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UK: Cameron And Clegg Split Over Drugs Policy
Prime Minister Rejects New Call for Decriminalisation Lib Dems Condemn Tories' 'Backward-Looking View'
US TX: Pot-based Epilepsy Drug Offers Hope For Sufferers
Izaiah Ruiz's epilepsy was so severe, his daily life so miserable, that his grandmother says she would have sold her Montgomery County home and moved to Colorado for what many say is a new, miracle treatment: marijuana.
UK: Cameron Slaps Down Clegg Over Calls to Relax the Drug Laws
DAVID Cameron ruled out relaxing Britain's drug laws yesterday, despite Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and Tory MPs calling for a review.
UK: I Don't Want My Children to Think Drugs Are OK, Says
DAVID CAMERON is refusing Liberal Democrat calls to review the Government's drugs policy, warning that as a parent he does not want to send out the message that taking illegal substances is "OK or safe".


US DC: Column: Just Vote No On Marijuana
On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to take the next giant leap in the pro-marijuana movement by approving ballot measures that call for legalizing recreational use.
US CA: Editorial: Pot Growers Take Slate Mail To A New Low
It's the silly season of the election. It's the season of the slate mailers, which we're still amazed is an industry that survives. They're so close to fraud, but those rules are set aside when politics are in play.
US OR: OPED: Decriminalizing Marijuana Would Protect
Illegal marijuana grows are damaging our national forests. Legalizing marijuana will help stop that from happening.
US PA: Restrictions on Renting May Be Tool in Drug
Berwick has done it. So has Sunbury. Two communities in neighboring counties that have been ravaged by drug abuse took the bold step of enacting an ordinance that banned landlords from renting to anyone who had been convicted of a felony drug offense. Mount Carmel could vote on a similar ordinance as soon as Nov. 20.


US OR: Vote Yes On 91
I'm a mother and grandmother who just joined the Moms for YES on Measure 91 Facebook page. If we really care about our kids, we need to tax and regulate marijuana for adult use. Legalization will help protect our kids from dealers who sell them marijuana and possibly other drugs. Police will be able to focus on major crime that compromises the safety of our families. Tax money from the sale of legal marijuana will go to our schools, drug treatment, and law enforcement. Mexican cartels that depend on black market marijuana will abandon grow sites in our forests.
US WA: Anderson's Anti-Pot Stance Wrong
On Oct. 21, Rich Anderson publicly announced that the legalization of marijuana is to blame for many of the problems our city is facing. Considering that under his tenure, the city has banned all access points for medical marijuana patients, and that he continues to uphold restrictive policies to keep out large legal I-502 grow operations, which bring much needed jobs and tax revenue to our city, the real problem we face is Anderson's conservative reefer-mad morality.
US FL: Pot Studies Convincing
Your Health+Fitness edition of Oct. 7 carried a news clip from The Washington Post titled "Does medical pot work? 92 percent of patients say yes." For those who missed reading it, the following quotes may help provide authoritative evidence of the value of medical marijuana and refute claims such as TV's "There's nothing medical about this marijuana."
US FL: Choose Sensible Pot Policy
In the Oct. 20 A section of The News-Journal, there are at least four instances of violence and antisocial behavior attributed to the recreational use of alcohol. Two of these instances are connected with local elected officials, one was group behavior at a Pumpkin Fest in New Hampshire and the fourth was a sad case of mistaken identity where the bars of the local jail in Paw Paw, Michigan, were mistaken for the bar at a woman's favorite pub, when she went there to pick up her boyfriend - at least making her arrest for DUI one step less for the local police officer.
US OR: Ignore The Measure 91 Scare Tactics
I recently received a mailer from the No on 91 campaign. It may as well have read, "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"
US FL: Criminalizing Patients
Regarding the Oct. 20 column by Matthew Christ and Dustin Mauser, if health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be fully legal and there would be no medical marijuana debate.
US FL: Sky Won't Fall
When the sheriffs stop warning us, when the politicians stop telling us how they have the solution, when all the insane and inane arguments are made, when all the scary TV and radio commercials are seen or heard and you look down at your ballot, please ask yourself these two questions: Now, or in the future, could I or someone I know possibly benefit from physician-ordered medical marijuana? And do I trust my physician?