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25 January 2011

Have you explored the DrugSense blog?
DrugSense Blog

DrugSense Blog

You might remember our acclaimed DrugSense Weekly e-newsletter that had been published for 644 consecutive weeks beginning in December of 1997. Last year, we transformed the DrugSense Weekly into the DrugSense Blog. The Blog keeps readers up-to-date and informed 24/7 with the same features as the DrugSense Weekly. Check it out for yourself!

Once there, look for these familiar sections:

Cannabis & Hemp: News stories and opinion pieces concerning this controversial, yet useful plant.

Drug Policy: Articles and commentary that overview of drug policy as an issue.

Hot off the Net: Developing news stories and links to recently released audio and video clips.

Question of the Week: Answers to drug policy questions by Drug War Facts Editor, Mary Jane Borden.

Letter of the Week: Best Letters-to-the-Editor (LTE) as picked by the DrugSense editing team.

Letter Writer of the Year!

Special recognition goes to Robert Sharpe for the 176 LTEs and 3 Op-Eds he had published in 2010, bringing his "lifetime" LTE total to a remarkable 2,414!

This is just a small sample of what you'll find on the DrugSense blog. There are many more sections, newsfeeds, video clips, announcements, and facts to explore.

Websites like the DrugSense blog help us fulfill our mission of encouraging accuracy in the media and activism in the community concerning sensible, evidence-based drug policies.

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Thank you.

Mark Greer
Executive Director