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CN BC: Police Union Raises Pot Shop Worries
Members Concerned About Criminal Ties, Transparency As Vancouver Pushes to License Dispensaries The union representing Vancouver's police officers says members are raising serious questions about the process and transparency behind the city's rapid push to license marijuana dispensaries by this spring.
CN BC: Will Legalization Ignore Medical Marijuana?
The Canadian government legalized medical marijuana more than a decade ago. However, Kamloops physician Ian Mitchell told the Straight that patients still come to him with basic questions and often have no idea where they can find advice about cannabis.
US HI: Lawmakers Consider Industrial Hemp Bill
Hawaii residents say legalizing industrial hemp could spur business ventures ranging from home construction to selling hemp seed candy bars at Hawaii airports.
US WA: Seattle's Brash King Of Pot
Just after Uncle Ike's Pot Shop opened in Seattle's Central District, it boasted in an ad, "Our weed cures Ebola."


US CA: Column: When Drugs Cloud Your Vision
I'm from the generation that fell in love with drugs, I'm sorry to say. Timothy Leary implored us to "turn on, tune in and drop out." Some of my friends did that, though most of them later regretted it.
US NE: Editorial: Where There's Smoke...
The recent seizure of hundreds of pounds of marijuana in Lincoln, apparently harvested in states where it can be grown legally, raises the question of how long the country will tolerate the current patchwork of laws.
US FL: As Government Drags Its Feet, Voters Move on
After utterly failing to bring relief even to children with severe epilepsy through a non-narcotic form of marijuana, Florida officials fully deserve the wrath of voters who are on the way to taking matters into their own hands - with a constitutional amendment that would make marijuana available for a wide range of debilitating medical conditions.
CN BC: Column: Navy Making A Difference In Drug War
When coastal-defence vessels HMCS Brandon and HMCS Whitehorse returned to CFB Esquimalt in December after participating in an anti-drug trafficking operation in the Caribbean and east Pacific regions, the Times Colonist published an editorial congratulating the sailors for a job well done.


US OR: Promote Local Opportunity
Oregon has an 18-year history of legal medical marijuana use. The program works and has brought an improved quality of life to thousands. Like other pioneering efforts (death with dignity, same-sex marriage, increased minimum wage, vote by mail, etc.), it has not resulted in the sky falling.
CN BC: Pot Shops Are Still Illegal
Feds should act quickly to fill policy and enforcement vacuum Re: Vancouver set to approve first legal marijuana shops, Feb. 1
CN ON: Heavenly Pot
Re "Rolling in dough" (The Canadian Press, Jan. 29): It's true, since Colorado completely re-legalized cannabis (marijuana), treating it like the relatively safe God-given plant that it is, the state has reaped huge taxes. But Canada shouldn't cleanse itself from cannabis prohibition to profit, but rather to end one of North America's worst policy failures because it's the right thing to do. The Luciferous practice of caging humans for using what God indicates He created and says is good on literally the very first page of the Bible is vulgar for developed nations. The sooner the devil law ends, the sooner the sky will stop falling in.
US CA: Medical Marijuana Is No Gateway Drug
I read with interest Lon Allan's take on banning all marijuana growing, stores and mobile sales in Atascadero ("Atascadero's ban on marijuana, celebration of wine is a double standard," Jan. 26).
US CA: Address Opioid Epidemic
Re "Drug addicts finally a priority in politics" (Editorials, Feb. 4): The Bee's editorial board is absolutely right that what matters most right now is that something gets done by Congress to address opioid addiction and overdose in this country.
US DC: When the Who of Drug Abuse Skews the Response
As a middle-age white man of comfortable means and right-of-center views on many issues, Imay have been oblivious to certain things longer than others. Recent headlines make it impossible to ignore disparities, however.
US UT: Why Is Legal Medical Cannabis Taking So Long
It is with profound sadness that we once again hear of a family forced to skirt the law to obtain small amounts of what our state deems illegal to treat their children.