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US CA: California Medical Marijuana May Finally Get Elusive
Nearly two decades after California established a medical marijuana program, the patchwork of local regulations on the billion-dollar industry is often distilled to just two words: Wild West.
CN SN: Saskatoon Could Get First Dispensary
A Saskatoon medical marijuana advocate is hoping to open a storefront in the city this week where he can help people obtain prescriptions and in some cases sell them their cannabis.
CN ON: It's A Public Health Issue
Cop Sweeps Not Halting Drugs, Byward Merchant Says "That's the problem. Right there. You're looking at it."
US NY: Latest Economic Lifeline Is A Leafy One
TOWN OF WALLKILL, N.Y. - Don Crawford comes from a long line of Orange County farmers. Though he no longer tends dairy cows, he still cuts hay for the thriving equestrian industry, and cringes at the creep of the suburbs.


US WA: State Can't Gamble With Money Not in the Bank
DON'T envy Steve Lerch. He is the state official tasked with estimating how much tax revenue Washington's grand experiment with legal marijuana will yield. As Lerch says, decades of sales- and property-tax data inform his predictive algorithms, but when it comes to legal pot, he has only a few quarters of history.
US WA: Editorial: Round Up Outlaws In Pot's Wild West
THE era of flagrantly illegal marijuana storefronts operating under the guise of green-cross dispensaries may finally be coming to an end.
US FL: Oped: Legalize Drugs, End The Cycle
The new visibility of police violence toward African-Americans has stoked public debate about policing: What about body cameras? Should we reform training? Perhaps we should go slow on all that military gear?
CN ON: Column: Learning Some New Tricks
On Sunday, May 24, a hero of my misspent youth, Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong, will be 77 years old. Coincidentally, on the same day, my dog Otis will turn 12, about 77 in dog years.


US NM: Vote For More Schools, Not More Prisons
HERE WE GO again. It seems as if every town, large and small, is either enlarging its detention center or building a new one. This will cost lots and lots of money.
US OR: Odor Ordinance Will Spark Air Freshener
I congratulate Peter Walters for igniting an unprecedented response to his satirical letter regarding the absurdity of an odor law in Pendleton. It received national recognition because no one has ever had the courage to write an essay revolving around the malodorous characteristic of flatulence.
US PA: Whether Pot Is Dangerous Is Not The Point
Grace M. McGorrian's May 24 Forum article "A Tale of Two Reefers" was well-intentioned but missed the point. A recent Gallup poll found that a slim majority of Americans supports marijuana legalization.
US IN: Marijuana Isn't Killing Our Kids, Heroin Is
I would rather see cannabis made legal than all the problems with heroin. Wake up, people. Marijuana is not killing our kids. Heroin is.
US CA: Failed Drug War To Blame For Problem
Amazing how the article on the front of the Union-Tribune ("Changes in drug trade cause spike in violence in Tijuana," May 24) doesn't put the blame on the drug war deaths in Mexico where it belongs.
US DC: Patients Deserve a Voice in the Fight for
PATIENTS DESERVE A VOICE IN THE FIGHT FOR FUNDING AND CHANGE People with Alzheimer's disease - especially those in the District - should be aware of a 2014 article in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease that found that THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, at low doses, "may slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease."
US VT: Make Tobacco Organic
The recent letter about a national debate on nicotine may be useful. Is nicotine itself a carcinogenic? I dona=C2=80=C2=99t know. I do know I want to legalize marijuana for a variety of reasons so making tobacco illegal seems nonsensical for the same reasons as marijuana prohibition. Unless, of course, nicotine is a deadly carcinogenic substance.