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US NM: High Court Will Hear Bern. Ballot Arguments
Weekend Mailing of Ballots to Be Postponed The state Supreme Court on Monday ordered election workers to postpone the mailing of general-election ballots this weekend until the court can decide whether it's legal for the county to add advisory questions to the ballot.
US NV: Price Of Medical Pot May Rise
Nevada Regulation Allows Limits on Cultivation of Marijuana The cost of medical marijuana might already be headed upward in Nevada, and the dispensaries and grow houses haven't even opened yet.
US: 'No Welfare for Weed' Measure Clears House; Reichert Main
WASHINGTON (AP)- The U.S. House passed a bill Tuesday that could make it a little harder for people to use government welfare payments to buy marijuana in states where it's legal.
US CO: Young Medical Pot Patients Still In Limbo
The state health board rejects a caregiver cap but says parents got the marijuana oil against the law.


US FL: Former Justices: Five Reasons To Reject Amendment
Special To The Tampa Tribune As former Florida Supreme Court justices, we once took an oath to protect the constitution of the state of Florida. Today, we call on all Floridians to protect it by voting 'no' on Amendment 2. This amendment, promoted as a compassionate effort to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, should be rejected - regardless of one's position on the issue of medical marijuana.
CN AB: OPED: 'War on Drugs' An Exercise in Futility
Efforts Should Focus on Reducing Demand, Not Trying to Curb Sales The "war on drugs" has been waged for 40 years and by any objective assessment is very far from being won.
US MD: Editorial: Hooked On Pills
Stoping Prescription Drug Abuse Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach State officials are hoping a new public health initiative to track the distribution and sale of highly addictive prescription drugs in Maryland can help reduce the number of people who abuse such medications. The initiative, inspired by a program originally developed in Kentucky 15 years ago, has led to a drastic drop in prescription drug abuse there, and it has the potential to become an important element in Maryland's overall effort to reduce overdose deaths from both legal and illegal drugs.
Ireland: Editorial: Cannabis Danger
The harmful effects of cannabis and its role as a gateway illicit drug have been confirmed in a large study published last week. It looked at the frequency of cannabis use before the age of 17, and seven developmental outcomes up to age 30. The Antipodean researchers found that those who are daily cannabis users are over 60 per cent less likely to complete secondary school or to complete a degree compared to those who have never used the drug.


US TN: Legalize Drugs
Let me be clear from the start. I hate drugs. I hate what drugs do to the individual and the family and I do not believe anyone should take any drug not prescribed. With that said, I firmly believe all drugs should be made legal.
US PA: Pennsylvania Can Have Country's Best Medical
Pennsylvania has not only become part of the national movement to legalize medical marijuana, but has shown the rest of the country what a really well written bill looks like. SB 1182 is considered the best in the country. It's so good that the Senate floor vote on Sept 16 should be 46-4 or better. It was voted out of the law and justice committee unanimously.
US DC: When Police Seize Property
The Sept. 11 editorial "The sheriffs of Nottingham" said that Congress and the states should demand that forfeited assets not be used to fund police operations and that they should limit the application of civil forfeiture to kingpins. Both of these recommendations are wrong. It is altogether right that cash and other property forfeited by lawbreakers be used to help enforce the law. And it would be wrong to limit forfeiture to kingpins. Why should small-time criminals get a pass? There are many more small-timers than kingpins. The instruments and fruits of their crimes should be forfeited, too.
US FL: An Antidote To Nonsense
One of the best reasons to support Amendment 2 is that it would end the criminalization of severe pain patients and begin to show voters that the monsters-under-the-bed stories they've been told all their lives about cannabis are nonsense.
US FL: Read It For Yourself
Re: Sept. 10, Commentary The former justices provide virtually no quotations from Amendment 2 to support anything they say. 'Most voters don't have the time or inclination,' they say, 'to read the full text of the actual amendment. We have read the amendment and studied its impact. And we are troubled.'
US TN: Money Can Be Made By Pot Legalization
I thoroughly enjoyed your article concerning the growing amount of pot dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. It was interesting to learn about the large profit margins these businesses enjoy.
US DC: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The behavior described in the "Stop and seize" series [front page, Sept. 7-9] resembles an extortionist fishing expedition based on the "hunch" of police officers. These hunches (along with details that infringe on motorists' privacy) are then entered into a database with only loose oversight.