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Directors and Staff


Mark Greer, President and Executive Director,
In 1996 Greer formed The Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc. d/b/a DrugSense a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. This unique organization is comprised of a nationwide network of volunteer activists dedicated to spreading honest and accurate information on all aspects of drug policy to the media, policy makers, and the public.

Don E Wirtshafter, Chairman of the Board
Don E Wirtshafter is an environmental advocate and practicing attorney in Athens County, Ohio. Don is best known for his launch of the Ohio Hempery in 1990, America's first hemp products merchant. He saw it as a creative solution to the environmental and criminal justice problems that frequented his small-town law office. In 1998, the hemp processing facility moved to Manitoba, Canada to take part in their newly passed hemp regulations. This efforts has become Hemp Oil Canada, Inc. the leading hemp food products manufacturer. Don is also part owner and sits on the board of Nutiva, Inc (the leading retailer of hemp food products in the USA) and Hemp Oil Canada. Don serves on the Board of Editors for the Journal of the International Hemp Association, the only peer review journal of hemp research. He is a founder and former director of the Hemp Industries Association.

Mary Jane Borden , Business Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors,
Mary Jane is a writer, artist, and activist in drug policy reform. An accomplished communications and information professional, Mary Jane possesses a marketing and sales focus with excellent, versatile communication skills.

Matt Elrod, Webmaster, developer, and Senior Tech Support,
Matt is one of the most highly recognized and acclaimed Internet professionals in the drug policy reform arena. There are few interested in drug policy on the web that have not benefited from Matt's tireless work on behalf of drug policy reform.


Jo-D Harrison, Assistant Webmaster and Membership Coordinator,

Jo-D has wide ranging responsibilities. Contacting and working with the DrugSense membership of more than 15,000 volunteers is key among these. She also serves as Assistant Webmaster.
Doug Snead; Programmer
Doug Snead is a programmer and writer. His duties include writing the International section of the Drugsense Weekly Newsletter. Doug is assisting with the creation of a new Media Database. He has just completed a study of contemporary prohibitionist rhetoric, a book entitled "Drug War Propaganda".

The diverse and impressive backgrounds of the highly experienced individuals that make up the DrugSense Board and Staff offer a powerful combination of talent, knowledge, contacts, and expertise. Members are in constant communication and engaged in formulating and implementing plans for the future of the DrugSense/MAP/DPC organization which will allow significant expansion of our existing projects.

We are implementing plans to broaden and improve our inroads into other avenues of media outreach. One of the aims of DrugSense will be to offer a helping hand to the various media efforts of organizations throughout the reform movement and to help coordinate and improve our overall media strategy.

We launched our subsidiary, Drug Policy Central, which offers technical support, web design and hosting. Many reform organizations gain and maintain an internet presence thanks to this essential service.
DS Staff
DrugSense/Media Awareness Project Staff
Front row (L to R): Doug Snead, Jo-D Harrison, Stephen Young, Matt Elrod
Back row (L to R): Richard Lake, Mary Jane Borden, Mark Greer, Phillipe Lucas (absent Debra Harper)