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CN MB: Manitoba Embraces Harm Reduction Principles In Policies
There is a growing recognition that harm reduction policies are more effective than abstinence-based policies as Manitoba organizations embrace harm reduction principles. During the Manitoba Harm Reduction Conference, held in Thompson Sept. 29- Oct. 1, representatives from various community organizations, First Nations communities, the five regional health authorities, and government departments addressed how their organizations are evolving to incorporate harm reduction. Provincial representation covered as far south as Steinbach and as far north as Churchill. Dr. Michael Ellery, clinical specialist of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba shared how client-centred care, an integral component of the harm reduction model has been proven to be more effective at treating addictions. All five regional health authorities, including the Northern Health Region, are at various stages of recognizing harm reduction as part of its patient care model.
Canada: Pot and the Teenage Brain: Understanding the Science
Because their brains are still developing, adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of marijuana.
CN BC: Less Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Activity With Vancouver
Survey Finds Reductions in Some Risky Behaviours Over the Last Decade, While Mental Health Concerns Grow
US MA: Reading Group Pushes To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational
A Reading-based advocacy grouped is seeking to get a question on the ballot for a 2016 vote that would legalize the recreational use of cannabis in Massachusetts.


US: Editorial: Pee in This Cup, Doc
Random Drug Tests Should Be Standard for Physicians Enough Physicians Have Substance Abuse Problems to Make Random Drug Testing a Needed Part of Medical Practice
US FL: Editorial: Pot Amendment: Vote No
The stories are heart wrenching. There's the heroic lifeguard who dove into disaster trying to rescue a swimmer. Now, brief respites from relentless pain and ruthless spasms come only through pot-infused edibles.
CN BC: OPED: Pot Prohibition Benefits the Wrong People
Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Alcohol prohibition was a dismal failure. We have not fared any better with marijuana prohibition. This has now been acknowledged by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It is regrettable, but not surprising, that the current government has chosen to reject the CAMH position.
US NJ: Legalize Marijuana March to Happen Saturday in
I consider myself a peaceful, proud, patriotic pothead, and I've always been a civil disobedience aficionado. "F the law, smoke it anyway" has been my rallying cry for a couple of decades now. In my opinion this nation's War on Drugs is built upon a foundation of unjust laws that have infringed upon the freedoms of all Americans, especially people of color. I have come to understand that one of the most pivotal duties of a patriot is to question the government.


US FL: Objections Overblown
Re: Hopes for pot start to wilt Oct. 16 Opponents of Amendment 2 claim that it casts details in concrete. They also claim it is not sufficiently detailed. Both claims ignore political reality.
US MD: Baltimore Doesn't Need Another Heroin Task
Baltimore City does not need another task force to address the current heroin epidemic affecting the city; it needs more affordable residential treatment ("Mayor appoints task force to study heroin, substance abuse," Oct. 14).
CN ON: War on Drugs a Failure
Pot should be legalized, addiction centre says - Oct. 9 What do the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, NORML Canada and more than half of Canadian citizens have in common?
US CA: All About Weed
Re "Down on Measure B" (Letters, by Jeanne Cecchi and Nancy Roybal, Oct. 9): In response to your last two letters from Measure B opponents, these women own wineries. How did they clear land for the grapes? Do they not water them? Do they not know that fermenting fruit is a putrid smell or the fact grapes are the most pesticide-intensive crop in California? More importantly, most of the arrests in Butte County are alcohol-related (see Yet you choose to perpetuate this by being involved in this industry.
US DC: Unethical, Unconstitutional Seizures
Why has there not been more specific information about constitutional rights in The Post's "Stop and Seize" series, including in the Oct. 12 installment?
US DC: Unethical, Unconstitutional Seizures
As an ethics officer, I am stunned over the inherent conflicts of interest ignored by law enforcement agencies ["Seized assets fuel police spending," front page, Oct. 12]. It is unconscionable that the same individuals responsible for deciding what assets to seize and executing that seizure are then allowed to take advantage of its disposition. This creates an incentive to seize assets to fund activities not provided through the formal budgeting process, beyond interrupting narcotics operations or other illegal activities.
US FL: Pot Amendment Not That Scary
Susan Latvala Alarmist About Pot Amendment Regarding, "Amendment 2 threatens communities in Sunshine State" by Susan Latvala (Other Views, Oct. 10): Whoa, Susan! Stop the alarmist tactic. Amendment 2 specifically identifies the debilitating medical conditions that a patient must have in order to obtain medical marijuana. Other medical conditions might eventually qualify pending approval of the patient's physician and of the state. The physician must also indicate the approximate duration that the patient will be using medical marijuana. Therefore this amendment does not mean that the patient is granted a lifetime ability to acquire marijuana. The amendment also specifically states that the drug is to be used only by the permitted patient and it cannot be used in a place of education or employment, or in or on any type of vehicle.