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20 November 2014

With Appreciation
romanNumerals Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century. That's the age of the oldest article in the archive of the Media Awareness Project. Dated January 1990, this initial clipping hailed from the San Francisco Chronicle and concerned the emerging AIDS epidemic.

Twenty years. One fifth of a century. That is age of DrugSense, the 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates MAP.

Over the last two decades, DrugSense/MAP volunteers have meticulously built the archive to a quarter of a million - yes, 250,000! - newspaper, magazine and web articles on all aspects of drug policy, both in the United States and worldwide. A strategic, timely and highly respected resource, the MAP archive charts the course of this evolving public policy and tells the story of medical cannabis, needle exchange, asset forfeiture and the other topics it covers through an easily accessible and fully searchable database.

ty Thus far in 2014 alone, MAP articles have inspired almost 1,200 published Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds whose value as advertising equates to well over $1 million. The value rises to $35 million for all archived LTEs published over the last 20 years! Dollar for dollar, DrugSense/MAP has been one of the most cost effective, yet impactful organizations in the entire drug policy reform movement, and time proves it.

You - our readers, followers, supporters and donors - have sustained us, and these milestones come thanks to you.

But while DrugSense/MAP resources are free, they are not free to produce. Bandwidth, servers and software represent just a few of the costs covered by your donations. Please contribute generously.

twentyFive As a thank you in celebration of our milestones, we're offering these tokens of our appreciation!

Donations at the $10 - $50 level: one FREE e-book (pdf) of "Drug War Propaganda" (2003) by Doug Sneed. (*)

Donations above the $50 level: an additional FREE e-book (pdf) of "Reefer Madness: Revisited" (2008) by Doug Snead. (**)

Donate Now! Please consider a generous year end donation to DrugSense. http://www.drugsense.org/donate.

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From our first article to our 250,000th and from our first year to our twentieth, DrugSense/MAP has served as a catalyst for challenging and changing drug policy. Help keep MAP going. Donate today and receive these e-books in appreciation!

Mark Greer
Executive Director

twentyFive (*) "Drug War Propaganda" (DWP) is a highly documented treatise on modern drug prohibitionist rhetoric, which offers example after example of every prohibitionist propaganda trick, thereby showing how and why people fall for it. Enjoy this e-book when you donate to DrugSense/MAP at the $10-$50 level.

(**) "Reefer Madness: Revisited" is an illustrated and annotated reconstruction of the original 1936 screenplay, "Reefer Madness". Presented with numerous illustrations, and written in an easy to read format, "Reefer Madness: Revisited" gently points out how our grandparents were taken in by official proclamations about the "dread marihuana." Donors who give above the $50 level will receive both "Drug War Propaganda" and "Reefer Madness: Revisited" as our gift and way of saying thank you.