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about medical marijuana

Happy Veteran's Day, General McCaffrey
General McCaffrey's reasons not to go to war (completely ignored by Drug Czar McCaffrey)
Huh? Mr. President
Clinton's "tortured course"
Legalize Marijuana? Way! or No Way! 
Medical marijuana: moral or immoral?
Ah, what twisted webs we weave...
The tortured logic of the DEA as it tries to make "the major psychoactive component of Cannibas [sic] sativa L. (marijuana)" into a Schedule III medication while keeping marijuana itself a Schedule I "dangerous drug"
Barry McCaffrey on America's Most Wanted
September 25, 1999
Hazy Thinking on Drug Testing of Employees
Chicago Tribune, September 23, 1999
94 Arrests "Wipe Out" Huge Drug Ring DEA Reports
Los Angeles Times, September 23, 1999, 
plus my commentary Deja Vu All Over Again
Washington Post article on D.C. medical marijuana initiative and my letter to the editor. September 21, 1999
Who's Minding the Rights of California's Sick and Dying?
September 16, 1999
Articles on parental honesty from the Christian Science Monitor and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and my letter to the editor about them. August 27, 1999
Drug War
Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times, May 13, 1999
The End of My Day
February 24, 1999
Clinton Gets Off--I Head for the Cemetery
February 26, 1999
August 3rd, 1998
I, too, have a dream
My Letter to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine
July 18, 1998
My Statement before the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine. December 1997
The DEA Wishes Me a Nice Day
About the DEA search of my home and seizure of my computer. December 1997
Answering the Unanswerable Questions About Drugs
In which I answer former DEA Administrator Constantine withering questions about "drug legalization." December 1997