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29 October 2009

Horrible Headlines and How You Can Help

Reefer Madness
In these troubled times, what worries you worst? Sends chills climbing your spine?

    With our attention to drug policy, it has to be the headlines here:

  • "Reappointed Attorney General John Ashcroft instructs DEA to shut down all California dispensaries"

  • "Marc Emery to be extradited to Singapore to face death penalty for selling seeds"

  • "Rockefeller drug laws expanded: prison population to increase 10 fold"

  • "Congress funds ONDCP media campaign: $10 billion budgeted for anti-drug ads"

  • "Recession impairs non-profits: reform groups fold"
Jack O Lantern Fortunately, these horrific headlines are just frightening fiction meant to make a poignant point. As eerie, erratic, and irksome as the economy is, we can't let real reform bend backwards. We need your help NOW!

What truly troubles us is what reform risks if non-profits like DrugSense disappear. Who will track DEA destruction in California with archived articles? Who will excoriate Emery's extradition with Focus Alerts? Who will pepper the press with Rockefeller Law LTEs? Who will compete with anti-drug campaigns on a budget of beans? ALL, with splendid success!!

That's why these horrible headlines are fiction, not fact.

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Mark (Gruesome) Greer
Executive Director

P.S. Happy Halloween!

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