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Sometimes change comes quickly: a warm day announces the end of winter and the start of spring the World economy washes out years of illusionary profit and prosperity within a few short months climate change moves from science fiction to scientific certainty.

Sometimes change, however well-intended, occurs slowly.

On March 18th, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. announced that the Obama administration would end federal government support of raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in states that have legalized compassionate distribution, http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09/n318/a07.html. And yet, on March 26th, federal agents raided a Bay area dispensary called Emmalyn's licensed by the City of San Francisco, seizing cannabis, cash, and property, but making no arrests (insert article link).

Real change can't come too soon for America's critically and chronically ill, and by DONATING to DrugSense, you can help us end this unnecessary and harmful abuse of power and waste of federal police resources. DrugSense currently hosts a number of sites that support the legalization of medical cannabis, including:

MedMJ Jars
> the American Medical Marijuana Association ( www.americanmarijuana.org )
> Law Enforcement Against Prohibiton ( http://www.leap.cc )
> Is My Medicine Legal Yet? ( http://www.immly.org/ )
> Safe Access Now ( http://safeaccessnow.net/ )
> Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition ( http://ripatients.org/ )
We empower medical cannabis patients, advocates, and activists through FREE services like the Media Awareness Project ( http://www.mapinc.org ), the world's largest drug policy news service and archive. We offer Media Contacts on Demand ( http://www.mapinc.org/mcod/ ), a database of over 31,000 fully searchable media contacts to which you can e-mail or fax your message. We help organize activist networks through dozens of drug-policy forums and mailing lists ( http://www.drugpolicycentral.com/hosting/clients.htm#hostedlists ). And, if you're looking for a rapid response to a local or national drug policy development, sign-up to receive our Focus Alerts http://mapinc.org/focus/ )

These are just some of the DrugSense tools and strategies which will help ensure that changes in U.S drug policy are more than just words from Washington spoken only for the eager press and that the personal rights and freedoms, enshrined in our Constitution, are finally reflected in American drug policy.

DrugSense needs your support to end the prosecution of medical cannabis patients and promote real drug policy reform. Here's how you can help right now:

A. DONATE. We're able to get the word out about the incredible harms of the drug war and alternatives to prohibition because people like you DONATE. It's quick, easy, and secure. Just visit http://www.drugsense.org/donate/
B. Join DrugSense or other local, state, or federal groups working on drug policy reform here and around the world. Our Drug Policy Central provides web services to more than 120 drug policy focused organizations. Check out http://www.drugpolicycentral.com/hosting/clients.htm for a group in your area.
scales of justice Help stop this war on our personal rights and freedoms.

Get involved. Write. Join. Donate.

Mark Greer
Executive Director

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