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CN ON: London 4-20 Party A Buzz Kill
Victoria Park: Councillor Defends Heavy Police Presence At Gathering On Parliament Hill in Ottawa Sunday, news reports described a crowd of about 2,000 people throwing Frisbees, listening to music and smoking pot.
US CO: Lawmakers Set Limits On Pot Edibles Possession
Tighter Rules Come on the Heels of Two Deaths DENVER - The Mile High City was jammed with pot revelers Sunday for the annual 4/20 festival, but the mood was far from celebratory Monday as state legislators moved to tighten rules on marijuana products in the wake of two tragic deaths.
US MI: Mich. Lawmakers Weigh Saliva Tests For Marijuana
Under a bill proposed in Lansing, Michigan could become the first state to adopt a roadside saliva test that aims to tell police whether a driver is impaired due to consuming pot.
US: New Drug Sentencing Guidelines To Free Many From Prison
Clemencies Gain Bipartisan Support In a move that could result in the prison release of hundreds or thousands of low-level drug offenders, the Justice Department said Monday that it will advise President Obama to widen his guidelines for granting clemency.


US OH: OPED: Legalizers Ignore Pot's Dangers
Marijuana has now been legalized or decriminalized in 17 states and the District of Columbia, with Maryland joining the list just last week.
CN BC: Column: Second Forfeiture Attempt 'Punitive'
Out of the Blue: Elderly Couple Staggered by Renewed Attempt to Seize Their Home The B. C. Director of Civil Forfeiture is being branded a "vexatious litigant" and accused of malicious abuse of process for trying to grab the home of a couple given minor sentences for growing marijuana for a compassion club.
US NV: Gaming Industry Wrestles With Medical Marijuana
Like much of Nevada, the casino industry is grappling with issues surrounding medical marijuana. So much so that gaming companies and regulators have had little to say publicly about doctor-prescribed pot.
US UT: OPED: Pot Doesn't Become Harmless When It's Legal
Marijuana has now been legalized or decriminalized in 17 states and the District of Columbia, with Maryland joining the list just last week. Not to harsh anyone's mellow, but it may be an appropriate time (and day) to bring back another useful verb to associate with marijuana use: stigmatize.


US NY: Inside Jobs
Jeffrey Toobin's piece on the inmates and staff at the Baltimore City Detention Center illustrates the devastation of human lives and communities which decades of drug prohibition have wrought ("This Is My Jail," April 14th). Most American drug-prohibition enforcement is in minority communities, even though drug use among minorities is virtually no higher than it is in the white population. With a large percentage of the young men from minority neighborhoods locked up, and few opportunities for young women to make a living wage as anything other than their jailers, sex, romance, smuggling, and gangs within detention facilities should come as no surprise. Even after huge expenditures, the erosion of civil rights across the country, and the disruption of communities and families, drugs are still available both outside and inside our jails and prisons. It is baffling that anyone would think that mere regime and policy changes could improve the conditions in jails, communities, or in the country at large.
CN ON: Constant Discrimination
We've always had it. We're slowly getting rid of it. My dad was forced to write right-handed. He was a natural lefty.
US HI: Classification Of Pot Doesn't Make Sense
A sane or moral argument to continue cannabis prohibition doesn't exist. Another important reason to end cannabis prohibition that doesn't get mentioned is because prohibition increases hard drug addiction rates. It puts citizens who choose to use the relatively safe plant into contact with people who often also sell hard drugs.
US WI: Marijuana Law Won't Help Our Kids Anytime Soon
Dear Editor: It was good to see Gov. Scott Walker sign legislation legalizing a form of medical marijuana to treat pediatric seizure disorders. However, Walker's signature does not mean that the children, whose stories moved usually stern lawmakers to tears, will see their medicine anytime soon.
US FL: Legalize Marijuana Use
I would like to share why I support the legalization of marijuana. For starters, marijuana never should have been made illegal. Its prohibition was made possible only through terrifying lies. It is nontoxic and beneficial; and our cannabis laws honestly do cause a tremendous amount of pain, which radiates negatively throughout our community. I know because I've experienced this personally and through too many friends and family members.
US TX: Stop The Starter Drug
Re: "Heroin overdoses on rise - Crackdown on access to pills has fueled trend," Sunday news story.
US CO: No Surprise That Too Many Pot Edibles Can Cause Sickness
Re: "The real dangers of marijuana edibles," April 13 Perspective article. Last Sunday, you chose to run a hysterical, wildly uninformed anti-marijuana piece by Marshall Allen about his friend who ate too many marijuana gummies. In it, one Dr. Tista Ghosh claims that "More research needs to be done on [marijuana]." This is wrong to the point of willful ignorance. Per, there have been more than 20,000 scientific studies of marijuana and its effects to date, 1,450 in 2013 alone.