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CN BC: City Beefs Up Business Licence Bylaw
New rules aimed at clarity for marijuana dispensaries Nelson city council hopes changes to its business licence bylaw will help to chip away at the legal ambiguity around marijuana dispensaries.
US: 2016 Could Be The Year For Industrial Hemp
In 2015 U.S. consumers bought over $500 million in hemp products, buying everything from food, cosmetics, fabrics and paper to construction material, insulation and plastics. It is estimated that there are more than 25,000 product applications for industrial hemp and yet the hemp market struggles to capitalize on that vast potential. Currently listed as a federal Schedule 1 drug in the Controlled Substances Act, it is illegal to grow the plant or possess live seeds. But recent activity at the state and industry level is beginning to challenge that long standing status.
CN ON: Thorny Issue For City
Transit advisory group faces dilemma after Dec. 23 decision to kick man off bus One man's medical marijuana usage on a city bus could now spark a legal debate.
CN SN: Legal Pot Much Like Booze
Employers may ask for drug tests Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has promised to legalize recreational marijuana use, but anyone thinking about sparking a joint before starting a new job could be in for a rude surprise, according to one legal expert.


Canada: Editorial: Legal Pot Means More Law, Not Less
The Canadian Police Association made a reasonable request this week when it asked the Trudeau government to remind everyone that recreational marijuana is still an illegal substance. For more than a year, so-called marijuana "dispensaries" have been popping up in cities across the country, selling pot and pot-filled products in open violation of the Criminal Code. The pace of new openings has only increased since the election of the Liberals, who promised to legalize marijuana.
US HI: Editorial: Ditch The Secrecy On Pot Licenses
The people in the know clearly know the crucial fact about the new medical marijuana dispensary enterprise: It's going to be big business - very big.
US CO: Column: A Woman's World
Modern feminism boils down to two main angles. The first is a movement driven by equality: equal pay, equal representation, equal access to power and position. The second seeks to elevate the status of roles commonly perceived as feminine, recognizing the value of caretaking in society and increased social stature.
US CA: Column: An Excellent BuMMR
I hear there is a new Weed Czar in town. I would like to know more. - -Tab U. LaRasa You are correct! Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed Lori Ajax, currently the chief deputy director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, to head the new Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. (By the way, Brown signed Assembly Bill 21, so that March 1 deadline for cities and towns to develop regulations is a thing of the past.) Ajax-a Republican, if you care about those things; I know plenty of folks on all sides of every aisle who want clear and fair statewide regulations-will have to be approved by the Senate. If she gains approval, she will be in charge of creating an entirely new state agency, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. Aside from the unfortunate acronym (BuMMR, which is the opposite of what cannabis does), this new agency will have to deal with a ton of BS from all sides. The NIMBYs, the techies, the growers, the water providers, et al. will be clamoring to make sure they all receive their fair share of unfair advantages. To call her new job a huge and gigantic undertaking is perhaps the understatement of the year and I wish her the best of luck. I will also most likely be hitting her up for a job, since she will need at least 40-50 people on her team. Everyone polish up your resumes!


US VT: Strict Controls On Marijuana
I have read about much of the conversation regarding the legalization of marijuana. We should err on the side of caution when accepting and legalizing any bill that does not adhere to certain conditions. First, I personally would like to see the creation of a state-run marijuana exchange. Any persons or industry that chooses to grow marijuana for sale would be required to sell their crop at this exchange. Growers would be given fair market value for their produce. The state marijuana market would be supplied solely through this process. At the exchange produce will be broken down for distribution. Each crop will have a batch number. Every package will have a tracking number. Every ounce will be accounted for. Residency requirements should be in place for growers. Individuals who grow whether for personal use or sale would be required a permit. Individual restrictions will apply. Industrial growers will require a pre-existing Vermont farmers license.
US MT: Unfair View Of Grass
In response to the Feb. 7 letter, "No to marijuana," even prohibitionist government quit using the historically discredited gateway theory years ago. However, some people continue believing the lies, half-truths and propaganda which has perpetuated cannabis (marijuana) prohibition. Caging innocent responsible adults who use the relatively safe, extremely popular, God-given plant is vulgar and anti-Christian for a developed nation.
US CA: Re-Legalize It
Editor: As a Coloradoan who helped re-legalize cannabis (marijuana) in Colorado, it's strange to read California government continues struggling with medical cannabis issues ("What Deadline?" Feb. 4), when completely re-legalizing the plant looms on Election Day. If state government officials want to shape the inevitable they must do it now because citizens are not waiting on government to get the job done.
US CA: Syringe Solutions
Thank you for your article in The Chronicle regarding "Coordinated effort to remove syringes" (Feb. 9). I hope you'll consider exploring this subject further, looking at the root causes of the incredible increase in improperly discarded needles. Where are all these thousands of needles coming from?
CN MB: Heavenly Pot
Re: "Rolling in dough," Jan. 29. It's true, since Colorado completely re-legalized cannabis (marijuana), treating it like the relatively safe God-given plant that it is, the state has reaped huge taxes. But Canada shouldn't cleanse itself from cannabis prohibition to profit, but rather to end one of North America's worst policy failures because it's the right thing to do. The Luciferous practice of caging humans for using what God indicates He created and says is good on literally the very first page of the Bible is vulgar for developed nations. The sooner the devil law ends, the sooner the sky will stop falling in.
CN BC: Navy's Efforts Make No Difference to Drug Crime
Re: "Navy making a difference in drug war," column, Feb. 6. If the navy stopped chasing around the world for various drug shipments, would we notice any difference here at home? Were things a lot worse with respect to drug-induced crime before this program started back in 2006? Were the gangs more numerous then than they are today? Are we winning the war on drugs now?
CN ON: Grieving Grandfather Should Lobby For Drug Law
To the editor: Re: Don't open the gateway of marijuana to harder drugs: bereaved grandfather How sad that a grieving grandfather wants no changes to the law that was in place when his grandson died.