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US WA: Suit Against Fife's Ban on Pot Challenges State's
Pierce County Arguments in Case Will Be Heard Friday To Tedd Wetherbee, the vacant storefront seems a suitable spot for selling pot. It's in a strip mall across from BJ's Bingo parlor, in a long commercial stretch occupied by fast-food joints, dry cleaners and massage parlors.
US CO: Aurora Awards Licenses For 21 Retail Pot Stores
Aurora announced Thursday it has awarded licenses to 21 businesses as the city's first recreational marijuana shops, which can open as soon as Oct. 1.
US NM: AG Has No Plans To Challenge New Pot Law
King: City Has Authority to Enact Own Ordinance SANTA FE - Attorney General Gary King supports decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana and his office has no plans to challenge Santa Fe's brand new ordinance that does just that.
Somalia: 'Paradise Flower' Chewers Savor Low-Price Bliss After
MOGADISHU, Somalia - "The president has arrived, the president has arrived," chant youths in Mogadishu's Beerta Khaatka market, as armed men in trucks mounted with machine guns escort lorries with horns blaring through the throng.


US MD: OPED: Overdose Deaths Are Preventable
Last year, 858 Maryland residents died due to alcohol or drug intoxication; that's enough to replace the entire University of Maryland football team more than eight times.
US NJ: White Entrepreneurs Crowding Out Black Ones in
Richard Lee, the California owner of Oaksterdam University, rented a conference room at Bally's casino in Atlantic City. It is a business that teaches people how to grow marijuana, and other aspects of the emerging legal marijuana business. Technically for classroom purposes they used basil instead of marijuana.
US CA: Column: On Race, Arrests, Marijuana and 'The New Jim
In Sacramento, Black People Are Arrested 5.7 Times More Often Than White People Are marijuana arrests really a racial thing?
US CA: Column: MDMA, M.D.
MDMA, M.D. Terrorism is alive and well, Americans aren't feeling any more "free," and those WMDs never did turn up. But the War on Terror did accomplish one thing: After 13 years of conflict, America is closer than ever to legalized and legitimized medical MDMA.


Australia: Suffer The Child
HOW is it that the public can buy morphine derivatives over the counter at pharmacies, as well as pseudoephedrine, which can be converted to methamphetamine, yet an innocent child's cannabis oil, which has significantly helped to manage his epilepsy, is taken away? My dear friend recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer could also benefit from cannabis oil, yet he cannot purchase this legally.
Australia: It's All Poppycock
I CAN'T believe opium poppy crops are being grown in northern Victoria, for pain relief drugs such as morphine and codeine.
US FL: Police Will Respond To Voters' Will
This letter makes the point that law enforcement will enforce antidrug laws to enhance their own self-interests, not necessarily to reduce drug addiction. The opposition of the Florida Sheriff's Association to Amendment 2 is an example, according to the letter.
US UT: Criminalizing Marijuana
Public policies regulating alcohol and tobacco - two substances that are objectively more harmful than marijuana - have proven to be far more effective at reducing teens' access. Jay Evensen implies that regulating the adult consumption of marijuana will lead to an uptick in adolescents' access and use of the substance ("Marijuana acceptance will lead to social costs," Aug. 21). He writes: Legalization advocates "would prohibit use by anyone under 21, naively thinking legalization for adults would not trickle down to teenagers."
US CT: Marijuana Prohibition Pointless
Regarding Randall Beach's Aug. 22 column, the people of Colorado and Washington state are way ahead of the politicians in Washington, D.C. The days when Congress can get away with confusing the drug war's tremendous collateral damage with a comparatively harmless plant are coming to an end. If the goal of marijuana prohibition is to subsidize violent drug cartels, prohibition is a grand success. The drug war distorts supply and demand dynamics so that big money grows on little trees.
CN SN: Proven Treatment
Thank you for making the case for methadone maintenance in your editorial, Positive news on methadone (SP, Aug. 23).
CN ON: Marijuana Law Reform Sends Wrong Message
Re: "Clear the smoke and regulate pot like booze," Aug. 21, Brian MacLeod. Lost in the debate over marijuana is the ugly truth behind marijuana prohibition. North America's marijuana laws are based on culture and xenophobia, not science. The first marijuana laws were a reaction to Mexican migration during the early 1900s. Writing under the pen name Janey Canuck, Emily Murphy warned Canadians about the dread reefer and its association with non-white immigrants. The yellow journalism of William Randolph Hearst led to its criminalization in the United States.