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US CA: California Takes New Approach on Water Regulation for
Willow Creek - The California Department of Fish and Wildlife helicopter circled over steep timberland in Humboldt County's coastal mountains, prowling for potential water diversions and environmental damage caused by what is arguably the state's most lucrative agricultural product: marijuana.
US CA: Marijuana Ordinance Up For Review
It's been nearly a year since the marijuana ordinance went into effect for the city of Porterville and Tuesday the council members will review to see if the ordinance has been effective.
US: Series: Pot's Blurry Legal Line
Washington, D.C., is feeling its way around a new law that allows residents to grow and consume marijuana, but not sell or buy.
CN BC: Many Apply, But Few Will Receive Licence
Fewer than 10 per cent of applicants will win city's permission to sell pot: councillor A Vancouver city councillor says that when the dust settles, fewer than one in 10 people or groups who have applied for the city's new coveted medical marijuana business licences will be able to open.


US MD: Curbing Drug Overdoses Must Be a Federal Priority
A24-year-old athlete from Columbia, a teenage girl from Glen Burnie who wanted to become a medical examiner and a 21-year-old brother of two from Pasadena. What do these three individuals have in common? Each died from a drug overdose.
US CA: Marijuana Harm Ignored in Push for Legalization
Four potential ballot initiatives completely legalizing marijuana are in the works for California's next general election, with pot advocates yet to choose the variation that will get their concerted push.
US NJ: Column: City Council Needs To Smoke A Joint
Last Thursday I put out my joint, stepped out the door of my Joint, and crossed the street to pay a formal visit to City Hall. After meeting the City Council members I realized I shouldn't have put that joint out - I should've brought it with me and passed it to them. First impressions are lasting, and mine will always be how tense the Council members were. I remember thinking, they should keep calm and smoke weed.
US FL: Editorial: Ease Drug Sentences Cautiously
A new federal program that reduces drug offenders' long sentences should cut costs and improve the judicial system. But the exercise requires close monitoring. No one should forget the culprits were sent to prison for grave crimes.


US CA: Due Process Before Seizure Necessary
Regarding "Proposed law makes it easier to retain criminal assets" (Aug. 21): Seizure of assets of citizens who have not been convicted of a crime is no way to fund public safety.
Australia: Ice Scourge Is a War All Must Fight to
"Dob in a drug dealer" will only put low-level dealers and your kids in jail. If someone is selling points to fund a habit, they are far from drug kingpins and are mostly people in their early20s who don't fear the consequences until it's too late. They'll be thrown into the system and come out hardened criminals. I've seen first-hand the damage ice causes and in no way condone its use, but our war on drugs isn't working and if we follow America, then we'll have one hell of a jail population and no real solution.
Australia: Prohibition Is Worse Than Drug
Regarding the ice epidemic ( SM, Aug 23), make no mistake, drugs are bad. But the war on drugs is worse. As the Americans found out during the 1920s prohibition on alcohol, such a war empowers organised crime. It is time to move away from policies that focus on law enforcement towards ones that include the legalisation of some drugs, decriminalisation of others, rehabilitation and treatment programs, as well as advertising campaigns.
US CA: Those Who Need Help Shouldn't Be Punished
The article related to heroin addiction ("The rising epidemic of heroin addiction," Aug. 21) showed the painful reality of how many lives are victimized by this epidemic. The piece addresses national and local statistics and what is being done politically and fiscally to reduce the problem. However, I believe more people would benefit by knowing more about available treatments.
CN ON: Rethink The Leaf
The recent tragedy of the Dalhousie student disappearing while conducting a pot deal highlights why Justin Trudeau has it right and the Conservative party has it wrong when it comes to legalized marijuana. As long as it's a crime, it will be in the hands of organized and general criminals.
US CA: Suspects Should Not Have Assets Taken
I partially agree with the author of a recent opinion article ("Proposed law makes it easier to retain criminal assets," Aug. 21).
US AK: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol
That's what was on the campaign signs said and that's what Alaskans voted for. The Anchorage Assembly is not respecting the voters' will with it's "open container" requirement that marijuana be carried outside the passenger compartment (in the trunk). Alcohol can be carried inside a car as long as the seal is not broken. This law assures that alcohol is not being used by the driver. Thus the term "open container." Open containers must be carried in the trunk or in a locked glove box. Too bad there isn't a way to tell if marijuana is being used by the driver. Oh wait, there is! Unburnt marijuana is marijuana that is not currently being used. The open container law should define burnt marijuana as an "open container" and treat it like alcohol. Burnt and unburnt marijuana have strong and vastly different smells making this an easy ordinance to enforce. An unlit joint or bag of weed should be treated like an unopened bottle.