Medical Marijuana Patients' and Caregivers' Fund Established To Defend Prop. 215

Californians have established an emergency legal defense fund to help support medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensaries against the government's efforts to suppress medical marijuana.

An immediate, urgent goal of the fund is to support litigation in opposition to the federal government lawsuit to close down six prominent Northern California medical marijuana dispensaries.

The fund also hopes to provide legal defense, assistance, and education in other cases involving medical marijuana patients and caregivers, and to support efforts to achieve Prop. 215's goal of "safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need."

California NORML coordinator Dale Gieringer, one of the original organizers of Prop. 215, is calling on supporters across the nation to contribute to the Medical Marijuana Patients' and Caregivers' Fund, which is being administered independently of NORML by a board of representatives from several statewide organizations, including California NORML "The federal lawsuit presents the greatest peril to medical marijuana patients since before Prop. 215 was passed. The six clubs serve over 10,000 patients, nearly 80% of the total in California; to close them down now would be an intolerable public health and safety disaster."

"Those of us who supported Prop. 215 have the duty to help preserve the victory. The federal lawsuit is an unprecedented threat to medical marijuana patients everywhere. To fight it will be costly. Contributions are urgently needed."

Donations may be sent to:

NORML Foundation: Medical Marijuana Patients' and Caregivers' Fund
1001 Connecticut Ave NW #710
Washington DC 20036
(Checks should be made out to NORML Foundation: MMPCF)

Dale Gieringer (415) 563-5858 // 2215-R Market St. #278, San Francisco CA 94114