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WhiteHouse.gov Riding the Information Superhighway into the Oval Office

This winter, President Obama and his staff encouraged the public to contact the White House with their ideas and to vote on those ideas at their website, www.whitehouse.gov.

With help from the thousands of organizations and individuals that are supported by DrugSense, the top suggestions were about how cannabis legalization could help the economy, create jobs, address global warming, and meet the health care crisis.

DrugSense - the Internet home of the drug policy reform movement - had long been ready for the inevitable democratic approach to governing that has been pressing on Washington since the last election in 2004.

Almost one hundred thousand people, using the viral tools for advocacy and communication pioneered by DrugSense, practically took over the Oval Office and overwhelmed the usually cool Barack Obama.

The flustered President, when asked if legalizing cannabis could boost the economy, could only sputter "no, I don't think that is a good strategy . [laughter] . to grow our economy."

Donate Now! If you were as thrilled as I was that our issues were the top issues on the agenda set by the public, then please make a donation to DrugSense now. The national conversation about drug policy is changing, and DrugSense is the platform that most of the reform community uses for communication and advocacy.

If you were as outraged as I was that Barack Obama made a joke about the dynamic online engagement of drug policy reformers, then please make a donation to DrugSense now. Your contribution amplifies our voice throughout the nation, and enables activists to reach the news media and their political representatives quickly and effectively.

Help stop this war on our personal rights and freedoms.

Get involved. Write. Join. Donate.

Don E. Wirtshafter,
Chair of the Board, DrugSense

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