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Sen. Rainey Introduces Bill to Restrict Prop. 215

SACRAMENTO, Feb. 20, 1998: State Sen. Richard Rainey (R-Walnut Creek) has introduced a bill, SB 2113, to sharply restrict the use of medical marijuana. If passsed by the legislature, it would also have to be approved by the voters because it would alter Prop 215.

SB 2113 would restrict use of medicinal cannabis to patients with HIV, cancer, glaucoma, or "muscle spasms associated with a chronic debilitating condition" - omitting such important conditions as chronic pain from arthritis, injuries, neuralgia, migraines, and a host of other diseases, including psychiatric disorders. No other drug in the U.S. is subject to usage restrictions of this kind.

The bill would also prohibit use of medical marijuana by persons under 18. Thus parents could not have their children with cancer or HIV treated with marijuana. Again, no other drug is subject to such limitations.

Recommendations would have to be written, not oral, and would expire in 6 months. Many physicians are afraid to provide written recommendations because of federal threats to remove their licenses.

Only physicians licensed in California would be allowed to recommend marijuana (another unprecedented restriction on medical practice).

No one who receives money for providing marijuana could qualify as a "primary caregiver."

Finally, Prop. 215 would be made an "affirmative defense," leaving patients subject to arrest and prosecution until they proved their cases.

California NORML urges supporters to write the legislature in opposition to SB 2113.

Letters should especially be targeted to the State Senate Public Safety Committee: Sen. John Vasconcellos, chair; Sen. Richard Rainey, Sen Diane Watson ( L.A); Sen. Quentin Kopp (SF); Sen John Burton (SF); Sen Bruce MacPherson (Santa Cruz); Sen. Richard Polanco (L.A.) and Sen. Adam Schiff (Burbank).


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