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US MA: Docs Pioneer Pot As An Opioid Substitute
Lobel: Medical Marijuana Saved Me From Addiction Boston sportscasting icon Bob Lobel is one of the hundreds of patients in Massachusetts who say they have found an effective substitute for opioids by using medicinal marijuana.
US OH: Experts Weigh In
Marijuana Legalization at Work Addressed The leader of one of the nation's largest metropolitan chambers of commerce is urging local businesses to come out against a ballot issue that would legalize both medical and recreational marijuana.
US CA: New Rules For Big Pot Grows In Central Valley
REDDING (TNS) The board that governs the Central Valley Region's water policy voted 4-0 to enact new restrictions and regulations on outdoor medical marijuana grows at its meeting in Redding on Friday.
US OH: Ohio Report: State Will Make at Least $133m Off Legal
The State Estimates Far Less in Tax Revenue Than Responsibleohio, but It Adds a Lot of Ifs About Its Own Calculations


US OH: Schools Must Continue Fighting Drugs, Alcohol
Although school districts have a primary mission of educating students, district leaders also need to monitor social trends and issues that can affect the atmosphere and learning environment in schools.
US OH: OPED: Issue 3 - Marijuana: Why We're Saying Yes
For Far Too Long, Ohio Has Trailed the Nation Instead of Leading the Way. For far too long, Ohio has trailed the nation instead of leading the way. This November, Ohioans have the opportunity to make Ohio a leader again by passing Issue 3 and enacting a proposal that a majority of Ohioans agree on - the legalization of marijuana.
US OH: OPED: Issue 3 - Marijuana: Why We're Saying No
Put Simply, This Arrangement Amounts to a Full-Scale Drug Cartel. Since 1893, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has waved the banner of free enterprise by actively championing policies that promote economic competitiveness and growth. The 8,000 businesses we represent range from large international companies to small family-owned businesses. Together we share a collective desire to see all Ohioans prosper, not just a few. Unfortunately, the deep-pocketed investors supporting state Issue 3 are not working toward the same goal. For the sake of Ohio's economic health and the safety of our workplaces, the chamber's board of virectors has voted to oppose Issue 3.
US OH: Reject Issue 3. Promoters Will Benefit. Ohio
There may come a time when Ohioans will vote on a pot legalization measure that fits the state. It won't happen this year. Ballot Issue 3 is a bad idea for Ohio.


US OH: End The Suffering, Support Measure 3
Life is precious and a healthy life is a gift. This is a gift we can give to ailing Ohioans who need our help.
US OR: Marijuana Is Here, Despite County Bans
I see that the small-minded, hopelessly out of touch people calling the shots in Umatilla and Morrow counties have done everything possible to prevent "reefer madness" from infecting our community. Thursday was the first day that it was legal to buy and sell marijuana in Oregon for recreational purposes. But our leaders have done everything they can to make sure this scourge does not reach us, especially our children.
US KY: No Credibility
Seventy seven years after marijuana prohibition began with the claim it would turn people into violent murderers, remember "'Reefer Madness" and little Timmy killing Grandma with a skillet, pretty much all the claims about the harms of marijuana use have been proven to be false. Not one of the predicted outcomes cited by prohibitionists have happened.
US NY: It's Time To Legalize Recreational Drugs
The Sept. 22 News carried an article regarding a U.S. district judge's comment about the harshness of the mandatory sentencing time for drug violators. But she maintained she hasn't a choice and gave the accused 20 years.
US CA: Solutions For The Marijuana Mess
Re "Cleaning up after pot farmers," Editorial, Sept. 23 As representatives of craft and artisanal cannabis farmers in California, we applaud The Times' editorial, which addressed environmental damage caused by unregulated and illegal cannabis growers.
US CA: Solutions For The Marijuana Mess
Re "Cleaning up after pot farmers," Editorial, Sept. 23 As the Assembly member representing California's "Emerald Triangle," and the author of one of the recently passed medical marijuana' bills, I appreciate your editorial drawing attention to the devastating environmental impact of large marijuana farms in our state.
CN BC: Ignore Old People
After reading Gordon Clark's comments on Vancouver's marijuana debate, I am again left wondering when we will wake up to the reality that pot and the dispensaries aren't going anywhere.