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US CA: Panel Discussion Focuses on Transportation of Medical
SACRAMENTO)) California State Board of Equalization District 2 Member Fiona Ma hosted a "Cannabis Transportation Stakeholder Discussion" Friday, focusing on the challenges facing the marijuana industry related to transportation, while also considering opportunities and recommendations for the state.
US: Report: Stricter Opioid Guidelines Needed
Stricter guidelines for prescribing and dispensing powerful pain medications are needed to curb the nation's deadly opioid epidemic, according to a report released last week from public-health leaders at Johns Hopkins University.
US WA: Seattle Pot Businesses Bristle Over Mayor's Licensing
Medical-Marijuana Merchants Smaller Buffer Zones Would Rule Out Some Current Sites Alex Cooley was a pioneer in legitimizing the pot industry in Seattle. But after seeing Mayor Ed Murray's plan for licensing more pot merchants, Cooley wonders why he bothered.
US CA: California's Medical Marijuana Regulations May Cause
As California prepares to bring in the $1 billion medical marijuana industry from the legal shadows, growers and marketers on the pot-rich North Coast are waiting to see how much the massive regulatory structure will cost them and whether to stick instead with the prosperous but risky outlaw status they have lived with for nearly two decades.


US OH: Editorial: Firing of Police Chief in Vermillion Was
Vermilion police Capt. Michael Reinheimer's termination from his department did not come as a shock.
CN MB: Editorial: Pass The Government Grass
IT didn't take long for the Selinger government to smell the "charm" of legalized marijuana. The potential windfall from a liberalized era of lighting up is perfectly intoxicating. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised legalized pot will hit the streets soon enough, and there's going to be tax revenue in that.
CN MB: Column: The Dope Dilemma
Should you call police if you suspect a driver is impaired by marijuana? I CAME bumper to bumper with a dilemma on a Sunday evening two weeks ago.
US CA: Editorial: How To Spend The Savings
Fewer felony cases and fewer jail inmates should translate into funding for other programs. Thousands of felony cases that would have been prosecuted by the office of Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey became misdemeanors late last year because of Proposition 47. Lacey's caseload dropped precipitously - first, because police were making far fewer arrests for drug crimes and theft, so they were bringing in far fewer cases; and second, because so many of the cases they did bring in were now misdemeanors that went to L.A. City Atty. Mike Feuer and his counterparts in a handful of other cities - Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Monica, even Hawthorne.


US CA: Poor Logic On Drug Addiction
Re "Weed law will not protect kids" (The Conversation, Letters, Nov. 15): We need draconian laws against illegal parking! Stiff fines, jail terms, confiscate the cars. Why, you ask? All reckless drivers have dabbled in illegal parking at some point. Ridiculous? This argument works for pot, why not illegal parking? The same argument implies that mother's milk and alcohol and tobacco lead to drug addiction.
CN BC: RCMP Pot Busts Discouraged
Re: Nanaimo RCMP set to snuff out dispensaries, Nov. 14 So the Nanaimo RCMP has decided to get their licks in while they can, before the federal legislation on cannabis is changed.
CN AB: Legalize Pot!
Did Police Chief Roger Chaffin ("Not Sure Society Needs Another Drug" Nov. 18, 2015) just arrive in North America? Society is not preparing to add "another drug" for citizens to use but rather, re-legalizing a relatively safe, God-given plant, which is being used by millions of North Americans daily. A plant that should never have been prohibited from the beginning. And challenges to law enforcement? Ending cannabis prohibition will be easier, not more difficult to enforce. In fact, re-legalizing the plant will likely put some law enforcement jobs in jeopardy; is that Chaffin's real concern? Nothing changes with drivers who are too impaired to operate a motor vehicle; it's illegal now, it will be illegal after ending the cannabis prohibition farce. It's time to eliminate cannabis prohibitionist's "voice at the table." Especially those who have been profiting off the injustice.
US MO: Missouri Should Legalize And Regulate Marijuana
Regarding the editorial "Pot or not?" (Nov. 16): As a sitting chief of police in Missouri, I've seen the rift that our failed marijuana policy continues to create between peace officers and the citizens we serve. Young people aren't prevented from getting marijuana now, because drug dealers don't have to ask for an ID. Families are torn apart, parents lose their children, and racial minorities are arrested and incarcerated for marijuana far more often than whites.
CN PI: Inform Oneself About Marijuana
As the dust settles following the recent Liberal election win, Canadians are anxious to see what changes lay in store. There are many polarizing issues on the table, and the pending legalization of marijuana is certainly one of them. Many think it is about time marijuana became legal, while others believe it will inevitably lead to extremely negative consequences, especially for our youth.
CN BC: City Should Be Supporting Dispensaries
To the Editor, A municipal council can and does tell the local RCMP what community priorities are, which the police then apply to their community policing strategy - one that reflects the practices of the community they serve.
CN BC: Put a Moratorium on Terrorizing and Extorting
To the Editor, Re: Pot dispensaries advised by RCMP to close up shop, Nov. 17. Considering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mandate, last week, to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, to begin the process of legalizing and regulating cannabis in Canada, isn't it time for any and all police agencies along with the RCMP to put a moratorium on terrorizing and extorting cannabis dispensaries?