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US MA: In Allston, a Battle Is Brewing Over a Marijuana
Boston City Councilor Mark Ciommo is again facing criticism this week for not backing a locally run company that wants to open a medical marijuana dispensary in his Allston neighborhood.
US CA: Growing Divide: Humboldt County Pot Farmers Dispute Tax
Humboldt County's proposed excise tax for medical marijuana farms has created a rift between local growers.
US PA: Pennsylvania Not Alone In Medical Marijuana Stance
State among several to allow treatment not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Pennsylvania and the federal government disagree about the usefulness of marijuana as medicine.
CN ON: Police Raid Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Draft regulations consider freelance dispensaries illegal It turns out police have already raided at least two Hamilton storefront medical marijuana sellers this year.


CN AB: Editorial: Red Tape
If you mention laws surrounding the use of marijuana, you are likely to get an earful of differing opinions. But when it comes to medical marijuana, there seems to be at least some lenience on negative views.
CN BC: OPED: Confusion Over Pot Laws Has Consequences
With dispensaries outnumbering ice cream shops in some parts of Toronto, a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that marijuana is legal in Canada. Pot has always fallen in somewhat of a "grey area" - compassion clubs, for instance, have operated since the 1990s - but this is something altogether different.
US CA: OPED: Return Of The 'Fried Egg' PSA
In 1987, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America aired a public service announcement that went on to become a classic of modern pop culture. It likened an egg to "your brain" and a hot pan to "drugs." The egg was then fried in the pan, and the viewer was informed that "this is your brain on drugs." The ad concluded: "Any questions?" Presumably this was meant to be rhetorical, but now the ad is back in a revamped form, which includes children asking questions about drugs. "Mom, Dad, did you ever try drugs?" asks one child.
CN BC: Column: King Of Cannabis Fights City For His Throne
Don Briere, known as the King of Cannabis for his 21 marijuana stores across Canada, has a problem in Vancouver.


US AR: Nothing Off The Table
While spending endless hours in a waiting room at UAMS I've now read multiple anti-medical marijuana editorials printed in the course of a couple of weeks. It must be nice to have your own bully pulpit. Please excuse my tardiness in responding. I volunteer as a cancer patient advocate and I've been kind of busy.
US CA: Draconian Laws
I often do not agree with Debra J. Saunders; however, I found her views regarding use of marijuana to be spoton. The fact that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is outrageous.
US CA: Marijuana Simply Must Be Legalized
During my long medical career, I campaigned against nicotine, excessive alcohol and drug use. I use none. Marijuana, however, must be legalized. Its effects are certainly less than alcohol.
CN BC: Itas Not Too Late On Pot
I wish to express my gratitude for the "Our View" item in the Aug. 13 PNR, Time not on their side.
US DC: The DEA's Crusade Against Pot
The Aug. 16 editorial "Don't reclassify marijuana yet - research it" would have benefited from more research itself. The Drug Enforcement Administration's refusal to reschedule cannabis has nothing to do with health, for if it cared about safety, it would need look no further than itself. You're more likely to be shot by a DEA agent than you are to die from an overdose of pot because the latter has never happened. The burden of proof has unjustly fallen on legalization advocates; initially convicted by racism and xenophobia, cannabis has been proclaimed guilty until proved innocent.
US CA: Vote On Facts And Not On Emotions
Prohibition, by any meaningful measure, appears to have failed. Overcrowded prisons, over burdened court systems and a dramatic socio-economic impact on those prosecuted. Compared to the Netherlands, the U.S. exceeds in marijuana usage.
Philippines: A Statement Of Grave Concern
WE, THE Missionary Benedictine Sisters of the Manila Priory, express our grave concern about the culture of death creeping into our society and the rampant and open violations of human rights linked to the Duterte administration's war on illegal drugs.