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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 14:38:34 -0500 From: Marijuana Policy Project To: Subject: URGENT: First ever congressional vote on medicinal marijuana


TO: Interested persons

FROM: Robert D. Kampia, MPP director of government relations

DATE: Friday, March 13, 1998

SUBJECT: First ever congressional vote on medicinal marijuana

Within the next two weeks, the U.S. House of Representatives is likely to vote on H.Res. 372, the anti-medicinal marijuana resolution. While the Marijuana Policy Project is lobbying against this legislation on Capitol Hill, we will not be able to stop it without your help. By expressing your strong opposition now, we can kill this legislation if and when it reaches the House floor. H.Res. 372 states, in part, the following:

* "Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug and should not be legalized for medicinal use."

* "The United States House of Representatives is unequivocally opposed to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, and urges the defeat of state initiatives which would seek to legalize marijuana for medicinal use."

H.Res. 372 was introduced on February 26 by a coalition of nine House Republicans, approved by the House Crime Subcommittee the same day, and approved by the House Judiciary Committee on March 4. This legislation can be brought to the House floor at any time, so please call or fax your U.S. representative today!

Please say the following: "I am writing/calling to urge you/Representative ____________ to vote against House Resolution 372, the anti-medicinal marijuana resolution. I believe patients should be allowed to use medicinal marijuana if their doctors approve of such use. At the very least, Congress should not take any action on this issue until the Institute of Medicine completes its review of medicinal marijuana this coming December." (Institute of Medicine's phone number is 202-334-1805.)

To find out the name of your U.S. representative (on the Web):

First, find out your ZIP+4 ...

Then, use it to get the name of your U.S. representative ...

TO CALL: To call your U.S. representative's office, please call the congressional switchboard operator at 202-225-3121. The operator will ask you for your zip code if you do not know who your U.S. representative is.

TO FAX: To fax your U.S. representative, please call your U.S. representative's office or e-mail MPP@MPP.ORG for his or her fax number. If you choose to e-mail MPP, please be sure to include your U.S. representative's name.

TO E-MAIL: Please DO NOT e-mail your U.S. representative unless you have already called or faxed.


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