Here is media coverage of my search, arrest, and plea

Recent articles

In Pursuit of Truth and Justice in California
William F. Buckley, Jr.,  November 30, 1999
Case Involving Medical Use Of Marijuana Results in Plea
New York Times, November 21, 1999
Activists Plead Guilty to Drug Charges
Los Angeles Times, November 20, 1999
Los Angeles Drug Case Bars Medical Marijuana Defense
Plus an unsent letter to the Times.
New York Times, November 7, 1999
Editorial Update
Orange County Register, October 24, 1999
US Prosecutes Cancer Patient Over Marijuana
Boston Globe, October 23, 1999, front page
AIDS Patient Pins Hopes on Pot Ruling
Los Angeles Times, September 20, 1999
Letter to the editor about above article
Los Angeles Times, September 27, 1999

Earlier articles

Agents Raid Home of Writer on Medical Use of Marijuana,
Los Angeles Times, Thursday, December 18, 1997
The DEA Raid
Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times, December 30, 1997
ACLU letter to then-DEA Administrator, Thomas Constantine
December 23, 1997
Judicial High in California
William F. Buckley, Jr., Syndicated Column, January 8, 1998
Medical Marijuana Advocates Accused of Cultivation for Sale
Los Angeles Times, Friday, July 24, 1998
Leave the Birds of Paradise Alone
William F. Buckley, Jr. Syndicated Column, August 16, 1998
Sen. John Vasconcellos' Statement about Peter McWilliams
The good senator's press release and my comments about it,
February 18, 1999
Listen Up, Washington, the People Have Spoken.
Sen. John Vasconcellos, Commentary, Los Angeles Times,
February 25, 1999
Medical Marijuana
Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times, March 16, 1999
ACLU press release on my use of medical marijuana while on bail 
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U.S. to Fight Man's Plea to Use Medicinal Marijuana
Los Angeles Times, February 26, 1999
Judge Denies AIDS Patient's Request for Marijuana
Los Angeles Times, March 10, 1999
McWilliams Ruling
Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times, March 16, 1999
A Poet in Exile
Al Martinez, Los Angeles Times Columnist, Sunday, April 4, 1999
Drug War
Letter to the editor, Los Angeles Times, May 13, 1999
Drag King: Peter McWilliams is a writer blocked
POZ Magazine, June 1999