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DrugSense Reprint Request

DrugSense and the Media Awareness Project (MAP), a 501(c)3 educational non profit corporation, respectfully request permission to reprint the article mentioned in a recent email message addressed to you. We would like your permission to post this article into our permanent archive of drug policy related material at www.mapinc.org.

Please be assured that we will acknowledge your publication and insure proper accreditation. We will include your URL (web page address) with the article in question and acknowledge the author(s). Our web sites receive more than 3 million hits a month so this increased exposure should offer a significant benefit to your publication.

The MAP News archive offers a permanent information resource on drug policy issues that would be completely impossible to access via any other means and as such benefits journalists, authors, researchers, and the public. It is quite likely that your writers and journalists are using MAP services when writing on drug policy topics.

It is by utilizing this unique educational and synergistic approach that we have earned the appreciation and respect of many publications such as yours nation and worldwide. In fact many publications, editors and authors such as Salon.com and Slate.com go out of their way to insure that their drug policy related articles get into our archive to take advantage of the increased free exposure it offers their organizations.

Should you have received this reprint permission request in error, please forward it to the appropriate party and advise us of the appropriate E-mail address for any such requests in the future.

Should you be unable to grant this permission at this time, please provide an explanation if possible.

Please, respond as soon as possible and let me know if I can be of further service. Thank you in advance for your consideration of our request.


Mark Greer
Executive Director
PO Box 651
Porterville, CA 93258
(800) 266 5759