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Chris Conrad to teach Hemp class at Omega Institute

Dates: Oct 23, 1998 - Oct 25, 1998
Price: 175.00 [Friends of Omega Price: 160.00]
Hemp: Lifeline to the Future

Weekend Hemp Seminar with Chris Conrad

The Cannabis plant--drug-free hemp--is a hardy, eco-friendly, and profitable crop with 50,000 modern uses, including clothing, construction materials, paper, plastics, and fuel. In recent years, hundreds of new businesses have sprouted and a $50 million industry has bloomed; but it is illegal for Americans to grow this useful plant. In this workshop, Chris Conrad, author of Hemp: Lifeline to the Future and Hemp for Health, offers a comprehensive overview of hemp--its history, ecology, pharmacology, the medical and industrial aspects, and a political update on legal reform. The workshop is especially designed for people with no technical background, as well as ecologists, potential owners of hemp-based businesses, and health-care professionals. Technical terms are fully explained. Topics include industrial uses and environmental value of hemp, the nutritional importance and topical applications of hempseed, and an overview on the medical use of marijuana. We receive contact and networking information, as well as class materials including notes, diagrams, and company catalogs offering products made from hemp.

Conrad is an internationally recognized expert on the topics of industrial hemp, hempseed oil, and medicinal marijuana. In addition to his two books, he has contributed to four others. His articles appear regularly in HempWorld and Hemp Magazine. He is a founding board member and past president of the Hemp Industries Association. He is founder and director of the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp and the Family Council on Drug Awareness.

Recommended reading: Hemp: Lifeline to the Future and Hemp for Health.


October at Omega

October at Omega is a season of bright days and cool nights. The Hudson Valley is renowned for its glorious fall foliage, and the Omega gardens and campus are particularly serene and beautiful this time of year. Beginning this weekend, some services and campus amenities are different than in the summer. The lake is available for boating only, not swimming. And there is no New York City charter bus service.

Also remember this: Throughout October the Hudson Valley weather can be changeable and quite chilly, so come prepared with warm clothes.

All of our housing is heated, but if youre camping be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag and a good tent.

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