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US HI: Legislators' Unusual Steps Keep Pot Measure Alive
The story of marijuana as medicine at the state Capitol this year was a story of careful preparation, dogged grass-roots politics and compassion for those who suffer from chronic illnesses. And don't forget the impact of money.
US OK: I Will Die In Prison For A Nonviolent Crime
With State Prisons Over Capacity, Some Are Calling for Reversal of Harsh Law Kevin Ott drew his first strike when he was arrested for a small bag of methamphetamine in his pocket in 1993.
CN ON: A Meth Mess
Emergencies Soar As the Drug's Use Here Becomes Rampant Drug overdose calls to 911 in London are skyrocketing, with paramedics responding to more than three times the calls they fielded only two years ago, The Free Press has learned. Since January this year, paramedics have dealt with 251 drug overdoses - that's an average of more than two a day, and more than triple the number of calls during the same period in 2013. "Saddened" by the dramatic spike, the region's medical officer of health says the numbers prove London agencies need to start working differently and together to support addicts.
CN BC: Public To Get Say On Pot Shops
The public will have a say in the city's proposal to regulate the growing number of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver after city council decided Tuesday to send the issue to public hearing.


CN ON: Column: Mayoras View On Pot Vapour Clouds Issue
Let's start with how Mayor Jim Watson is right. He's right to be frustrated over the city's apparent inability to do anything about the marijuana smoking going on at Buzz On.
CN NS: Column: Weed Lube Does Exactly What You Think It Does
Something to toke about - Part 3 This is the column I don't want my grandma to read. That's right, folks-this week we're talking about weed lube.
Australia: Column: We Must Show Some Balls In War On Drugs
THE emotional circus surrounding the executions of Bali Nine drug masterminds Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran is wrong on so many levels.
UK: Column: It's Conservative To Want To Legalise Drugs
Decriminalisation Would Safeguard Families and Drive the Gangs Out of Business Outside of their families and friends, few tears will have been shed for the eight heroin smugglers just executed by firing squad in Indonesia. They may have claimed to have become reformed characters in jail, but they knew the Indonesian penalty for trafficking drugs. Yet the pantomime of death played out in the full glare of the global media reminded us of two things: first, the hideous barbarity of the death penalty; and second, the dreadful futility of the war on drugs.


US CA: Why Is The Marijuana Industry Singled Out?
I am amazed at how opposition to the marijuana industry ("Pot dispensary forecast cools," April 24) continues to be thinly veiled in regulations and opinions of how the industry should operate.
US MA: Life-Saving Drug Should Not Be Tangled in the
Jeff Jacoby seems to suggest that pharmaceutical companies should be applauded for more than doubling the price of the life-saving anti-overdose drug naloxone in response to increased demand, thus ensuring that "inventories of the drugs aren't immediately depleted" (Opinion, April 26). As a result, he claims, "more lives are being saved."
US MA: Marijuana Policy Could Be Answer to Overdose
Regarding Jeff Jacoby's thoughtful April 26 column "What price is too high for a miracle drug?": The need for the anti-overdose drug naloxone would be less pressing if Massachusetts had done a better job implementing the medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2012. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that states with open medical marijuana access have a 25 percent lower opioid overdose death rate than marijuana prohibition states. States with established access showed a 33 percent reduction in overdose deaths.
CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
We hear a lot of discussion and opinions with regards to the use of marijuana and the establishment of dispensaries in our communities. Nowhere do I hear mention of an increase of any problems arising from the presence of marijuana dispensaries.
CN BC: Legalizing Pot A Hot Topic Among Readers
Re: Ottawa blasts city pot shop plan; Health Minister Rona Ambrose sends letter to mayor, warning dispensaries are illegal, April 24
CN BC: New Drug Strategy Is Needed
I don't support people using drugs, but the "war on drugs" isn't working. If drugs were regulated or decriminalized, and addiction were treated as a health problem, gang related activities would disappear. Black markets and gangsters flourish under prohibition.
US OR: Pothead Stereotypes
Regarding "Group's photos aim to alter pot's slacker reputation," (April 22): I am pleased that The Oregonian/OregonLive published photos of marijuana users without resorting to stereotypes. It is in society's best interest to present marijuana in a manner so as not to discriminate against users, since many are hardworking members of our society. Just like marijuana, alcohol has an unfavorable side. This doesn't mean that every alcohol consumer is an alcoholic. Although I encourage a sober lifestyle, as an adult, one has the right to spend recreational time in their own manner.