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A statement from Peter McWilliams

Thursday, November 13, 1997 - Sound Off: Marijuana as Medicine.
The Detroit News asks readers: Should the state allow patients with cancer and other serious illnesses get a prescription to use marijuana for pain and nausea relief?

Thursday, November 6, 1997 - Medical use of marijuana goes on trial in Michigan.
Ailments not justification for pot possession, judge tells Allen Park native with AIDS, cancer.

October 30, 1997 - Author's arrest revives issue of medical uses for marijuana.
Article by Dan Shine, Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

August 14, 1997 - McWilliams' most recent motion
Putting prosecutor Luke Skywalker (yes, that's his name) on the spot.

July 19, 1997 - Man will go to trial for choice of medicine.
Associated Press

Friday, June 6, 1997 - Wayne may dismiss pot charges for AIDS patients. Aids patient Peter McWilliams, an Allen Park native, now living in California, faces a hearing on charges of pot possession.