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11 October 2010

Why We Support California's Proposition 19

Prop 19

Prop 19

Prop 19
Proposition 19, is on the ballot in California this November 2nd. This sensible reform would allow any person in California to possess up to an ounce of Cannabis and to grow a tray full of plants in their home. No doctor's recommendation or license is necessary. Prop 19 leaves intact all the rights we have won for medical patients. It would take the pressure off existing patients by forcing a stand-down by California police agencies. Prop 19 is the most important election for drug policy reform since Prop. 215 legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996.

DrugSense/MAP has decided that winning Prop 19 is so crucial that we should take the extraordinary step of endorsing it. DrugSense has never endorsed a candidate or initiative before. We enjoy our position as being the repository of drug policy information and strive to present it in a totally non-biased way. We let the facts speak for themselves and encourage voters decide their positions based on these facts. But upon research and discussion, we agree that Prop 19 is a must win for reform; we can't sit out this election on the sidelines.

Just having Prop 19 on the ballot has been a big boost for drug policy reformers. No event or initiative has ever succeeded in gaining so much positive national publicity for our movement. Having a tax and regulate measure on the ballot has sparked supportive editorials from across the country. Our issue has a legitimacy we have never enjoyed before. Prop 19 has already had a big effect on California politics. The pressure Prop 19 is causing finally allowed Mark Leno, an impressive state senator, to get his bill to decriminalize marijuana through the California legislature. Last week the governor even signed it. Though this is the oppositions attempt to shortcut the reforms promised by Prop 19, we applaud these changes and hope Prop 19 passes and takes this momentum even further.

The potential revenues for financially ailing California and people's weariness of the drug war have brought us support from many unexpected sectors. Especially appreciated is the support given by such groups as the California NAACP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and various trade unions. We are proud to add DrugSense to this important and growing list of supporters.

The whole world is watching California voters. If Prop 19 wins, the major changes we seek in marijuana policy will begin in California. Other states will quickly follow. Prop 19 is the break in the wall that we have been waiting for. All polls show increased support for Prop. 19. This can be won with the proper help and so I write to urge each of you to offer financial support for the campaign.

Please understand that most of the state initiatives that have been spreading across the country have been financed by a few billionaires with an interest in improving our drug policy. Prop 19 did not have these origins. This is a self-funded, grassroots effort for reform. Without the big bucks behind it, Prop 19 is vulnerable to last minute media campaigns from our opposition. The election is so close that it gets down to which campaign can raise the most money and do the best job of reaching swing voters. Prop 19 can win if we can rouse enough supporters to counteract the campaign funded by such opponents as the California Police Officers and the California Wine and Beer Distributors. Isn't it ironic these two special interests are aligned as the major donors to the opposition campaign?

People around the world are being asked to contribute to the Yes on 19 Campaign. Please generously contribute directly to the Yes on 19 Campaign on their website: https://secure.yeson19.com/page/contribute.

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So get informed. Get involved. Support reform. And, Donate to DrugSense.

Don E Wirtshafter, J.D.,
Chairman, DrugSense/MAP Board of Directors