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US: The Great Pot Experiment
Yasmin Hurd raises rats on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that will blow your mind. Though they look normal, their lives are anything but, and not just because of the pricey real estate they call home on the 10th floor of a research building near Mount Sinai Hospital. For skeptics of the movement to legalize marijuana, the rodents are canaries in the drug-policy coal mine. For defenders of legalization, they are curiosities. But no one doubts that something is happening in the creatures' trippy little brains.
US CO: Marijuana And School Failure
The dose makes the poison. - Paracelsus Millennials are the strongest advocates for legalizing marijuana, but they may be paving their own pathway to a problematic educational future through their political support.
US CA: Calif. Supreme Court Rejects Pot Appeal
The state Supreme Court this week summarily denied an appeal filed by Yuba Patients Coalition and six individuals challenging the urgency designation attached to Yuba County's new marijuana cultivation ordinance.
US CA: Concern About Legal Pot Minors Aired California
OAKLAND (AP) - Members of a commission led by California's lieutenant governor said Tuesday that legalizing the recreational use of marijuana could generate enough tax revenue to fund drug education and counseling centers at every high school in the state, a potential upside that should be seriously considered as activists work to put a pot-legalization initiative before voters next year.


US CO: Column: Hemp And The Woolly Mammoth's Hair Piece
It's no secret that hemp is one of the most misunderstood plants in history. For centuries, it has been used by all kinds of people for all kinds of things - clothing to car construction, bioplastics to building supplies, food to fuel.
US CA: Column: Ban On The Run
The Lake County town of Clearlake has backed off of its marijuana cultivation ban following public backlash and a lawsuit filed by one of the city's former mayors.
US CO: Column: I Need Some Good Edibles Recipes
Dear Stoner: Do you have any good infused product recipes that require smaller amounts of pot? I'm looking for a mentor in making pot edibles and dabs.
US CA: Column: Roll And Stroll
I like taking my medicine in the form of a joint while walking around the block. It gets me thinking, though: Is it legal to do that as long as I'm a patient? Where are places I can smoke if I can't smoke at my apartment?


US CA: Stop Complaining
Regarding "Legal pot's big issue: what about schoolkids?" (May 20): Here we go again. Every time the issue of legalizing marijuana comes up, we get the bogus, hand-wringing about "the children." We are awash in liquor stores and bars on practically every street corner. But somehow, the nervous nellies seem to shrug and the children seem to survive. It is time for those self-appointed, guardians of our youth to redirect their energy toward something like homelessness, hunger, and police brutality. Like gay marriage (something else they opposed), pot legalization is here to stay.
US CA: Marijuana Prohibition Hasn't Made It Disappear
Proposition A upheld, slam dunk, weed is gone! Why is this substance illegal? It has nothing to do with promoting the general welfare, but instead the federal government's intent is to subjugate minorities.
US DC: A Workaround for Pot Regulation in the District
The city is missing out on tax revenue. As the May 18 front-page article "Legal pot in the District is a boon for illegal dealers" reported, D.C. voters' determination to legalize marijuana possession through Initiative 71 is having significant unintended consequences. Because residents can legally use and possess marijuana but can't legally buy it, the illegal drug trade has increased and the city is missing out on the tax revenue it would receive if the sales were regulated.
US PA: Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want Medical
I will admit that I am a cynic, but that was thrust upon me by the circumstances of life and our government.
US OR: Medical Marijuana Has Helped American Heroes
"American Sniper" was ranked the No. 1 movie in United States for the week of Dec. 17 through Dec. 23, 2014, when competition for this top listing is intense.
US MA: The Real Drug Problem
We've heard lots of lip service from Governor Baker about the need to do something about drug addiction. I heard something shocking. There's a peanut factory in Springfield which employs mostly pre-release prison inmates. While this seems like pure altruism on the surface, it looks to me like the same old exploitation routine. Keep our jails full of folks with minor drug offenses, and then use them for cheap labor, displacing regular workers with full pay and benefits. I knew they were using "slave" prison labor down south to keep costs down, but I had no idea Massachusetts got in on the act.
US CA: Vasquez Recall
It's not about commercial grows. It's about democracy and our rights to voice our opinions and be heard. Not to have a public official in office who by past reports doesn't know how to interact with the community as displayed. You are not the voice of District 1 - we are.