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US PA: Flynn Sees Potential In Hemp
Scranton Rep Cosponsors Bill to Grow Crop in State. State Rep. Marty Flynn has read a lot about hemp, the name for cannabis plant varieties grown for industrial uses, such as fiber.
US OH: New Toledo Ordinance in Question As State Mulls
If voters across Ohio next month approve a proposal to ease criminal sanctions on marijuana, the law's changes would fall short of a recently enacted and legally challenged Toledo ordinance.
US CA: Pot Battle Lights Up Again In California
More Tech Industry Leaders Take Investment Roles and Support Legalization of Marijuana SAN FRANCISCO - A simmering battle among California's marijuana legalization advocates is getting new focus as Gov. Jerry Brown considers three laws laying the groundwork for legal recreational pot next year.
US: Drug Inmates With Long Crime Records Among Those Freed
WASHINGTON (AP) - A push to overhaul criminal sentencing is prompting the early release of thousands of federal drug prisoners, including some whom prosecutors once described as threats to society, according to a review of court records.


US OR: Column: Oregon Legalizes Pot And Nobody Blinks
States With Legal Marijuana Sales Have Seen Voters Make That Decision. .. and It's Certainly Starting to Feel Like Really Not That Big of a Deal.
US NM: OPED: Criminal Justice Reform Needed
Decriminalizing Pot Will Have Little Effect on Crime, Courts or Corrections On the heels of the U.S. Congress announcing its initiative of lower drug sentencing, Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry vetoed the city council's passage of decriminalization of marijuana.
US OR: Editorial: Pot Dispensaries Facing Business Squeeze
The next development in Oregon's fascinating journey to legalized recreational marijuana likely will be dictated by the cold hard laws of business: The dispensaries which were set up to allow easier access to medical marijuana increasingly are under economic pressure.
US CO: Column: Yes: It's What Voters Wanted
Proposition BB, the only statewide issue in Colorado's elections this November, asks voters to "allow the state to retain and spend $66.1 million, which has already been collected, rather than refund it to taxpayers."


CN AB: Legalize Marijuana
Ken Robertson, Edmonton Sun, Oct. 7, seems to think the best way to protect children from drugs is to abdicate the responsibility of regulating drug sales to organized crime. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has the right idea with his proposal to tax and regulate marijuana and create age controls. Legally regulating marijuana sales would close the gateway to hard drugs by taking distribution out of the hands of criminals who sell cocaine, meth and heroin. It's Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is delusional about marijuana.Marijuana prohibition is dangerous but the marijuana plant is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop described tobacco as more addictive than heroin. Thanks to public education, tobacco use has declined dramatically, without any need to arrest smokers or imprison tobacco farmers. Mandatory minimum prison sentences, civil asset forfeiture, random drug testing and racial profiling are not the most cost effective means! of discouraging unhealthy choices.
US OR: Why Try To Ruin A Legal Business?
I guess I will never understand the county commissioners decision to ban Klamath County from the legal cannabis industry.
CN AB: Case For Marijuana
Regarding the article "Trudeau wrong on marijuana", by Ken Robertson. How very incorrect and uninformed. While people are entitled to their opinion, they should at least pay respect to both reality and honesty. Anyone questioning the issue of marijuana needs to watch the critically-acclaimed documentary Culture High. It will answer all of Ken's theories with intelligence.
CN ON: Marijuana Not Worse Than Tobacco
For months, I have been amused and repelled by the American Republican race for presidential nominee, which has been dominated by jingoism, xenophobia and nonsense. Sadly, we have descended to these depths in our federal election.
US FL: Prohibition Costs Lives
Florida Gov. Rick Scott is going to have to think outside the drug war box if he wants to reduce heroin overdose deaths. Groundbreaking research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that states with open medical marijuana access have a 25 percent lower opioid overdose death rate than marijuana prohibition states. This research finding has huge implications for states like Florida that are grappling with prescription narcotic and heroin overdose deaths.
US NY: Commute Prison Sentences
To the Editor: Re "Toward Saner Prison Sentences" (editorial, Oct. 4): Senate legislation has been proposed that would reduce overly harsh federal prison sentences. These changes are important, but only about 12 percent of the prison population is in federal institutions. Most of the more than two million prisoners in the United States are in state and local facilities.
US CA: Divert Drug War Funds To Rehabilitation
I appreciate Sal Rodriguez's column on drugs, "To control drugs, accept current failure" [Opinion, Oct. 1]. I have held his position for a couple of decades now. The war on drugs doesn't make sense. It isn't working.