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US CO: Bill Adds Pot To List Of Bans
Welfare, Food Stamps Could Not Be Used to Buy Marijuana. Welfare money or food stamps for marijuana? It's an urban legend that won't go away in Colorado, and state lawmakers this year are poised to pass a law clarifying that public benefit cards can't be used at dispensary ATMs.
US MD: Advocates Push For Legal Marijuana
Supporters Hope Laws in Other States Will Pave the Way for MD. In a year when budget cuts dominate debate in Annapolis, advocates for legalizing marijuana are mounting a renewed effort to get Maryland to follow the lead of Colorado and Washington state - if not now, then in a year or two.
US AK: Pot Legalization Puts Alaska Drug-Sniffing Dogs Out of
JUNEAU (AP) - The legalization of marijuana in Alaska is putting some police dogs out of work. Ten drug-sniffing dogs used by the Alaska State Troopers will be taken out of service when recreational use of marijuana becomes legal Feb. 24, the Juneau Empire reported.
US NY: New York to Pay $3.9 Million to End Suit Over Police
The family of a Bronx teenager who was fatally shot by a police officer who had barged into his apartment after suspecting him of taking part in a drug deal has agreed to settle a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city for $3.9 million.


US AK: OPED: Take the Profit Out of Marijuana, Keep Alaska
Like it or not (and almost half of voting Alaskans don't like it all), legal marijuana is here for the foreseeable future.
US FL: OPED: Bill Starts Medical Marijuana Discussion
A proposed law to better define who can use medical marijuana could resolve Florida's debate over how to make the drug available only for those who need it.
CN BC: Column: Local Governments Are Trying Their Best To
They likely won't all be approved, but according to Kelowna city staff, there are 15 proposals to build commercial medical marijuana facilities in the city.
Canada: Editorial: War on Drugs Whack-A-Mole
Several jurisdictions around the world are currently experiencing a surge in overdoses of fentanyl, a powerful narcotic the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate is "80 times as potent as morphine and hundreds of times more potent than heroin." Ironically, one of the main culprits is the war against the abuse of a much less powerful narcotic, OxyContin - "hillbilly heroin," as it's colloquially known.


CN ON: Eves Is On Right Track On Pot Legalization
Re Ex-premier Eves joins medical pot company, Jan. 24 I guess Ernie Eves' implied fears about legalizing marijuana have to do with "everybody sitting around smoking pot," as if that's a negative. Compared to a bunch of people sitting around boozing it up, cops would prefer to deal with people high on marijuana since the alcohol incidents usually involve more violence.
CN ON: Doesn't Add Up
Re: $2M in pot seized (Jan. 24) Twenty police officers were spotted at a restaurant last Saturday night having coffee and doughnuts. One officer looked as if he was 250 pounds and his plate sported six sprinkly doughnuts. Doughnuts were 60 cents each. Wanting to aggregate total consumption and cost I figured we could multiply 20 officers by six doughnuts for a total consumption of 120 doughnuts. Therefore 120 doughnuts multiplied by 60 cents equals a total cost of $72 at that night's coffee break.
CN SN: Include Student
The article Student banned from using medical marijuana at school (SP, Jan. 15) is very disturbing.
CN MB: Regulated Pot Past Due
I would like to thank David Asper for coming out of the cannabis closet and advocating for a regulated market (Time to regulate marijuana, Jan. 24).
US DC: Organized 'Grass-Roots'
Eric Wang's Jan. 25 Local Opinions commentary, "The cost of a political opinion," characterized William V. Jones III, the founder of the group "Two. Is. Enough. D.C.," as a concerned citizen who merely made an anti-marijuana Web site and participated in a few meetings, rather than someone who should have been fined for campaign law violations.
US AK: Grow What People Want
Two dividends a year? Why don't we as a state grow and sell what the people want? The state controls everything. From the seed to the pipe. Everything is so simple sometimes.
CN SN: Stick To Education
I am concerned about the article Student banned from using medical marijuana at school (SP, Jan 17).