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CN BC: City Reviews Victoria's Regulations On Medical
Nanaimo city councillors want to know how the City of Victoria plans to regulate marijuana dispensaries, but there was agreement, something needs to be done about the pot shops here.
US AR: Governor Pans Medical 'Pot' Bid
Regulation Would Be a 'Tax Drain' On State, He Tells Counties HOT SPRINGS (AP) - Legalizing medical marijuana would be a drain on the state's resources, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Thursday as legalization supporters asked the state's highest court to dismiss an attempt to block their proposal this fall.
US CA: Prop. 64 Foes Focus On Pot Ads
But Supporters of California Bill Say Such Advertising Isn't Possible Polls show that Californians generally support marijuana legalization. But opponents of the state's Proposition 64 have seized on a new message that they hope will persuade voters to reject the ballot measure in November: the idea that legalization would lead to a flood of TV ads for marijuana.
US NV: Laxalt, Police Leaders Oppose Recreational Pot
CARSON CITY - State Attorney General Adam Laxalt and other law enforcement leaders declared their opposition Thursday to a Nevada ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana.


US PA: OPED: Federal Marijuana Policy In A Haze
Federal Officials Remain in a Haze When It Comes to Articulating a Comprehensible Policy on Marijuana. Perhaps Last Week's Ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Curtailing the Feds From Prosecuting Legitimate Growers and Distributors Will Help Clear the Air.
Philippines: Editorial: In The Line Of Fire
Witnesses aren't the only ones who are permanently silenced. Lawyers whether representing crime victims or suspects are also being targeted by those who want to thwart the administration of justice.
US MO: Column: Debate Over Marijuana in Missouri More Than
Last week a group of Missouri prosecutors announced it had taken legal steps to block voter consideration of a medical marijuana proposition on the November ballot.
US CO: Column: From Weed to Wine: Keeping the Marijuana Farm
In November, voters in as many as 12 states will see a marijuana legalization initiative on their ballots.


US CA: Prohibitionist's Misinformation
The higher the THC content in cannabis, the smaller amount required to be ingested for the desired effect. It is wrong to compare substances that have lethal doses, such as alcohol and opiates, to cannabis, which does not.
US CA: Don't Over-regulate Recreational Pot
Re "Regulate potency in pot before legalizing it" (Forum, Aug. 21): Any attempt to regulate the potency - the THC level - of cannabis will just keep the black market thriving and the drug cartels profiting. Environmental disasters due to rogue growers will not be curtailed.
US CA: Pot's Not Dangerous
The California State Sheriffs' Association claims marijuana seriously impairs driving and has other adverse consequences. Yet researchers find that while obviously inadvisable, marijuana only modestly affects driving (Journal of Drug And Alcohol Dependence, June 23, 2016).
New Zealand: Marijuana Relief
It's interesting being a criminal. I spent the past 30 years being a relatively model citizen. Then I got diagnosed with terminal cancer in multiple sites. I have turned into a criminal to survive, thrive and stay alive.
US AR: Nothing Off The Table
While spending endless hours in a waiting room at UAMS I've now read multiple anti-medical marijuana editorials printed in the course of a couple of weeks. It must be nice to have your own bully pulpit. Please excuse my tardiness in responding. I volunteer as a cancer patient advocate and I've been kind of busy.
US CA: Draconian Laws
I often do not agree with Debra J. Saunders; however, I found her views regarding use of marijuana to be spoton. The fact that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is outrageous.
US CA: Marijuana Simply Must Be Legalized
During my long medical career, I campaigned against nicotine, excessive alcohol and drug use. I use none. Marijuana, however, must be legalized. Its effects are certainly less than alcohol.