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Somalia: How the UK's Ban on Khat Brought 'Bliss' To Somalia
IN MOGADISHU - "The president has arrived, the president has arrived," chant youths in Mogadishu's Beerta Khaatka market, as armed men in trucks mounted with machine guns escort lorries with horns blaring through the throng.
US WA: City Attorney Discusses Issues Around New Pot Law
Interview How Legislature Will Deal With Medical Marijuana, Federal Law Are Hurdles Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has long been an ardent supporter of legalizing marijuana.
US CO: Schools Fear Big Cage Sends Wrong Message
Boulder - The city of Boulder has decided to hold off on participating in the statewide "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign after the Boulder Valley School District said it opposed the use of a giant metal cage to educate teens about the effects of marijuana on the developing brain.
US NM: SF Commission Wants Pot Proposal On Nov. Ballot
But There May Not Be Enough Space for Question SANTA FE - The Santa Fe County Commission on Tuesday voted 4-0 to put proposed decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana within the Santa Fe city limits on the ballot for the Nov. 4 general election.


US MD: Editorial: A Medicinal Plant
Proposed Maryland rules on access to medical marijuana are so restrictive that many patients may never be able to receive it
US CO: Column: Why Is the Price of Recreational Weed So Much
Dear Stoner: Why is the price of recreational cannabis usually 50 to 100 percent more than its medical equivalent? I do fully understand that the rec weed is more heavily taxed, but I'm referring to the price before taxes. Isn't it the same weed? Does it cost more to grow it or license it - or is it just another example of price-gouging? I must be missing something here!
US AZ: Column: Adventures In Edibles
While most people associate marijuana with smoking, with the rise of medical marijuana culture in recent years, marijuana-infused products, more commonly referred to as edibles, now come in more forms than you could count, from hot sauces to gummy bears. Some patients choose these products to avoid exposure to smoke, some because edibles can be a more discreet way to medicate. Then again, some people just prefer the effects via ingesting.
US CO: Column: Boulder Backs Off On 'Lab Rat' Campaign
I reported last week that the Boulder Valley School District, which I wouldn't call a pro-cannabis organization, announced after careful consideration that it wouldn't support Gov. John Hickenlooper's "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign to scare teenagers into not using cannabis and wouldn't allow the slick, ad-agency rat cages to be placed on school property.


US OH: Society Should Learn From Past Prohibitions
The Wednesday op-ed "Drug courts can help reduce recidivism" by Jack D'Aurora certainly offers a step in the right direction. However, it is only a step, not the final destination.
CN BC: Pot Growers Falling Behind On Their Harvests
To the Editor: Re: City becoming a pot hot spot, Editorial, Aug. 21. It is easy to read optimistic projections from the new licenced producers and gain the impression that production of medical cannabis may far exceed what would be required, but the reality is that, in most cases, the producers are not providing anywhere near the volume projected.
CN ON: Children More Important Than The Message
Re: "Clear the smoke and regulate pot like booze," column, Aug. 22 Lost in the debate over marijuana is the ugly truth behind marijuana prohibition.
CN BC: Kids Buy Pot More Easily Than Liquor
Re: Pot challenge: Legalize while keeping kids safe, Aug. 22 The Conservative assumption that marijuana legalization would increase use by teens is flawed. Prohibition has not discouraged Canadian youth from using marijuana. Marijuana is easier to buy than cigarettes or alcohol for B. C. teenagers.
US FL: Support Legalizing Pot
Florida's voters are embarking on the most crucial election of their lives - voting for or against the use of medically-authorized marijuana. That marijuana can be fully taxed and regulated, as with alcohol and tobacco, is a good choice for our state's lawmakers to make.
US MA: Brouhaha Over Dispensary Distracts From Need
RE "STATE urged to halt marijuana license" (Metro, Aug. 21): Notwithstanding the letter that more than 100 Brookline residents sent to state lawmakers and officials, I support the license that has been granted to New England Treatment Access to open in a good location in our town, as do many others.
CN AB: Legalize It Already
Just a quick heads up to Stephen Harper and the federal Conservative party. Marijuana has been directly in the hands of Canadian youth for the last 40 years now, and lo and behold our civilization hasn't gone to pot. In fact many of the hi-tech gadgets and other advances we can't seem to do without these days were the brainchilds of people who occasionally smoke a bit of grass. Isn't it time to focus on truly destructive substances such as crack cocaine, heroin and handguns?