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US CO: Proposal Seeks Gun Permits For Colorado Pot Users
DENVER (AP) - Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana sales. Now the state's voters may consider a ballot measure to allow cannibis smokers to carry concealed firearms.
US CA: City Attorney Closes 5 More Illegal Marijuana
Legal Dispensaries Are Nearing Final Approval to Open in San Diego SAN DIEGO - Five more illegal medical marijuana dispensaries have been shut down by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, including two in Mission Valley and one each in North Park, Kearny Mesa and City Heights.
US AK: Fairbanks, Anchorage Take Hard Look at Marijuana in
The Fairbanks North Star Borough will follow Anchorage in forming a working group to explore the legalization of marijuana in Alaska and the crafting of laws specific to local commercial regulation.
Zambia: Court Strikes Out Green Party's Marijuana Case
THE Lusaka High Court has struck out a matter in which Green Party president Peter Sinkamba was sued by a non-governmental organisation for advocating the legalisation of marijuana in Zambia on the basis that it was illegal and criminal.


US CA: Column: Remembering Marijuana POWs
The letters sent from prison inmates follow a script. In block letters, handwritten in pencil, as many words as possible are squeezed onto irregular scraps of paper. Sentences are vague and innocuous so as to not raise the hackles of the prison censor. They're also profoundly depressing, even when the prisoner claims to be in good spirits.
US CO: Column: States Sue Over Cannabis, Colorado Approves
Or change your laws As the beginning of the lawsuit filed last week puts it, "Come now the States of Nebraska and Oklahoma, by and through their Attorneys General" ... to stop legalized marijuana. The states are suing the state of Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to get the federal government to curtail Colorado's industry.
US VA: OPED: Time For Marijuana Reform In Virginia
The last time a marijuana decriminalization bill was introduced in the Virginia General Assembly the year was 2011 and the patron was Del. Harvey Morgan, R-Gloucester, a former assistant clinical professor of pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University's medical school. The bill never made it out of committee. The Virginia General Assembly will again consider a marijuana decriminalization bill in the 2015 session, this one sponsored by Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria).
US TX: OPED: Apply Due Process To Forfeiture
Powerful Tool Has Become Another Government Idea Gone Awry, Says David Simpson "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."


US AK: Why Delay Pot Regulation?
Gov. Walker wants to extend the timeline for marijuana regulation. Grace Jang is quoted as saying the "new industry will require regulatory infrastructure that Alaska has to create from scratch ..." (ADN Dec. 20).
US WY: Cannabis Could Be Big Business For Tribes
Editor: Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes could put to good use a large harvest basket of revenue.
US PA: Marijuana Lifesaver
Editor: Regarding your Dec. 15 editorial (Our Opinion, "Authorize Medicinal Pot"), medical marijuana has lifesaving benefits that extend beyond patient relief.
US MD: Methadone Is the Most Effective Therapy for
As a physician working on the front lines of addiction treatment and research in Baltimore, I read Lisa Lowe's recent op-ed with great interest but also with some perplexity ("Addiction services needed more than statistics," Dec. 18).
US CA: The Taxation Of New Pot Shops
Re "Mixed messages on pot shops," Editorial, Dec. 16 The Times correctly criticizes the city of Los Angeles for continuing to collect business taxes from new pot shops that are actually not allowed to be open under Measure D.
US CA: Complaint Driven Ordinance?
Before the last election when Measure S, the proposal to make some sensible changes to the county's current medical marijuana ordinance was on the ballot, our local sheriff repeatedly stated that the current "nuisance" ordinance was "complaint driven."
US MI: Do The Research On Marijuana
How long-term marijuana use effects the human brain is a pivotal question before any legalization can occur nationally. Although alcohol remains legal despite the massive evidence on the dangers associated with long-term use, the fight to make marijuana available, both for its medical properties (especially important in selectively killing cancer cells) and for non-medical/recreational use, is hinged on claims made about marijuana's effects on the individual user.