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US CO: Activists to Pull Pot Consumption Initiative From
Activists behind a proposed Denver ballot initiative to allow some marijuana use in bars and other businesses say they will pull the measure, The Denver Post has confirmed.
US CO: Denver Tests Clear Suspect Pot
Lab Tests Find No Trace of Unapproved Pesticide in Seized Marijuana. Denver health officials Wednesday lifted a day-old order to hold hundreds of marijuana-infused lozenges and raw marijuana from two businesses after lab tests showed no trace of an unapproved pesticide among their ingredients.
US MA: Demand Soaring At State's Lone Marijuana Dispensary
Facility in Salem Reports 1,500 Patients in 2 Months The executive director of the state's first and only medical marijuana dispensary said this week that in just two months of operation, it provided cannabis to 1,500 patients - the first measure of consumer demand for the product in Massachusetts.
US: Growing Marijuana Industry Raises Environmental Concerns
GROWING MARIJUANA INDUSTRY RAISES ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Chuck Lyon lives in a house he built "one concrete slab at a time" in the hills of Mendocino County, California.


US MA: OPED: Mass. Needs A Sensible Marijuana Policy
My first run-in with marijuana prohibition came in 1970, when I was arrested for possession of less than one-quarter ounce. Fortunately, my case was dismissed because the officer conducted an illegal search.
US CA: OPED: Bill Improves Fairness In Asset Forfeiture
The California Legislature should pass, and Gov. Jerry Brown should sign, pending legislation that would curb some of the unfair aspects of the law concerning when the government can seize a person's property. At the height of the "war on drugs," governments at all levels were given much greater power to seize the assets of those suspected of criminal activity. Billions of dollars in cash and property of all sorts have been seized.
US CA: Column: End Of The Marijuana Free For All?
Governor Jerry Brown has spoken: It is time to get a grip on California's unregulated medical cannabis industry.
US CA: Column: Generation W
School's back in session and a new study reports that more college students are smoking pot frequently.


US CA: Police Should Need Conviction to Take Property
Re: "Find other ways to reform asset forfeiture" [Letters, Aug. 28]: Fountain Valley Police Chief Daniel Llorens justifies the taking of someone's property based merely on a suspicion and without due process. This sets a dangerous precedent in the abuse of law and property rights. He contends that Senate Bill 443 would allow criminal organizations to benefit from the law but he doesn't mention that current asset forfeiture laws allow the taking of property from individuals with no ties to criminal organizations and without a conviction.
US MD: Money Alone Won't Solve MD.'s Heroin Problem
In a recent editorial The Sun chose to ignore the many positives of Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford's interim heroin task force report and instead spent most of its energy misinterpreting and then harping on his seven-word remark about funding: "It's probably never going to be enough" ("Rutherford pleads poverty," Aug. 26).
US MD: Grieving The Victims
Your report "45 murders in 31 days: Looking back at Baltimore's deadliest month" (Aug. 29) may be the most important news article since Freddie Gray's death.
US CA: Due Process Before Seizure Necessary
Regarding "Proposed law makes it easier to retain criminal assets" (Aug. 21): Seizure of assets of citizens who have not been convicted of a crime is no way to fund public safety.
Australia: Ice Scourge Is a War All Must Fight to
"Dob in a drug dealer" will only put low-level dealers and your kids in jail. If someone is selling points to fund a habit, they are far from drug kingpins and are mostly people in their early20s who don't fear the consequences until it's too late. They'll be thrown into the system and come out hardened criminals. I've seen first-hand the damage ice causes and in no way condone its use, but our war on drugs isn't working and if we follow America, then we'll have one hell of a jail population and no real solution.
Australia: Prohibition Is Worse Than Drug
Regarding the ice epidemic ( SM, Aug 23), make no mistake, drugs are bad. But the war on drugs is worse. As the Americans found out during the 1920s prohibition on alcohol, such a war empowers organised crime. It is time to move away from policies that focus on law enforcement towards ones that include the legalisation of some drugs, decriminalisation of others, rehabilitation and treatment programs, as well as advertising campaigns.
US CA: Those Who Need Help Shouldn't Be Punished
The article related to heroin addiction ("The rising epidemic of heroin addiction," Aug. 21) showed the painful reality of how many lives are victimized by this epidemic. The piece addresses national and local statistics and what is being done politically and fiscally to reduce the problem. However, I believe more people would benefit by knowing more about available treatments.