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Australia: Family Calls For Medicinal Cannabis Amnesty
Five weeks ago, Bill Shorten visited Cherie and Trevor Dell in their Sydney home to talk about how medicinal cannabis is helping their daughter Abbey, aged 3.
US: Actress Shared Life, Lsd With Cary Grant
Writer starred in films with movie legend and took up causes to help others Betsy Drake, an actress and writer who in the 1950s introduced her then-husband, Cary Grant, to the hallucinogen LSD, endured his infatuation with Italian screen siren Sophia Loren and survived the sinking of the Andrea Doria ocean liner, died Oct. 27 at her home in London. She was 92.
US CA: Trimmigrants Flock To California To Process Marijuana
WILLITS - Except for traffic passing through on Highway 101, this northern Mendocino County city is relatively quiet much of the year. But for three months in the fall, it gets an influx of world travelers lured by marijuana-trimming jobs, temporarily swelling the town's population of under 5,000 and instilling it with an international flavor.
New Zealand: Surprise Find In Dope Study
Visual test shows better scores in children exposed to drug in utero Smoking cannabis during pregnancy produces infants who score better on one measure of brain development, according to a study of New Zealand children.


US NJ: OPED: Legal Marijuana Not The Answer
Currently, New Jersey leaders are considering legalizing the sale and possession of marijuana in addition to permitting the cultivation of marijuana in a person's home.
CN AB: Editorial: Fighting Fentanyl
The idea of getting tougher with people caught selling fentanyl could help authorities make inroads into getting this modern-day scourge off Calgary's streets. Crown prosecutors are expected to start arguing in court that the drug is more dangerous than other substances and ask that judges deny bail to those accused of peddling fentanyl, as well as handing down stiffer sentences.
US NY: Editorial: Cut Sentences For Nonviolent Felons
Now that Congress is within sight of passing the most significant federal sentencing reforms in a generation, it's worth taking a closer look at where the legislation falls short.
US AZ: Editorial: Another Unanswered Question On Marijuana
How far down this rabbit hole does Arizona plan to go? Questions about driving while high on medical pot get curiouser and curiouser, even as some Arizonans push to legalize marijuana for recreational use.


New Zealand: One Approach To Drugs Fight
Regarding Jane Bowron's thoughtful column (November 16), there is a middle ground between drug prohibition and blanket legalisation. Switzerland's heroin maintenance programme has been shown to reduce disease, death and crime by providing addicts with standardised doses in a clinical setting.
UK: Swiss Lead Way On Drugs Policy
REGARDING the commentary by Howard Wooldridge, there is a middle ground between drug prohibition and blanket legalisation (The lives and trillions of dollars sacrificed on the altar of futile modern prohibition, Comment, November 15). Switzerland's heroin maintenance programme has been shown to reduce disease, death and crime by providing addicts with standardised doses in a clinical setting. Its success has inspired heroin maintenance pilot projects in Canada, Germany, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.
US NY: Legalizing Drugs Would Eliminate A Lot Of Crime
It's normal to think of drug legalization as radical. Drug illegality has been with us all of our lives, and we all know the harm caused by illegal drugs. Realizing one thing, though, demonstrates that the need to force this traffic aboveground is absolute.
US MA: Paranoid Over Pot
I'm sure that Barnstable County Sheriff James M. Cummings means well ("Cops: Legal pot 'makes no sense'," Nov. 16). However, the cannabis (marijuana) "gateway theory" was discredited over a decade ago, and even the prohibitionist federal government stopped making that claim.
US OR: Ignorance And Bigotry
I was shocked to read Medford councilor Daniel Bunn referring to medical marijuana users as drug users and that "People are afraid of these people, and they should be."
US CA: Poor Logic On Drug Addiction
Re "Weed law will not protect kids" (The Conversation, Letters, Nov. 15): We need draconian laws against illegal parking! Stiff fines, jail terms, confiscate the cars. Why, you ask? All reckless drivers have dabbled in illegal parking at some point. Ridiculous? This argument works for pot, why not illegal parking? The same argument implies that mother's milk and alcohol and tobacco lead to drug addiction.
CN BC: RCMP Pot Busts Discouraged
Re: Nanaimo RCMP set to snuff out dispensaries, Nov. 14 So the Nanaimo RCMP has decided to get their licks in while they can, before the federal legislation on cannabis is changed.