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US CA: Area Vexed By Mishmash Of Pot Rules
From Yuba County officials' perspective, there is a bit of a domino effect that comes into play when talking about regulating medical marijuana cultivation.
US WA: Legal Pot, Year 1: Neither Best nor Worst Forecasts
WHAT HAPPENED? The revenue bonanza predicted by some for recreational marijuana hasn't materialized in the first year; nor have the horrors imagined by opponents.
US WA: Legal Pot Sales Earn Wash. $70m In Taxes
Two New Laws Aim to Give Some Relief to Farmers, Processors and Retailers SEATTLE (AP) - Washington launched its second-in-the-nation legal marijuana market with just a handful of stores selling high-priced pot to long lines of customers. A year later, the state has about 160 shops open, tax revenues have soared past expectations and sales top $1.4 million per day. And, who knows - the industry might even start making some money.
US CA: Wtf, Dfw?
Our Writer Encounters Mavmit, the Department of Fish and Wildlife's Mysterious Anti-Marijuana Task Force


US CA: Enforce Environmental Regulations on Illegal Pot
Pot is killing coho salmon. Trickle by trickle, spring by tiny spring, the cold, clear water these fish need to survive is going to weed.
CM BC: Column: Cannabis And Compromises
In 2012 Colorado voters legalized the sale and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes. Some ski towns have embraced marijuana, treating it little differently than alcohol. But others have been biding their time.
US NJ: Column: What Are They Smoking Running For
This week our infamous governor, Chris Christie, made headlines again with the announcement of his presidential campaign, following the release of polls showing an all time low approval rating by NJ residents. He's also ranked 11th, last place, among all the Republican candidates. Among the many crazy policies he has proposed is his stance on weed. He recently stated that he would go after legal cannabis states if elected president.
US CA: OPED: Don't Forfeit Property Rights
Imagine a place where the government can seize property from people who have not broken the law. The police, sheriffs and prosecutors can auction their property off and use the proceeds to pay their own salaries.


US OR: Meth Is the Real Problem in Pendleton, Not
Marijuana is legal. Months have gone by since the election but there is no plan for the implementation of this law. There are hundreds of locals who rely on medical marijuana for its medicinal qualities.
US HI: Legal Pot Lacks Lure Of Forbidden
Marijuana has been quasilegal in the Netherlands for about 40 years, yet the Dutch use cannabis at less than half the rate Americans do ("Legal pot will lead to more addiction," Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 25).
CN BC: Pot Shop Bylaws Defended
Response is common-sense approach to federal failure Re: City's pot bylaw only benefits criminals, Column, June 30
US MD: Cannabis Research In Editorial Outdated
I feel compelled to respond to your recent editorial, "Medical pot: No wonder." Sadly, the conclusions drawn in the piece are largely based on information that is (1) only peripherally relevant and (2) woefully out of date. The editorial does a disservice to readers by implying the "79 studies involving more than 6,000 patients" cited in the piece represent directly applicable - and current - research on medical cannabis.
US AZ: Let Me Make My Choices, Not Be Ruled by Your
I am truly sorry to read about Lisa James' brother's problems with addiction (Monday My Turn). However, she misses the point. The apparent difference between her and her brother is his inability to regulate his tendency for addictive behavior.
US IL: Marijuana Legalization Is Answer To Crime
I'm writing about: "Debate swirls around weather to decriminalize marijuana in Illinois" (6-27-15).
CN BC: Marijuana Propaganda Wars Have Started All Over Again
MARIJUANA PROPAGANDA WARS HAVE STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN Is a tomato grown in your garden good for you?