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US FL: Meth Activity Nearly Doubles
The Easy-To-Make Narcotic Is Often Made In Abandoned Buildings ST. PETERSBURG - An overdose during the weekend and the discovery of a mobile home lab showcase a resurgent crime problem in Pinellas County: Methamphetamine activity, by one measure, has nearly doubled in the past six months.
US CA: New Pot Initiative Sought
Opponents to Yuba County's marijuana cultivation ordinance have filed paperwork with election officials seeking a voter initiative to create a new ordinance.
US AZ: Commission Again Opposes Pot Dispensary In San Luis
SAN LUIS, Ariz. - For the second time in less than a month, the San Luis Planning and Zoning Commission is opposing a request to open a medicinal marijuana dispensary in the city's downtown.
US CO: Power Problems
Marijuana Bloats Denver's Energy Demand As City Tries to Lower Use Surging electricity consumption by Colorado's booming marijuana industry is sabotaging Denver's push to use less energy - just as the White House perfects a Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution.


Canada: Column: The Muddled Mess Of Marijuana Regulations
It's all a little confusing. A decision by Vancouver city council to regulate and license marijuana dispensaries has been vehemently opposed by federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose. In the lead-up to the passage of the bylaw, Ambrose warned that the new regulation would increase marijuana use and addiction. Once it passed, she stated that she was "deeply disappointed" and that "storefronts selling marijuana are illegal and under this Conservative government will remain illegal."
Australia: Column: This Is Ice, Ice, Crazy ...
Matt Noffs means well. But he has fallen for a crackpot idea in his quest to help the addicts at the Ted Noffs Foundation crisis centre founded by his grandfather. He wants legally sanctioned "ice consumption rooms" where methamphetamine addicts can smoke, snort or shoot up to their heart's content. No surprise who has been whispering in his ear.
CN BC: Editorial: The Drug Debates
The debate in Langley City over the number of pharmacies which have set up shop is actually part of a larger debate involving the use of drugs in society - legal, illegal, tested, patented and perhaps somewhere in between.
US NM: OPED: Pot Legalization Would Bring On Costs, Risks
Research shows making marijuana more available would lead to more use, and that would cost us dearly


US AZ: Let Me Make My Choices, Not Be Ruled by Your
I am truly sorry to read about Lisa James' brother's problems with addiction (Monday My Turn). However, she misses the point. The apparent difference between her and her brother is his inability to regulate his tendency for addictive behavior.
US IL: Marijuana Legalization Is Answer To Crime
I'm writing about: "Debate swirls around weather to decriminalize marijuana in Illinois" (6-27-15).
CN BC: Marijuana Propaganda Wars Have Started All Over Again
MARIJUANA PROPAGANDA WARS HAVE STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN Is a tomato grown in your garden good for you?
US FL: Tracking Marijuana Use
Re: Fact And Fiction On Medical Pot | June 22, Editorial The referenced Lancet article concluded that while pot use is higher in states that have legal pot as medicine, usage did not increase when the medical marijuana law was enacted.
US NJ: Stop Funding The War On Drugs
The State of New Jersey is funding several reforms in the name of abandoning the failed "war on drugs." These reforms include forcing Drug Court (DC), funding re-entry services and retrofitting jails as treatment centers. There is only one problem; these reforms actually fund the "war on drugs."
US OH: Real 'Ick' Factor Isn't Pot, but Hatred and
The "ick" factor is the product of decades of propaganda that is clearly demonstrated by the following quote from the father of the War on Drugs, Richard Nixon ("Marijuana support group needs new name" June 22).
US CO: Tourists Didn't Legalize Pot
I'm a bit confused again. In this debate concerning the marijuana bakery downtown, I have read several statements in letters that say Glenwood Springs does not want to become a destination resort for marijuana tourism.