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US AR: Pot Proposals Denied, Man Plans Appeal
CONWAY - A Van Buren County man isn't giving up on his cause, even though the attorney general's office has rejected five proposed ballot titles that would have asked voters to legalize marijuana for various purposes.
CN ON: Traces Of Illicit Drugs Found In Waters Of Grand River
TORONTO - Trace amounts of cocaine, oxycodon and morphine have been detected in surface water in southern Ontario rivers, among other illicit and prescription drugs, a new study says.
CN AB: Police Try To Quell Gun Violence With Dialogue
Police Are Trying the Power of Persuasion to End the Spate of Drug-Related Shootings on City Streets..
US CA: Pain Of Ecstasy
UC Irvine Graduate's Death Is the Latest in a Long Series Tied to Drug Use at Raves A 24-year-old San Francisco man who died while attending the Electric Daisy Carnival rave in Las Vegas had ingested a fatal dose of the drug Ecstasy, authorities said.


US AK: OPED: Simple Change Can Save Alaskan Lives, Reduce
Heroin is killing Alaskans at alarming rates, and unless we do something to address the problem now, it will only get worse. Heroin-related deaths in Alaska tripled between 2008 and 2013. In 2012, the rate of heroin overdose deaths was 42 percent higher than the national rate. Alaskans are no strangers to the heroin and opiate abuse crisis killing our friends, family and neighbors.
US CA: Column: It's All Good
"My favorite )) color is chocolate."--Visited the grands last week. Gentleman Jack is 3.5 years old.
US DC: OPED: The Wrong Path To Penal Reform
This month, President Obama commuted the long sentences of 46 federal prisoners convicted of drug crimes, and over the next fewdays he laid out his vision for criminal justice reform in speeches to the NAACP and at the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma. Prison reformers hailed these events as important steps forward in the effort to rein in the sprawling U.S. prison system. I don't think they should be so happy. Obama's speeches, unfortunately, explicitly emphasized one of the most problematic myths standing in theway of true penal reform, and the commutations implicitly did the same. In all three instances, Obama suggested that we can scale back incarceration by focusing solely on nonviolent offenders.
US NM: Editorial: Go For Root Of Drug Problem
New Mexico has a nasty habit of landing at or near the top of the list of states with the highest drug overdose death rates, and the state Health Department isn't making any headway toward reversing that trend. Despite some recent efforts to lower that statistic, our state still has the second-highest number of per capita overdoses in the nation.


US OH: State Rep Claims Marijuana Editorial Distorted
In response to The Vindicator's editorial last Tuesday, =93Ohio should slam door on proposed marijuana cartel,=94 I've decided to paraphrase the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan: The writer is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Seldom has The Vindicator published an editorial that so blatantly and purposely distorts facts and maliciously mischaracterizes the position of a public official.
US CA: Butte County's Criminal Justice System Is Just
A couple of items in Wednesday's E-R got my attention. Let me make sure that I've got this straight.
US OH: Purchasing Marijuana Puts Kids At Risk
As a former deputy sheriff, I know from enforcing senseless marijuana laws that children only are being put in more danger when marijuana is kept illegal ("Legal pot poses another threat to children," July 8 letter from Dr. Johanna Said). The term "controlled substance" is very misleading.
US AK: Priorities Must Change
On the front page of the July 22 ADN there was an article about the Anchorage Police Department, with six to eight officers having drawn their weapons, seizing a van. This van had just delivered marijuana and its seizure was part of an ongoing investigation.
CN MB: Progress Needed On Pot Front
Now that neighbouring U.S. states have legalized marijuana, Ottawa can no longer claim Canada must uphold marijuana prohibition in order to maintain good U.S. relations ( Conservatives losing the war on drugs, Editorial, July 22).
CN BC: Pot Saves Lives
In the race to make big bucks on a "marijuana breathalyzer," retired Mountie Kal Mahli and "law enforcement agencies" are mistakenly equating the effects of cannabis use with those of alcohol abuse. A recent U.S. study found that traffic fatalities declined almost 10 per cent in states with medical marijuana. Don't take my word, Google it. One often hears that something "is worth it if even one life is saved." If it were anything else they'd be aggressively passing legislation to save lives.
US GA: Sheriffs Obstruct Meaningful Reform
I think it is appalling that state Rep. Alex Atwood views House Bill 233, the Georgia Uniform Civil Forfeiture Procedure Act, as the best Georgia's elected leadership can do for its citizens ("Civil forfeiture reform at last," Opinion, July 17). Is a uniform report that state agencies must complete really the only step forward? If so, that is pathetic. What Rep. Atwood's piece did not say was Georgia sheriffs are exempt from efforts to rein in their abuses.