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US FL: Medical Marijuana May Be Legal, But Patients Still Go Without
FLORIDA Seth and Danielle Hyman with their daughter Rebecca 8, of Weston, are seeking to have a strain of marijuana legalized to help prevent seizures in their daughter, Rebecca, in 2014. Despite the legalization of medical marijuana, Seth Hyman said the drug is still difficult to get for is daughter. [Miami Herald]
US HI: Hawaii Cannabis Expo Vendors Capitalize On Budding Pot
Hydroponic systems to grow your own pot, an on-site bud trimming school and hand-blown glass pipe demonstrations are among the mix of exhibitors at this weekend's Hawaii Cannabis Expo.
CN MB: More, Cheaper Meth On City Streets
Police seize 5.8 kg in January - half of what was seized in 2017 MAKE no mistake: Winnipeg has a meth problem.
CN BC: City Of Surrey Ponders Its Pot Plan
Surrey mulls over 'missteps' from U.S. cities that have legalized marijuana Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner says the city has developed a "balanced, appropriate and evidence-based approach" in preparing for the expected passing of the Trudeau government's Bill C45 Cannabis Act this coming July.


Canada: OPED: The Strange Language Of Cannabis
If, five years ago, someone had asked me how I felt about cannabis, I'd assume they were a cop. Even the term "marijuana" - a word believed to be brought to the United States by Mexican migrant workers before the Prohibition era, which was later used to promote racist anti-pot messaging - was a red flag to discreet and casual users such as myself.
CN ON: Editorial: Push Pot Bill Through Senate
The ongoing effort in the Senate to derail the passage of the Liberal government's bill to legalize marijuana is not an exercise in sober second thought, as its Conservative proponents claim, but an attempt to obstruct democracy. The Trudeau government should use the tools at its disposal to push this important legislation through the Upper House.
CN ON: Prevention Needs To Be Key In Fighting Drug Abuse
Fentanyl. The drug is one that most people never even heard of until a few years ago. Now it strikes fear into the hearts of public health officials, youth workers, parents and others. A few grains of fentanyl, often mixed with another recreational drug without the user's knowledge, can cause death within minutes. It has caused thousands of overdose deaths in Canada and tens of thousands in the U.S., and those numbers are rising rapidly.
CN ON: Column: It Wasn't The Positive Test It Was The Hair
Twenty years ago this Sunday, when Ross Rebagliati was told he had tested positive for a banned substance, he didn't have to ask which one.


CN NS: Marijuana Legalization Seems 'Surreal'
Marijuana legalization for someone my age is somewhat difficult to imagine. As a teenager growing up in the early 1970s in Cape Breton, I strayed off the approved path (like thousands of my peers across our beautiful island and millions more across our country) and smoked marijuana.
CN BC: The Plight Of The Dispensaries
Dear editor: If cannabis legalization gets any more costly, we may need to revert back to the black market model. At least then, patients needn't struggle to get their medication. The current victims of the legalization effort are the dispensaries, and with them the patients.
CN ON: Safe Injection Site Offers Compassion
Re: Advocates pushing for safe injection site, by Brian Cross, Jan. 26. In this excellent article it mentions several people who advocate for a safe injection site and express the urgent need for an overdose prevention site.
CN ON: Legalize Drugs, Stop Violence
There is absolutely no question that the gun violence being experienced in Ottawa is fuelled by the drug trade. The futile war on drugs simply cannot be won. Why we continue to defy and ignore more than 100 years of failed prohibition is mind-boggling, counterproductive and irresponsible.
CN ON: Ottawa Messing Up Legal Pot Plan
I had to laugh when I saw the bit about Ottawa city planners trying to keep legal pot shops out of neighbourhoods "experiencing socio-economic stress," which I suppose is government bafflegab for "poor."
CN SN: Pot Users Have Been Driving For Decades
With legalization right around the corner we seem to be in a state of fog and confusion as to what it means.
CN BC: Good Reasons To Legalize Pot
Editor: Re: Greed turns governments into bookie, bootlegger and dealer, Community Comment, Jan. 19