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CN ON: Criminal Lawyer Suing Peel Police
Laura Liscio Alleges Police Engaged in Malicious Prosecution TORONTO - A Toronto lawyer once accused of smuggling drugs into a courthouse and arrested in front of colleagues and clients is suing police for malicious prosecution, her lawyer said Friday.
US MA: Finally, Some Can Buy Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts
Almost 32 months after Massachusetts voters approved a new law to legalize medical marijuana, pot was sold legally last week to patients in Salem from the first dispensary to open in the state.
US MN: Medical Pot Sales To Begin
(AP) - This week, Minnesota will be the latest state to enter the world of medical marijuana. Patients and advocates already have changes in mind, and clinics don't start selling the medicine until Wednesday.
US MN: Long Drives, High Costs Likely in Latest Medical Pot
(AP) - There will be no baggies of pot awaiting patients this week when Minnesota joins 21 other states in offering medical marijuana. Instead, the nation's latest medical marijuana program is a world of pill bottles and vials of marijuana-infused oil.


CN BC: Column: Pot Shop Regulations And What They Mean
Now that council decided to regulate illegal marijuana dispensaries, you probably have some questions.
US OH: OPED: Ohio Marijuana Plan's Greedy Backers Are
A group of ambitious capitalists in Ohio, under the name of Responsible Ohio, want to amend the state constitution to give them control of the legal marijuana market in the state.
US MN: OPED: Case Against Colorado's Pot Law
Lifting the prohibition might make sense, but it's not the issue. The Constitution is. As surely as presidential candidates promise to change Washington, nominees for attorney general pledge to uphold the law, not personal policy preferences. Loretta Lynch, now the 83rd attorney general of the United States, was no different when she made her case to Congress in January. Trying to distinguish herself from her lightning rod of a predecessor, Eric H. Holder Jr., she said the law would be her "lodestar."
US AZ: OPED: Recreational Pot Bad - Just Meet My Brother
E.J. Montini's recent column, "Prosecutor fiddles with the facts on marijuana deaths," misses the point being made by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk and other opponents of recreational marijuana.


US HI: Dispensary Critics Sorely Misinformed
Joann Breeden's letter is both misinformed and misleading ("Legal pot will lead to more addiction," Star-Advertiser, June 25).
US HI: Colorado Better Off Since Legalizing Pot
Bill Funk and Rep. Marcus Oshiro have not been paying attention to actual data coming out of Colorado ("More pot means more problems," Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 17; "For-profit marijuana will be dangerous," Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, June 14).
US MA: Epstein: Joining The Conversation On
The conversation about "legalizing" marijuana begins with acceptance of the principle that adults possess the right to acquire, possess,consume, and cultivate it for their personal use and that of their household members and adult guests.
US CA: County Has No Money for Anything but Fighting
At a time when there is a shortage of police officers in our major cities in Butte County, the Board of Supervisors continues to brag about how well Measure A is doing.
US AZ: Why Ignore the Cartels When We Debate
Cautiously avoiding deadly contact with the third rail, we are shy about any mention of Mexican cartels in the context of marijuana.
US CA: Marijuana Suit Doesn't Hold Up
Re "The case against Colorado's pot law," Opinion, June 25 It is relatively easy to grow cannabis anywhere, including Nebraska and Oklahoma, both of which are suing Colorado. In addition, the criminal databases in both those states show that marijuana cultivation, possession and distribution existed there long before Colorado legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use.
US CA: Marijuana Suit Doesn't Hold Up
Re "The case against Colorado's pot law," Opinion, June 25 President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. In 2015, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug despite the fact that several states have legalized recreational or medicinal use.