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CN BC: Victoria Could Follow Vancouver On Pot Shops
The Conservative government's "ideological" changes to federal medicinal marijuana rules will prompt other cities to follow Vancouver's lead and regulate pot shops on their own, says Vancouver Coun. Kerry Jang.
US OH: Disease May Spur Needle Program
Health Officials Say That Needlesharing by Drug Users Is Spreading Hepatitis C Locally and Statewide.
US NM: Civil Forfeiture Law Protects Public but Cuts into Law
FARMINGTON - A state law intended to prevent police from seizing money or assets from people unless they're convicted of a crime took effect this month, and law enforcement officials say it's going to cut deeply into their budgets.
US WY: Wyoming Parents Mull Hemp Oil for Children With Epilepsy
Gretchen Wheeler knows her 21-year-old daughter will never be able to drive, marry or have her own children. Katelyn will likely live with her mother "forever," Wheeler says.


US UT: Editorial: Don't Let DEA Bypass Judges and Search
If the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says it can't do its job without bypassing a judge's signature, it raises reasonable suspicions about law enforcement operating without proper oversight.
CN BC: Column: City Should Lead On Pot Legalization
Learn from U.S.: Instead of blazing some misguided trail, Vancouver must put its resources into regulating marijuana in B.C.
CN BC: Editorial: Weeding Out The Real Issues
Cannabis has been much in the news recently - though mostly to do with the growing pains Vancouver is having as it deals with an explosion of medicinal marijuana dispensaries over the last few years.
US CA: Enforce Environmental Regulations on Illegal Pot
Pot is killing coho salmon. Trickle by trickle, spring by tiny spring, the cold, clear water these fish need to survive is going to weed.


CN BC: Better Medicine
Editor: I am writing in support of S&M Medicinal Sweet Shoppe ("Medical marijuana ruling on edibles boosts business," June 19).
US OR: Meth Is the Real Problem in Pendleton, Not
Marijuana is legal. Months have gone by since the election but there is no plan for the implementation of this law. There are hundreds of locals who rely on medical marijuana for its medicinal qualities.
US HI: Legal Pot Lacks Lure Of Forbidden
Marijuana has been quasilegal in the Netherlands for about 40 years, yet the Dutch use cannabis at less than half the rate Americans do ("Legal pot will lead to more addiction," Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 25).
CN BC: Pot Shop Bylaws Defended
Response is common-sense approach to federal failure Re: City's pot bylaw only benefits criminals, Column, June 30
US MD: Cannabis Research In Editorial Outdated
I feel compelled to respond to your recent editorial, "Medical pot: No wonder." Sadly, the conclusions drawn in the piece are largely based on information that is (1) only peripherally relevant and (2) woefully out of date. The editorial does a disservice to readers by implying the "79 studies involving more than 6,000 patients" cited in the piece represent directly applicable - and current - research on medical cannabis.
US AZ: Let Me Make My Choices, Not Be Ruled by Your
I am truly sorry to read about Lisa James' brother's problems with addiction (Monday My Turn). However, she misses the point. The apparent difference between her and her brother is his inability to regulate his tendency for addictive behavior.
US IL: Marijuana Legalization Is Answer To Crime
I'm writing about: "Debate swirls around weather to decriminalize marijuana in Illinois" (6-27-15).