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Jeff Jones, the founder and director of the Oakland CBC, just called me with this fantastic story...

CNN, and all the major Bay Area media were at the Oakland CBC to attend a press conference Jeff was holding. Just as the conference was about to begin, Jeff was informed by his security peope that a DEA agent was in the building, posing as a patient, trying to buy medical marijuana.

Jeff went to the room where the DEA agent was sitting and asked him to verify all the papers he had just submitted. Jeff then escorted the agent into another room and opened the door to a roomful of media.

Jeff told the media that he had just caught a DEA agent trying to make an illegal purcase with falsified papers. The terrified agent fled and tried to escape down the elevator. Jeff shut of the power, trapping the DEA agent in the elevator.

Jeff informed the press what was happening and invited them to use the stairs to get to the ground floor and meet the elevator, once Jeff turned the power back on.

As soon as the elevator door opened the cameras and journalists were all over the DEA agent who was struggling to cover his face, like a common criminal. The DEA agent finally escaped and Jeff was interview extensively about this incident afterwards.