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US NY: NY's Pot Lottery
300 vying for five medical licenses The race is on to secure the five licenses to be granted under New York state's medical marijuana program, which takes effect in January.
US MA: Authorities Warn About 'Legal LSD'
Federal authorities are cracking down on new designer drugs like N-Bomb, also known as "Legal LSD," hoping legislation aimed at making the synthetic hallucinogen illegal to possess in the Bay State will prevent more teen overdose deaths.
US OH: Pot Breathalyzer-like Device In Works
Using Saliva, the Cannibuster Would Provide Police With a Suspect's THC Level in Minutes AKRON, OHIO - Two University of Akron students are developing a mobile device similar to a Breathalyzer that will test the level of marijuana in one's system.
US CO: Some Open To Lax Rules
Candidates Consider Loosening Ban on Public Use of Pot. Sixteen months after Colorado launched legal recreational marijuana sales, the center of the burgeoning industry in Denver is asking to extend shops' evening closing hours and revisit the outright ban on public consumption.


US TX: Editorial: Medical Marijuana
Prescription Painkillers Can Prove Deadly, but Alternatives Remain Illegal in Texas. The days before Thanksgiving should be filled with turkey recipes and touch football, building up to the excitement of the Christmas season. For six people in Harris County, however, those days were their last. Over a period of two days in November 2013, half-a-dozen Houstonians died of prescription drug overdoses ("Pain pill OD data largely unsound," Page A1, April 26).
US NM: Column: Marijuana Still More Popular Than Politicians
Right after last November's general election, in this very column, I made the contention that marijuana was more popular than either gubernatorial candidate - Republican Gov. Susana Martinez and Democrat Gary King - at least in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
US NJ: Column: Loving Trenton, Hating the Politics of Racism
I've been coming to Trenton-the state capital-for 20 years to protest and to utilize state services, but I never lived in Trenton. Hopefully that will be changing ASAP: I'm looking for a little spot to call home. I've been living at my mom's house for the last year and a half since returning from California. But this past year I've mingled, smoked, and schmoozed with hundreds of Trentonians. I don't know what it is about TRENTON, but I'm loving it to the point I'm attempting to live and open a business here.
US OK: Law an Example of Why More Reform Is Needed
LAW AN EXAMPLE OF WHY MORE REFORM IS NEEDED OKLAHOMA'S three-strikes law for drug felony convictions, on the books since 1989, underscores the importance of policymakers occasionally reviewing state statutes to determine whether there's a better way to handle crime and punishment. The answer, generally, is yes.


CN ON: Weed Not Like Alcohol
I'm a 50-year-old regular user of marijuana and the last thing I want to do is come across as a whiner.
CN AB: Weed Not Like Alcohol
I'm a 50-year-old regular user of marijuana and the last thing I want to do is come across as a whiner. However, I have to say that the title you chose for your piece on the weed lounge (Hello Occifer) was inaccurate. The largest problem we users of "dope" face is the lack of knowledge by those who are non-users and those against legalization.
CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
Re: Marc Emery? Call him irresponsible, Column, April 25 Shelley Fralic scorns Marc Emery's opinion that fast cars, alcohol and athletics might cause more harm to teens than marijuana use. But, given the statistics for death and injuries from street-racing, downtown's alcohol-driven "entertainment district," and hockey concussions, his point seems valid.
CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
Re: Marc Emery? Call him irresponsible, Column, April 25 Shelley Fralic has it right. While I support legalizing marijuana, Marc Emery's comments regarding teen use of marijuana are dangerous and damning.
US CA: Why Is The Marijuana Industry Singled Out?
I am amazed at how opposition to the marijuana industry ("Pot dispensary forecast cools," April 24) continues to be thinly veiled in regulations and opinions of how the industry should operate.
US MA: Life-Saving Drug Should Not Be Tangled in the
Jeff Jacoby seems to suggest that pharmaceutical companies should be applauded for more than doubling the price of the life-saving anti-overdose drug naloxone in response to increased demand, thus ensuring that "inventories of the drugs aren't immediately depleted" (Opinion, April 26). As a result, he claims, "more lives are being saved."
US MA: Marijuana Policy Could Be Answer to Overdose
Regarding Jeff Jacoby's thoughtful April 26 column "What price is too high for a miracle drug?": The need for the anti-overdose drug naloxone would be less pressing if Massachusetts had done a better job implementing the medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2012. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that states with open medical marijuana access have a 25 percent lower opioid overdose death rate than marijuana prohibition states. States with established access showed a 33 percent reduction in overdose deaths.