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US CA: Supporters Of Vasquez Recall To Try Again
Supporters have until next week to resubmit a sample petition to Yuba County election officials before they can start collecting signatures in an attempt to recall Supervisor Andy Vasquez.
US WA: Mayor's Plan Would Give Seattle Power to Regulate Pot
As State Combines Medical, Recreational Systems License Limits Could Shut More Than 50 Medical Operations
US WA: State Liquor Board to Get New Name, More Pot Control
Medical-Marijuana Licenses for Shops, Growers Lottery Unlikely OLYMPIA (AP) - Big changes are coming to the state Liquor Control Board, including a name change.
US: Bill Would Let VA Recommend Medical Pot
Veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and other chronic pain issues may be able to ask their VA doctors for a new treatment soon: medical marijuana.


US NY: Editorial: Latin America Rethinks Drug Policies
During the 1980s and 1990s, as the United States battled the scourge of cocaine throughout the hemisphere, Washington did most of the talking. Latin American governments were forced to listen and fall in line. The American government had the most money to throw at the problem, the toughest justice system and the biggest bully pulpit.
US CA: Column: Failure to Collect Cannabis Tax Is the Real
Sacramento - California authorities are notoriously creative when it comes to wringing as much tax revenue as possible out of the state's businesses, yet they are leaving money on the table because of their failure to come up with a simple way for medical-marijuana dispensaries to pay their tab.
US FL: OPED: How Middle America Police Turned into Soldiers
We've all seen videos of Third World "police" in combat gear putting down demonstrations by physically assaulting protesters, turning heavy equipment and tear gas on them, or shooting into crowds. That's what makes the recent events in Baltimore all the more disturbing. This time the "peace officers" in military combat gear, brandishing military-grade weapons and perched on armored military vehicles, were ours.
CN ON: Column: Learning Some New Tricks
On the occasion of Tommy Chong and his dog Otis' birthday, our own Jim Slotek wishes a couple of old dogs good tidings


Australia: Government Wasting Money on War on Drugs
THE excuse wowsers use to get governments to waste billions of dollars on the prohibition of recreational drugs is that drugs kill users.
US AZ: The Two-Bit Drug Dealer Wishes He Could Get
Let's see if I have this right. James Reynold, Sr. and his group of Cancer Charity fund-raisers collect and misappropriate several hundred million dollars in the name of charity. They get to settle a $65.6 million judgment and have their record wiped clean for a $75,000 cash payment and no time served.
US CO: Time For A New Approach On Drugs
The recent article, "Increase in Heroin use, Deaths" (Daily Camera, May 19) is about the increased deaths from heroin overdoses due to bad heroin being sold on the streets. This comes in the wake of the arrest of a suspected drug dealer. Statistics show that the more we criminalize drugs, the more people die of overdoses from bad street drugs and the more homicides occur. Obviously, the drug war is not working. We should have learned that already with prohibition.
US CO: Plant The Seeds Of Research
PEDCO's request not to use the half-cent sales tax for marijuana businesses is nearly the most anti-business, anti-development stance that they can take.
US CA: Time To Legalize Marijuana Is Now
In regard to columnist Ernest Kimme's column ("No easy answers for marijuana issue," The Reporter 5-12-15), it's been almost twenty years since California voters approved medical marijuana. Restricting access at this point is a gift to Mexican drug cartels. One day marijuana will be fully legal nationwide and there will be no suburban basement grows with artificial lights and massive carbon footprints. Environmentally destructive wilderness grows will become a thing of the past.
US DC: When Justice Is Unjust
Regarding the May 18 Wonkblog excerpt "How the IRS seized a man's life savings without ever charging him with a crime":
US AZ: Bilking Via Charity Brings Lesser Penalty Than
James Reynolds II used the Mesa-based Breast Cancer Society to raise and misappropriate (steal) millions of dollars, in the name of charity. He gets to settle a $65.6 million judgment and have his record wiped clean for a $75,000 cash payment and no time served.