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UK: Eleven Countries Studied, One Inescapable Conclusion - the
Home Office Fact-Finders Reveal Long-Delayed Report Legalisation Policies Do Not Result in Wider Use
UK: Punitive Drug Laws Are Failing, Says Minister
Home Office Study Finds No Evidence That Harsh Sentencing Curbs Illegal Use There is no evidence that tough enforcement of the drug laws on personal possession leads to lower levels of drug use, according to the government's first evidence-based study.
UK: Drug Abuse: Is Britain Ready To Grow Up?
First Commons Debate for a Generation Offers Rare Chance for Honest Discussion Suppressed Home Office Report Casts Doubt on Current Punitive Approach
US CA: Return Of The Messenger
Nearly two decades after a reporter exposed a connection between the CIA and crack cocaine in America, Hollywood chimes in with a major movie


UK: Editorial: Official: Tough or Tender, Drugs Policy Does
No party ever won or lost an election because of its drug policy. Yet it is a subject that strikes fear in the hearts of most politicians and leaves them deaf to demands for a review or reform.
US FL: After Accidental Start, Medical Marijuana Becomes
Floridians have been bombarded with press coverage of Amendment 2. Yet, for all the noise, there are important aspects of this discussion that have barely been touched upon, including the beginning of the medical-marijuana movement. How many Floridians are aware that a native son of the Sunshine State is the father of this movement? His name was Robert C. Randall - my late husband.
UK: Column: This Opportunity For Reform Must Not Be Wasted
The long-delayed report released by the Home Office highlights how its own approach to drugs is not based on evidence.
UK: Editorial: Addicted To Ignorance
Let Common Sense Prevail When at Last the Commons Opens Itself Up to a Debate on Drugs Few areas of public policy are as badly served by our political classes as that governing drug use. There is very little incentive for any politician even to suggest a rational approach to the problem. If the press doesn't finish off your career, then your political opponents, usually hypocritically, will use the supposedly maverick suggestion as a golden opportunity to smear and discredit you. If you happen to be a progressive sort, you will be dubbed "high on tax and soft on drugs" or the like, quite often by people who are even on the left themselves people who should know better and who, in reality, but very privately, most likely share the same outlook.


US WA: Anderson's Anti-Pot Stance Wrong
On Oct. 21, Rich Anderson publicly announced that the legalization of marijuana is to blame for many of the problems our city is facing. Considering that under his tenure, the city has banned all access points for medical marijuana patients, and that he continues to uphold restrictive policies to keep out large legal I-502 grow operations, which bring much needed jobs and tax revenue to our city, the real problem we face is Anderson's conservative reefer-mad morality.
US FL: Pot Studies Convincing
Your Health+Fitness edition of Oct. 7 carried a news clip from The Washington Post titled "Does medical pot work? 92 percent of patients say yes." For those who missed reading it, the following quotes may help provide authoritative evidence of the value of medical marijuana and refute claims such as TV's "There's nothing medical about this marijuana."
US FL: Choose Sensible Pot Policy
In the Oct. 20 A section of The News-Journal, there are at least four instances of violence and antisocial behavior attributed to the recreational use of alcohol. Two of these instances are connected with local elected officials, one was group behavior at a Pumpkin Fest in New Hampshire and the fourth was a sad case of mistaken identity where the bars of the local jail in Paw Paw, Michigan, were mistaken for the bar at a woman's favorite pub, when she went there to pick up her boyfriend - at least making her arrest for DUI one step less for the local police officer.
US OR: Ignore The Measure 91 Scare Tactics
I recently received a mailer from the No on 91 campaign. It may as well have read, "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"
US FL: Criminalizing Patients
Regarding the Oct. 20 column by Matthew Christ and Dustin Mauser, if health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be fully legal and there would be no medical marijuana debate.
US FL: Sky Won't Fall
When the sheriffs stop warning us, when the politicians stop telling us how they have the solution, when all the insane and inane arguments are made, when all the scary TV and radio commercials are seen or heard and you look down at your ballot, please ask yourself these two questions: Now, or in the future, could I or someone I know possibly benefit from physician-ordered medical marijuana? And do I trust my physician?
US CA: San Diego Losing The War Against Pot Shops
Regarding "San Diego shuts down four illegal pot shops" (Oct. 23): The city keeps closing pot shops, but the numbers don't seem to go down.