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CN AB: Family Wasn't Target: Police
Violent Attack Leaves Couple and Children 'Traumatized' Some of the children in the home had to witness their father being viciously assaulted. Acting Det. Anna Sinclair
US CA: Pot Legalization Is Dealt A Blow
A Judge Upholds a 1970 Federal Law Classifying Marijuana As a Dangerous Drug. SAN FRANCISCO - Efforts to legalize marijuana suffered a defeat in court Wednesday when a judge upheld the constitutionality of a 1970 federal law that classifies cannabis as a dangerous drug akin to LSD and heroin.
CN BC: Prescribe Heroin To Addicts Who Can't Kick Habit: Prof
An addictions expert at the University of B.C. is renewing the argument for prescribing heroin to addicts who have tried and failed to kick their habits.
CN ON: 'I'm Not Some Weird Guy,' Pot Lounge Owner Says
Business caters to medical marijuana users: enjoy coffee, rent a bong GUELPH - The owner of a new marijuana lounge in downtown Guelph says "the motivation for the idea is purely selfish."


US AZ: Column: 420
Maryjane, Weed, Dope, Pot ... Whatever You Want to Call It, It Has Taken Root to Call Tucson Home
CN ON: Politicians Agree To Ignore The Evidence With Bill
There was rare harmony between our federal, provincial and local politicians last week as they gathered to announce the feds' $62-million contribution to the Ottawa River Action Plan.
CN ON: Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke May Affect Child's Brain
Have a question about family life? Send it in a brief email to Due to the volume of mail, not all questions will receive a reply.
US MN: Minnesota Employers Should Review Policies Ahead
Now that medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota and disbursement is set to begin July 1, employers should review their policies regarding such workplace procedures as drug testing and the Americans With Disabilities Act to ensure they protect the business, as well as the employee.


US WA: Letter: Share Revenue From Marijuana Tax
In November 2012, Washington state voters approved Initiative 502 legalizing recreational marijuana. Part of the appeal of legalization was the potential of a new revenue source for cities.
CN QU: Cannabis Should Be Decriminalized
The prime minister steadfastly refuses to decriminalize cannabis. Cigarette smoking is legal, unhealthy, addictive and taxable, an important revenue for governments. Pot is illegal, unhealthy, addictive and very costly to enforce. For criminal gangs, its sale is a wonderful source of income. To decriminalize marijuana could generate taxes and eliminate the cost of law enforcement. The taxes can be used to teach young people to avoid smoking altogether.
US TX: Marijuana Prohibition
Regarding "Wise counsel" (Page B8, Thursday), Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland is to be commended for speaking out against marijuana prohibition.
CN PI: Injection Sites Reduce Harm
I will resist the temptation to return fire on Nancy Driscoll's letter on safe injection sites and follow Premier MacLauchlan's lead and call on my better nature. I will, however, address the inaccuracies in Ms. Driscoll's letter.
US TX: Not All Cops Favor Marijuana Prohibition
There's even an organized group of us who are fighting to end the drug war every day. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organization of criminal justice professionals who want to end marijuana prohibition for the same reasons that alcohol prohibition failed us in the 1920s - violent criminal enterprises become obscenely wealthy, and corruption is bred into the ranks of even the most honorable police departments.
CN PI: Addictions Used As Political Football
It's saddening to once again see the serious issue of addiction on P.E.I. being used as a political football to divide the community around critical services for people with drug problems. (Letter to ED April 9, "Safe Injection Site or Safe Streets?"). As someone who spends a lot of time on P.E.I., I know many who are working hard to improve the addiction services on the Island. Indeed, Islanders and people across Canada understand that addiction is a health issue that should be addressed through comprehensive health responses.
CN ON: A Patient's Defence Of Methadone Clinic
Re Drug Clinic Causing Some Jitters - CJ, April 6: I am a citizen of Thunder Bay. I am writing to respond and give us patients of the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre clinics a voice.