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US OR: Retail Marijuana Sales Begin In Salem
A group of about 12 people milled around the locked door of Canna Medicine, a medical marijuana dispensary in South Salem. It was a sunny Thursday morning just before 10 a.m., the first day Oregonians age 21 and up could legally purchase recreational marijuana.
UK: Clegg Launches Campaign to Persuade EU Leaders to Back
Former Lib Dem Leader Hopes to Build Support for New Approach at 2016 UN Meeting Nick Clegg launches a campaign today to persuade EU leaders to back global reform of drugs laws, warning that the current punitive approach has failed to curb the multibillion trade in illicit substances and has criminalised millions of young people.
US WA: 'Kettle Falls Five' Members Get Prison Time in Federal
The marijuana grow that netted jail time for four members of a self-proclaimed medicinal farming family out of Stevens County may have started with good intentions, but ended as a "distribution center," said the federal judge who handed down their sentences Friday.
US CO: Pot Proposal Creates Concern
Advocates Of medical Marijuana Fear Such a Policy Would Threaten the Industry. Medical marijuana advocates fear a proposed policy from the Colorado Medical Board will send their industry up in smoke.


US OH: Column: Prison Problem Knottier Than Its Usual
Pretty much everybody from Barack Obama to Carly Fiorina seems to agree that far too many Americans are stuck behind bars. And pretty much everybody seems to have the same explanation for how this destructive era of mass incarceration came about.
US OR: OPED: Medical And Recreational Pot Aren't The Same
A Sept. 28 Register-Guard editorial concerning the retail cannabis sales that began Thursday included two assertions that need to be addressed.
US OR: OPED: Marijuana Emerges From Oregon's Shadows Today
[Today] medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon that choose to do so can begin selling dried pot leaves and flowers to people other than the patients they've been serving the past 18 months. The Oregon Health Authority - which oversees the medical marijuana program - will allow dispensaries to sell it for non-medicinal use through Dec. 31, 2016, a couple of months after state-approved rules for selling recreational marijuana are due to go into effect.
UK: OPED: EU Needs To Unite On Reform Of Drug Policy
We are losing the war on drugs. But there are reasons to be hopeful. In recent years, a global movement for reform has been building. Led in particular by the governments of countries in Latin America that have suffered most, politicians and policymakers around the globe have started to question the status quo.


US NY: It's Time To Legalize Recreational Drugs
The Sept. 22 News carried an article regarding a U.S. district judge's comment about the harshness of the mandatory sentencing time for drug violators. But she maintained she hasn't a choice and gave the accused 20 years.
US CA: Solutions For The Marijuana Mess
Re "Cleaning up after pot farmers," Editorial, Sept. 23 As representatives of craft and artisanal cannabis farmers in California, we applaud The Times' editorial, which addressed environmental damage caused by unregulated and illegal cannabis growers.
US CA: Solutions For The Marijuana Mess
Re "Cleaning up after pot farmers," Editorial, Sept. 23 As the Assembly member representing California's "Emerald Triangle," and the author of one of the recently passed medical marijuana' bills, I appreciate your editorial drawing attention to the devastating environmental impact of large marijuana farms in our state.
CN BC: Ignore Old People
After reading Gordon Clark's comments on Vancouver's marijuana debate, I am again left wondering when we will wake up to the reality that pot and the dispensaries aren't going anywhere.
US WY: Evading The Issue On Medical Marijuana
Editor: Last night, Wyoming PBS TV sponsored a discussion from an advocate, a medical physician, a city mayor and a law enforcement official, concerning the legalization of medical marijuana. Many semantics were brought out whereas the real issue was evaded.
US OR: Pot Not Dangerous
The City of Albany allows the sale of soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and all kinds of legal drugs that have killed more people than marijuana ever will.
US OR: Pot Study: No Link To Violence
A nine-year study supported by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) set out to prove marijuana caused domestic violence (pub med: Psycol Addict Behav. 2014 Sep;28(3):734-42, Epub 2014 Aug 18). It found the opposite. Marijuana use by either one or both married partners reduced domestic violence. The more marijuana used, the less domestic violence.