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29 December 2009

Help Change the World While Helping Yourself

You know that the "War on Drugs" is wrong, counterproductive, immoral, stupid, expensive, and cruel. Perhaps you realize that changing the policies toward this one issue has the potential to: change the world; heal the sick; stop ruining lives and families; balance budgets; and so much more...
Donate Now! YOU hold the power of change in your hand. It involves just few clicks of your mouse. Please donate to DrugSense right now. http://www.drugsense.org/donate. By donating, you are taking a stand in support compassionate, common sense, and cost effective policies.

And while you're supporting polices that help change the world, you are also helping yourself. As a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, your donation to DrugSense is tax-deductible, something you'll appreciate at tax time.

Donating is also simple and secure. Just visit http://www.drugsense.org/donate

You can also donate by check made payable to:

14252 Culver Dr #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

Or you can donate toll free by calling 1-800-266-5759.

REMEMBER: You can select a monthly plan to provide us with automatic, recurring support. Please sign up for whatever you can afford. http://www.drugsense.org/donate

LOW INCOME? You don't need cash to change the world. Volunteer! Please visit our volunteer signup form, http://www.mapinc.org/volunteers/ and we'll help you find something to fit your schedule and interests.

Fund the change you want to see in the world - donate to DrugSense today!

Mark Greer
Executive Director