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The radio program we did Monday 4/7 on KPFK - Pacifica Radio; is now available on RealAudio, at the attached site. Hear Ann McCormick; Peter McWilliams; Jack Herer; Nora Callahan and an interview with Lloyd Charton - family attorney for Chad MacDonald (by Tim Perkins). This powerful program covers Todd McCormick, Chad MacDonald, and exposes the Drug War and it's affects on our children, medical patients and costs to society. The show is hosted by Genie Brittingham, Tim Perkins, and the great Roy of Hollywood, ("Something's Happening" Show). If you do not get RealAudio; we also have the program available on cassette tapes. (Contact: She Who Remembers). If you have your own site, please put up a link, so as many people as possible, will be able to hear the truth. Many thanks to Jim Morrissett, Dave Myers, Dave O'brien and Phil Brown, for making this possible.

She Who Remembers