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CN SN: Saskatoon Dispensary Guards Its Mystery Pot Source
Despite questions about quality and credibility from a proponent of Canada's medicinal marijuana system, the source of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club's marijuana remains a mystery to the public.
CN NF: 'I'm Not Getting Any Help'
Desperate mom trying to get son, 15, into addiction rehab program What do you argue with your 15-year-old about? Grades? Curfew? Dating? Mary would love to have your problems. She spends nights wondering where her 15-year-old is staying and how much cocaine, alcohol and marijuana he has going through his system.
Canada: Police Want To Put Pushers Phones On Hold
Look for Powers to Disrupt Dealers' Phone Numbers Police across the country are looking for new powers to seize, jam or de-activate the phone numbers of street-level "dial a dope" drug dealers.
CN BC: Voicing Of Pot Views Riled Ex-Chief
It was embarrassing for the Victoria Police Department to have an officer publicly supporting the legalization of drugs, former police chief Jamie Graham told a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.


CN BC: Column: If They Can Sell It, Letas Tax It
Marijuana dispensaries: Each level of government has a different approach to this odiferous issue In Vancouver, we appear to have developed a system to date that features only the down sides of permitting pot use.
CN ON: Column: Is Mulcair Blowing Smoke On Grass?
When asked about doobies during his VanCity whistle stop, the NDP leader didn't bring up legalization, but Toronto candidates assure that it's party policy
US MA: Column: Could Medical Marijuana Alleviate the State's
Consider this counterintuitive fact: One reason overdose deaths in Massachusetts have shot up 50 percent in the past few years is that the crackdown on prescription opioids has worked extremely well.
CN ON: Column: Scientists Suspect Shakespeare Was A Pothead
Many theatre-lovers think Shakespeare is dope. Now it's being suggested that he smoked the stuff. Last month some anthropologists announced that four 17th-century pipes unearthed from Shakespeare's garden contain traces of cannabis. Whoa! Maybe that explains that line from Macbeth: "Is this a dagger which I see before me, Dude?"


CN ON: Rethink The Leaf
The recent tragedy of the Dalhousie student disappearing while conducting a pot deal highlights why Justin Trudeau has it right and the Conservative party has it wrong when it comes to legalized marijuana. As long as it's a crime, it will be in the hands of organized and general criminals.
US CA: Suspects Should Not Have Assets Taken
I partially agree with the author of a recent opinion article ("Proposed law makes it easier to retain criminal assets," Aug. 21).
US AK: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol
That's what was on the campaign signs said and that's what Alaskans voted for. The Anchorage Assembly is not respecting the voters' will with it's "open container" requirement that marijuana be carried outside the passenger compartment (in the trunk). Alcohol can be carried inside a car as long as the seal is not broken. This law assures that alcohol is not being used by the driver. Thus the term "open container." Open containers must be carried in the trunk or in a locked glove box. Too bad there isn't a way to tell if marijuana is being used by the driver. Oh wait, there is! Unburnt marijuana is marijuana that is not currently being used. The open container law should define burnt marijuana as an "open container" and treat it like alcohol. Burnt and unburnt marijuana have strong and vastly different smells making this an easy ordinance to enforce. An unlit joint or bag of weed should be treated like an unopened bottle.
US MN: To Address Painkiller Addiction, Open Up
I applaud Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson, U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger and the Star Tribune Editorial Board for highlighting the need to address the alarming rates of addiction to and fatal overdose of prescription painkillers and heroin ("Minnesota needs state strategy to fight pain pill, heroin addiction," Aug. 24, and "Pain pill abuses are aired at conference," Aug. 26). While it will not be a panacea, emerging data suggest that modifying Minnesota's medical cannabis program to allow intractable pain patients to legally use medical cannabis can help ("State weighs medical cannabis for chronic pain," Aug. 26).
US MN: Medical Marijuana Is the Answer to
Minnesota certainly does need a new strategy to fight opioid addiction ("Closing the gateway that leads to heroin," editorial, Aug. 25). Unfortunately, Gov. Mark Dayton bowed to the pressure of law enforcement lobbyists and supported a limited medicinal cannabis law that excluded intractable pain. Studies have found that states with medical marijuana laws have fewer deaths from opioid overdoses than those without. Other studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to manage pain symptoms and at least reduce the dosage of opioids needed to manage severe pain. The risks of opioids include addiction and death from overdose. Cannabis is a much safer alternative. It has a much lower risk for dependence, and there has yet to be a documented death from overdose.
Australia: Better To Treat Cause Of Drug Crimes
TRUTH is the first casualty of war. So when Tim Badrick (Letters, Aug 25) calls for mandatory jail sentences in the war on drugs, on the basis that "many ice addicts start out smoking cannabis", that ice is "the second worst drug on the planet" and opines about an "ice epidemic", then a reality check is long overdue.
US CA: Decriminalization Now
DECRIMINALIZATION NOW The stench of the war on drugs - which like all wars, is a war on people - pervades our bureaucratic, Puritan culture. It's important that the article pointed out the ongoing support for the war among local agencies. The only real answer is total decriminalization at every bureaucratic level.