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US FL: Voters To Decide Fate Of Medical Marijuana
PANAMA CITY - With Florida voters slated to weigh in on a measure to legalize medical cannabis in the coming weeks, campaign interest groups are launching last-ditch efforts to sell marijuana as either a dangerous drug or medical miracle.
US FL: City Of Sarasota Looks At Pot Operation Moratorium
SARASOTA - Sarasota County and the City of North Port are scurrying to get marijuana ordinances on their books before the Nov. 4 election, part of a growing number of local governments in Florida that are advancing rules ahead of the statewide vote on legalizing medical marijuana.
Canada: NDP To Unveil Policy On Pot
Party may be consider legalization OTTAWA - Decriminalize it, study it and then maybe legalize it, the NDP says of marijuana.
Canada: Doc Examines The Prince Of Pot
TORONTO - Marc Emery is often hailed as the Prince of Pot, a beloved champion of marijuana legalization and Canadian sovereignty.


US CA: Column: All The Trimmings
How much money can you make harvesting marijuana during this time of year? My friend says there's work for me up north but I wanted to know what you think.
US CO: High Anxiety: The State of a Highly Regulated Industry
Working in the weed industry sounds awesome, in theory. Maybe you could be the next marijuana millionaire.
US CO: Column: What's Up With The New MMJ Cards?
Dear Stoner: I saw they are getting rid of the red card for a new, smaller card. What's up with that?
US AZ: Column: Sitting Atop
The Green Halo's grow helps them serve their large clientele Tucson has spoken, and it's saying The Green Halo is the best of the best in medical marijuana dispensaries.


US FL: Vote to End Suffering
Compassion dictates that we vote yes on Amendment 2. Have opponents of the amendment really not had relatives who could have died with less pain and suffering? Do none have a relative with disease symptoms that could be eased with medical marijuana?
US CT: State's Marijuana Rules Need Some Work
I'm a medical marijuana patient registered under the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection guidlines. I'm writing in hopes of conveying my concerns regarding Connecticut's current regulations. I'm also curious if there's national interest in our battle with these ridiculous regulations? A brief review by anyone who knows the languages used in these regulations will reveal a complete disregard for patients' rights.
US CA: Concerns Of Measure A Proponents Are
There seems to be some confusion about the two local medical marijuana measures on the Nov. 4 ballot (Measures A and B). Perhaps it is because the people who want to limit Butte County residents to two plants on less than 11/2 acres have not been quite truthful when presenting their arguments. Many, like Larry Wahl, are merely masquerading as newly converted environmentalists, while some people seem to be genuinely confused.
US CA: Lifesaving Medication
Re "Death rates suggest shift in drug use," Oct. 16 The article describes a small decrease in prescription pill overdoses coupled with a significant increase in heroin overdoses. This is an unintended consequence of attempts to restrict opioid prescriptions in an effort to curb overdoses.
CN SN: Don't Waste Tax Dollars on Failed Marijuana
To the editor, Regarding your thoughtful Oct. 14 editorial, there is a big difference between condoning marijuana use and protecting children from drugs.
US PA: Medical Marijuana Programs Affecting Rates of
Regarding your thoughtful Oct. 14 editorial, the ongoing federal crackdown on legal hydrocodone has unfortunately given rise to a resurgence in illegal heroin use.
Canada: Make It Harder To Get
Re Your Kids Brain On Pot (Life & Arts, Oct. 17): The point of legalization is to make it much harder for children to obtain pot. Gangsters don't care who buys their product, whether it's pot or heroin. We need to legalize and apply strict regulations, allowing public health officials - not the prison system - to deal with the negative consequences of drug use.