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US WA: Ready, Set, Smoke!
Washington State Issues First Retail Pot-Shop Licenses SEATTLE (AP) - Washington state issued its first retail marijuana licenses Monday with a middle-of-the-night email alerting bleary-eyed pot-shop proprietors that they finally will be able to open for business.
US DC: Pot Advocates Submit Petitions
Legalization Measure Could Be Certified for Nov. 4 Ballot Voters in the District should know within weeks whether they will get a chance to follow Colorado and Washington state in legalizing marijuana.
US MA: Patients Sue Massachusetts For Access To Marijuana
Want Caregiver to Resume Selling Fifteen patients and a self-described caregiver who has been selling them marijuana for medical use are seeking a court order that would allow them to resume until dispensaries are open in Massachusetts.
US CA: Deputies Armed With 'OD Antidote'
East County Law Enforcement First in State to Carry Drug That Can Halt Opiate Overdose A drug hailed as the antidote for an opiate overdose will now be on the belts of sheriff's deputies, the first law enforcement officers in the state to carry it.


US AR: OPED: Stop Crisis By Ending War On Drugs
Since Oct. 1, U.S. Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 52,000 children traveling alone from Central America and Mexico. Many of these kids made the dangerous trip to escape even more dangerous conditions in their home countries.
US HI: Editorial: Hawaii Due To Set Up Pot Dispensaries
Hawaii was a vanguard state in the medical-marijuana movement, but soon dropped behind others in the development of drug dispensaries. That may have been a lucky break, in that Hawaii can now capitalize on the lessons learned in other jurisdictions.
US CO: Editorial: Safety Comes First In Labeling Edibles
In the world of edible marijuana products, one man's habitual serving could be another man's overdose.
US CA: Editorial: Root Of Border Crossings
It's Time to Look at the Real Reasons This Country Is Flooded With Illegal Immigrants. The U.S. is seeing an influx of undocumented immigrants in historic numbers, many of them young children whom parents have entrusted to smugglers. According to U.S. Border Patrol statistics, more than 52,000 Central American children traveling alone have been picked up by authorities.


US MA: Pain Not Treated, Doctor Persecuted
THERE IS is a connection between the article on opioid painkillers ("State ranks low in prescribing opioids," Page A1, July 2) and an article about the trial of Dr. Joseph Zolot ("Accused Needham doctor was caring, his lawyer asserts," Metro, June 18).
US PA: Next, Troops Quartered In Our Homes?
Just what problem are we solving by seizing the home of a 69-year-old widow because her son sold a small amount of marijuana out of her house ("Revisiting civil forfeiture," June 30)? Perhaps it's a problem of drug enforcement impotence at District Attorney Seth Williams' office. And that would be true across the country, as the war on drugs through policing, seizing, and sentencing is an expensive, colossal failure. This kind of domineering action adds to our city's problems - more displacement, more asset-poverty, and more mistrust and bile toward not just the police and district attorney, but all of us who can afford not to be this widow.
US FL: Rehab Business Failing Addicts
Drug rehabilitation has become a business, leaving many addicts not knowing where to turn for help. From high-end, resort-like facilities to street-level facilities that offer treatment, the addict seeking recovery is lured by ads that promise 30 days to a new life.
US MD: Jailing Pot Users Ignores Real Problem
John A. Nichols' "Why are politicians indifferent to marijuana health hazards" (June 29) was silent on some problems that he seems indifferent to. Nichols ignores the long-term failure of the "War on Drugs." Because of this law many citizens have been sent to jail for being caught with marijuana. That has resulted in the paying of large amounts of taxpayer money to incarcerate them. Beyond that expense to taxpayers, the law has caused those entrapped to be labeled felons, their family lives disrupted and has made it difficult for them to reenter society and find employment.
US FL: Legal Drugs Bigger Threat Than Pot
Interesting how all the critics come out of the woodwork. Millions of Florida citizens currently smoke the illegal pot, make brownies, etc. Have not heard of a surge of children dying from brownies in Florida.
US IL: The Government Can't Disclose Marijuana Health
I'm writing about Jeremy Sharp's article "Freeport man faces drug charge." Not mentioned in the story was who the unwilling victims were. That's because there were none. Ten to 30 grams is one-third to slightly more than one ounce. Not likely a major trafficker.
US MA: Pope's Wrong On Pot
It is useful for society to receive the preaching and writings of religious leaders, as well as that of other thinkers on matters of morality ("Lawmen side with pope against legalized weed," June 21). Ethical discussion is all too rare these days.