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US CA: Merced Police Shut Down Alleged Marijuana Dispensary
The Merced Police Department served search warrants Friday and shut down Kiona's Farm'acy in downtown Merced, alleging the business operated as a marijuana dispensary.
Canada: Medical Marijuana Insurance Coverage on the Horizon:
TORONTO - Canadians who have been prescribed medical marijuana could one day see their insurance company footing the bill, experts predict, following the introduction of new Health Canada rules that allow for the sale of cannabis oils.
US CA: Grass Valley City Council to Talk Medical Marijuana
The Grass Valley City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday to consider options for regulating the cultivation of medical marijuana citywide.
US AR: Pot Proposals Denied, Man Plans Appeal
CONWAY - A Van Buren County man isn't giving up on his cause, even though the attorney general's office has rejected five proposed ballot titles that would have asked voters to legalize marijuana for various purposes.


CN NS: Column: Pregnant And Smoking Pot? Cool It!
Alanis Morissette, the Canadian songstress who penned the tune "Mary Jane," admits to using pot in the past to juice up her creativity. But when she became pregnant - her son Ever is four now - she gave up the weed.
US CA: Editorial: Portugal's Lesson In Legalization
This month marks 14 years since Portugal decriminalized the purchase, possession and use of all drugs even cocaine and heroin. As Californians consider joining Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and Washington, D.C., in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, Portugal's experience is instructive in setting realistic expectations and assuaging fears surrounding legalization.
Canada: Editorial: B.C. Runs Amok, Seizes Bleak House
The B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office is getting more and more ingenious - too ingenious. This month, Seyed Nima Razavi Zadeh was convicted of sexual assault. He is in custody pending sentencing. In the interim, the CFO is moving to seize his condominium, which he bought nine years ago for $290,000. The CFO will argue that the condominium unit was a "staging ground" for his crime and possibly others.
US NY: OPED: The Weed Dispensary's Lessons For Doctors
THE first time you meet Robin, it's easy to be misled by her fragile appearance. She's in her 40s and painfully thin, and she grips her aluminum walker with hands that have been twisted by rheumatoid arthritis. But she's both tough and resourceful, and she doesn't give up easily.


US NY: Medical Marijuana A Help To Patients
I was delighted to read the editorial "Open the marijuana files" (July 14), encouraging more transparency in the processes for making medical cannabis available to New Yorkers. Our state needs to work quickly and openly in this process.
US NM: Keep Vulnerable Names Off The Record
I AM 88 years old and have never used marijuana or other illegal drugs. I think revealing the names of owners and employees who produce medical marijuana will expose them to danger - possible theft, possible death. Gov. (Susana) Martinez will be responsible for any wrongdoing that will result. It is wrong to reveal their names.
US NM: Gov. Playing Political Ping Pong With Lives
SO LET ME get this right, Gov. (Susana) Martinez intends to "out" producers and employees of a legitimate business in the name of transparency. I understand she is getting pressure to release the names of the producers. I get that. I get that it's important to prevent cronyism.
US NM: Board Needs To Look At Drug-Testing Downside
Editor, The Rio Rancho Public Schools Board of Education needs to educate itself on the downside of student drug testing. Student involvement in after-school activities, like sports, has been shown to reduce drug use. They keep kids busy during the hours they are most likely to get into trouble. Forcing students to undergo degrading urine tests as a prerequisite will only discourage participation in extracurricular programs.
US OH: State Rep Claims Marijuana Editorial Distorted
In response to The Vindicator's editorial last Tuesday, =93Ohio should slam door on proposed marijuana cartel,=94 I've decided to paraphrase the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan: The writer is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Seldom has The Vindicator published an editorial that so blatantly and purposely distorts facts and maliciously mischaracterizes the position of a public official.
US CA: Butte County's Criminal Justice System Is Just
A couple of items in Wednesday's E-R got my attention. Let me make sure that I've got this straight.
US OH: Purchasing Marijuana Puts Kids At Risk
As a former deputy sheriff, I know from enforcing senseless marijuana laws that children only are being put in more danger when marijuana is kept illegal ("Legal pot poses another threat to children," July 8 letter from Dr. Johanna Said). The term "controlled substance" is very misleading.