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My sentencing now scheduled for August 15, 2000

May 28, 2000 Update

Wonderful, wonderful news!
Although it costs me four hours of agony each day,
my AIDS viral load is UNDETECTABLE!

Faced with judge's ruling, I plead guilty to a lesser charge 
so as not to spend a mandatory ten years in federal prison

Los Angeles Times story on above, November 20, 1999
New York Times story on above, November 21, 1999
William F. Buckley, Jr., column on above, November 30, 1999

Trial judge rules I cannot use medical marijuana defense, 
nor can I mention Proposition 215, marijuana's medical usefulness, 
the 8 patients who get medical marijuana monthly from the federal government, 
or my medical condition

Press Release on above, November 5, 1999
Los Angeles Times/Associated Press article on above, November 6, 1999

New York Times Story on above, November 7, 1999

Reply to Government's Opposition of 9th Circuit motion
 to allow me to use medical marijuana while on bail

Feds Want Medical Marijuana Ruling Reviewed
Associated Press, October 27, 1999

US Prosecutes Cancer Patient Over Marijuana
Boston Globe, October 23, 1999, front page