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US CA: No Fix
The Drug Trade Is Entrenched in the Tenderloin, the Only Place in S.F. Where Drug Users Have Some Political Power
US CO: Colorado Cannabis Tax May Fund Scholarship
DENVER (AP) - A Colorado county may create the world's first public college scholarship program funded with marijuana money.
US AZ: News21: America's Weed Rush
With a federal ban on marijuana, states are left to craft their own medical pot rules-whether they work or not
US: Series: Inconsistent Road Rules
INCONSISTENT ROAD RULES Marijuana Legalization Outpaces Changes in Driving Impairment Definitions.


US CA: Column: Senatorial Showdown
You failed to mention the devastating impact many cannabis grow-sites have on California's natural environment. Cultivation of cannabis on public or private land can and should be done with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment, and without harming the wildlife, native vegetation or limited water resources in the state.
US CA: Column: Paddleboards And Privilege
In another portent of the gentrification of marijuana, cannabis activists have tapped into the fitness industrial complex to create the 420 Games, a series of sporting events that claims it is "destigmatizing millions of responsible, positive cannabis users through athletic achievement."
US CA: Column: U.S. Drug Cops Ease Up On Pot
U.S. DRUG COPS EASE UP ON POT As America's multibillion dollar cannabis industry continues to expand, the nation's drug cops are seizing less weed.
US MA: Sex, Drugs, and Racist Policing in Rutland, VT.
Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders recently pledged that "no president will fight harder to end institutional racism." But he doesn't have to wait for the White House to do it. He could start right now, in his own backyard.


US MN: Medical Marijuana Is the Answer to
Minnesota certainly does need a new strategy to fight opioid addiction ("Closing the gateway that leads to heroin," editorial, Aug. 25). Unfortunately, Gov. Mark Dayton bowed to the pressure of law enforcement lobbyists and supported a limited medicinal cannabis law that excluded intractable pain. Studies have found that states with medical marijuana laws have fewer deaths from opioid overdoses than those without. Other studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to manage pain symptoms and at least reduce the dosage of opioids needed to manage severe pain. The risks of opioids include addiction and death from overdose. Cannabis is a much safer alternative. It has a much lower risk for dependence, and there has yet to be a documented death from overdose.
Australia: Better To Treat Cause Of Drug Crimes
TRUTH is the first casualty of war. So when Tim Badrick (Letters, Aug 25) calls for mandatory jail sentences in the war on drugs, on the basis that "many ice addicts start out smoking cannabis", that ice is "the second worst drug on the planet" and opines about an "ice epidemic", then a reality check is long overdue.
US CA: Decriminalization Now
DECRIMINALIZATION NOW The stench of the war on drugs - which like all wars, is a war on people - pervades our bureaucratic, Puritan culture. It's important that the article pointed out the ongoing support for the war among local agencies. The only real answer is total decriminalization at every bureaucratic level.
US CA: Cannabis Consumers Had a Friend in Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter, our 39th president, is quite ill with cancer in stage IV. It seems to this citizen that Jimmy always kept his (and our) affairs in order, so his doctors telling him to do so now will be no additional burden.
CN ON: Responding to a 'Flawed' Letter
The logic in this letter is flawed when it implies that Trudeau's policies are not inclusive in the areas of the pro-life movement, the legalization of marijuana use and on homosexuality.
CN ON: Time To Discuss Good Samaritan Law
Re: Halton police enlist aid of pharmacists to combat fentanyl abuse, the Burlington Post, Aug. 14, 2015.
US MI: Medical Pot Will Help Autistic Children
In the United States, and in Michigan, autism is growing. In fact, it is growing at such an alarming rate that it has just recently been identified as a significant public health issue, due to statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, a nationwide federal program that tracks autism rates around the country.