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US AK: Senators Say Alaska Puts Itself at Risk With Marijuana
JUNEAU - The debate in the state capital building about Alaska's new marijuana law has caused some conservatives to side with an entity they generally abhor - the federal government.
US CA: Pot Shop Applicants Win Environmental Approval
Six Now Head to Hearing Officer for OK; S.D.'S First Legal Shop to Open Mid-Month San Diego - Six proposed medical marijuana shops cleared a key hurdle on Tuesday as San Diego continues to move forward with allowing the city's first legal pot dispensaries to open.
US WA: A Stunning Overreach From the DEA Is Playing Out in
In Federal Court, There's No Such Thing as Medical Marijuana-So a Rural Family of Medical Marijuana Patients Is Being Treated Like Drug Traffickers
UK: Branson and Clegg Join in Backing Decriminalisation of
Sir Richard Branson and Nick Clegg are urging the UK to begin decriminalising the use and possession of almost all drugs, following the example of Portugal.


US CO: Column: Manitou Gets More Recreational Pot at Emerald
More pot hits Manitou If you've heard some Dylan and now refuse to work on Maggie's Farm, there's new acreage in Manitou Springs. Emerald Fields ( tentatively plans to open on March 16 in the old Wild Ginger building at 27 Manitou Ave., becoming the town's second and final recreational marijuana store. Though the company currently operates a store in Glendale, the new outlet will become its flagship operation, says director of marketing Caitlin Murphy.
US WA: Column: Tommy Chong, Reconsidered
At 76, the pater familias of the legalization movement won't slow down. I'll be honest. My expectations about a press conference with Tommy Chong, of the famous stoner duo Cheech & Chong, were that there would be some cliched humor, some pantomimed puffing, and photo ops galore for hippies of a bygone era. And there was some of that. But there was also something I didn't expect: a fresh perspective on the new pot movement.
Australia: Time Has Come to Talk About Legalising Drugs
IT'S nearly three years since I used this literary real estate to provoke conversation on the decriminalisation of drugs. I didn't know then if it was an appropriate response. I still don't.
US DC: Column: Mayor Harshes A Pot Advocate's Mellow
Adam Eidinger was flying high. As chairman of the DC Cannabis Campaign, he helped spearhead the push to legalize marijuana in the nation's capital. When the law went into effect Thursday, he retreated to his campaign headquarters and took a victory toke, then another and another.


US AK: Marijuana Relatively Harmless As Drugs Go
To the editor: Starting with the assumption that drugs are chemical stupidity, marijuana is relatively harmless. Alcohol kills 40,000 Americans every year. Even in Fairbanks, drunk drivers have killed innocent children. Alcohol is involved in the majority of crimes in Alaska if you count fetal-alcohol-syndrome-related crimes. Tobacco kills 300,000 Americans every year. Tobacco is legal and unregulated because multinational corporations derive billions of dollars in profit. Americans are free to choose various kinds of stupidity, even if it kills them.
US MD: Hogan's Realistic Plan to Address Addiction
Regarding your recent report on heroin overdoses, I applaud Gov. Larry Hogan's efforts to reduce such deaths ("Hogan wades into Maryland's long battle against heroin," Feb. 28).
US MD: Fight Heroin By Legalizing Pot
If Americans and political leaders honestly care to lower heroin addiction rates ("War on heroin starts with teens," Feb. 27 and "Hogan creates two panels for fight against heroin," Feb. 25), they should end cannabis (marijuana) prohibition.
US AZ: Here's What Foes Of Pot Legalization Don't Understand
Editor: Republican Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, demonstrated proof he doesn't understand history regarding government's effort to prohibit cannabis (marijuana) by inferring Colorado's actions an "experiment."
US MI: War on 'Spirit of Truth'
Steve Siebold's point is well taken ("Time To Legalize Marijuana," Feb. 28), however, the problem isn't the war on drugs but rather the war on a relatively safe God-given plant... More specifically a war against the "spirit of truth."
US MI: Pot No 'Gateway'
If marijuana is a gateway drug what is baby aspirin? If marijuana was truly being treated like a medicine, where are the privacy protections that come with all drugs? Do you need a state sponsored card to eat your anti depressants? Your sleeping pills?
US AK: Pot Prohibition Is Over
Kevin Coe's point is well taken ("Sorry, high rollers," ADN, Feb. 27). However, with hundreds of regulated stores selling cannabis in Colorado, we're talking mere technicalities.