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CN ON: Violated by 'Bedpan Vigil'
Drug Conviction Quashed A man who hid drugs in his rectum had his trafficking conviction overturned Wednesday because Sarnia police detained him for 43 hours waiting for him to defecate before taking him to a justice of the peace.
CN ON: More Trouble For Charged Cop
A Toronto cop who, along with three fellow officers, is accused of planting drugs in a man's car in 2014 now faces new charges for his arrest of the same suspect a year earlier.
US CA: Competing Pot Tax Mendocino County Measures Headed to
Mendocino County voters can expect two competing marijuana tax initiatives on the November ballot, one proffered by county officials and one by cannabis cultivators.
US: Player WHO Sought Approval for Medical Marijuana Will
Eugene Monroe, a veteran offensive tackle who became the first active N.F.L. player to publicly ask the league to let players use medical marijuana, will retire after seven seasons.


Philippines: Column: Merit-Based
As noteworthy as the high number of drug suspects being killed daily is the number of cops arrested or themselves slain on suspicion of involvement in the illegal trade, or else relieved from their posts for drug use.
Philippines: Column: Anti-Drugs Deja Vu
This three-month reign of perceived police terror left at least 2,274 people dead. The government and police implausibly ascribed the deaths to gangland feuding, insisting that only 42 drug suspects were shot by police officers-most of those in "self-defense". In fact, the government openly encouraged the police to carry out extra-judicial killings so that the arbitrary goals of its "war on drugs" could be met on time.
CN ON: Editorial: Pot And A Hard Place
Ottawa is now a Wild West of potrepreneurs. The city and police have been left in an awkward position by the federal Liberal government, which has sparked up a marijuana retail race but won't introduce legislation to legalize it until next spring.
US CO: Column: Dear Stoner: Does the Pot Industry Need Civil
Dear Stoner: My dad has expressed an interest in getting in on all this marijuana business; as a supportive daughter, I'm wondering if there is any opportunity for a veteran civil engineer in the industry.


US AZ: Foes of Legalized Marijuana Either Misreading
The Leibsohn/Polk Op-Ed column ("Recreational marijuana? The price is too high") states in part that under the initiative to legalize marijuana "showing up for work impaired by marijuana would be shielded from discipline until the commission of an act of negligence or malpractice" and "any driver with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 percent is legally drunk. The Arizona law would prohibit a THC limit from ever being set."
US AZ: Ending the Drug War Would Help Bridge
After all the police shootings, only the Libertarian Party provided a viable solution: "If we truly want to reduce situations in which police are pitted against the people they are sworn to protect, we would end the war on drugs. The constant escalation of prohibitionist policies have increasingly pitted police and citizens against each other for decades and are largely responsible for the militarization of police forces across America.
US CA: Marijuana Enforcement
EDITOR: The search planes are flying all over California. Special squads tromp over hill and dale. Neighbors are complaining about the stench. Record numbers of marijuana plants are often cut in their prime and burned to the great satisfaction of the enforcers. Meanwhile growers are no doubt hiding in bed with fingers crossed. Their mantra: Please let my crops be untouched. Give me hope until after this important election.
US CA: End This War, Too
One of the benefits of ending the bankrupt war on marijuana would be making money available for truly needed programs.
Philippines: Extra-Judicial Killings: Normalizing
the Citizen's Council for Human Rights (Cchr) Strongly Condemns the Escalating Number of Killings of Suspected Drug Pushers and Dependents WHO Said to Have Died Either During So-Called Legitimate Police Operations or at the Hands of Unknown Gunmen.
Philippines: Duterte's Pogrom; Rehabilitation Much
GOOGLE defines pogrom as an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, particularly the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe in 1881-1884. The word is synonymous with massacre, slaughter, carnage, bloodbath without due process.
CN ON: Injection Sites, Not Bats
Regarding the article Bat-wielding ' hero' slammed by critics (July 13). I don't agree with Dave McCallum threatening two intravenous drug users with a baseball bat, but I sympathize with him. Living in the core, I see drug paraphernalia littering the sidewalks. I witness people cooking drugs in Market Lane. Needles are discarded in Ivey and Harris parks. Isn't it better for everyone that this activity happen at a safe injection site rather than in our streets?