the Netherlands, the U.S. exceeds in marijuana usage.