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29 September 2009

A gift from DrugSense to you - our favorite links
A gift from DrugSense You want to keep up-to-date concerning important social issues, but how do you do it? Perhaps you find good sites and bookmark them in your browser; maybe you access them through the long list of websites you recently visited or squirrel them away as important links.

If your interest lies in drugs and the policies that regulate them, then DrugSense should be your information hub. We provide you with any number of ways to access the data you need: statistics, quotes, trends, analysis ... you name it!

To help your quest for easy-to-access, informative web resources, we thought we'd give you a few of our favorite weblinks. Bookmark these pages; visit them regularly; or squirrel away these links for future reference. They'll show you the breadth and depth of the information we offer concerning one of the most important social issues of our times: drug policy. All of these resources are FREE, but they're not free to produce. These are tough economic times, and unfortunately, organizations like DrugSense that speak truth to power run the risk of closing their doors, potentially allowing draconian drug policies to creep back in.

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Please help us end this unjust and unwinnable war on personal choices, rights and freedoms.

Mark Greer
Executive Director

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