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29 December 2009

Real reform results from your letters!

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Thanks to you, 2009 was a banner year for drug policy reform. Governor Corzine of New Jersey just signed medical marijuana legislation into law. In December, President Obama signed a bill reinstating the District of Columbia's medical marijuana initiative as well as lifting a federal ban on funding for needle exchange programs wthe District.

You made these remarkable advancements and many more like them possible via your Letters-to-the Editor (LTEs). Last year, we counted 1,900 LTEs favorable to marijuana, with 684 devoted specifically to medical marijuana. Thirty encouraged needle exchange. The Washington Post alone printed six of your letters, while activists pelted New Jersey newspapers with a remarkable 23 reform-focused LTEs.

What's more, your letters have advertising value. For example, we estimate that those 1,900 medical marijuana LTEs can be valued at approximately $1.8 million; the ones in New Jersey alone were worth over $20,000. Please see http://www.mapinc.org/lte/.

Real reform resulted from your letters!

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your success. While you're at it, please help the organization that keeps you and so many others informed and engaged in this humanitarian movement for social change.

Counting LTEs and encouraging the writers who produce them may seem easy and inexpensive, yet none of this (and the resulting change) would be possible without 15 years of hard work and a budget to support it.

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Let's make 2010 even better. Keep those letters coming!

Mark Greer
Executive Director

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