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Date: Friday, February 13, 2009
Subject: Why we love reforming drug policy

Around mid-February, it is not unusual for us to think about love.

Here's what we at DrugSense love about reforming drug policy:

* The Activism. While we may not headline drug policy media coverage, no doubt we have had something to do with it. Via our numerous activism tools, we have become the Internet backbone for reform. A couple of examples:

Our archive now contains over 100 articles about Olympic champion Michael Phelps www.mapinc.org/people/Michael+Phelps. These articles and their circulation through our numerous e-mail discussion lists and websites inspired a coordinated campaign of response, including a boycott of Kelloggs, as seen in our most recent Focus Alert: "Kelloggs Gets Stupid over a Bong" www.mapinc.org/alert/0394.html.

A similar, but more intensive media campaign turned the tide in a small, but now infamous Texas town: Tulia. In 1999, 46 of the town's black residents faced drug charges fabricated by one rogue cop. This saga can be tracked through over 800 articles about it in our DrugNews Archive www.mapinc.org/tulia.htm, and the positive outcome can, in part, be attributed to the activists who focused media attention on this injustice using our aforementioned activism tools.

* The Camaraderie. Want to participate in change? Why not become part of our network of reform activists?

Volunteers are the heart and soul of DrugSense. They have lovingly built and continue to maintain our DrugNews Archive. They scour the news for important articles and respond to them with compelling letters. You can learn more about media activism and become a part of our media activism family by visiting mapinc.org/how2.htm.

Your group can also become part of the family of drug policy organizations hosted by our Drug Policy Central. We offer a wide variety of services including Web design, email lists, databases, newsfeeds, forms, technical support, and much more. www.drugpolicycentral.com/

* The Events. Here's where you meet and interact with people who share your passion for change. You'll hear great speakers, attend fun parties, and gain great ideas that you can implement at home. Check out these events:

The Drug Policy Alliance Reform 2009 International Drug Policy Reform Conference. November 11-14, 2009. Albuquerque Convention Center. Albuquerque, New Mexico. drugsense.org/url/5IPbRMCv

MPP's 4th Annual Party at the Playboy Mansion. June 4, 2009. 8:00 pm. Los Angeles, California. www.mpp.org/events/annual-party/?src=frontpage

NORML's 2008 Annual National Conference. Check out the 2008 Hunter S. Thompson NORML Media Award given to our Media Awareness Project in honor of Derek Rea. www.drugsense.org/awards/norml2008.htm

* The Results. Perhaps the best part of drug policy reform is the results gained from our activism. Medical marijuana is now legal in 13 states, Rockefeller Laws are tumbling, and our new president supports public health and harm reduction strategies like needle exchange. Both Michael Phelps and Tulia, Texas show what we can accomplish through coordinated media activism campaigns using DrugSense/MAP tools.

However, every good love affair and relationship takes ongoing work and attention, which is why we ask for your continued support. www.drugsense.org/donate. Our news archive and media activism tools are FREE, but they cost time and money to create and produce results. Your dollars help fund activism, camaraderie, events, and the positive results of effective drug policy reform.

If you love drug policy reform, or would just love to change certain policies, donate today. http://www.drugsense.org/donate

Mark Greer Executive Director

P.S. Many thanks to our many volunteers, friends, and supporters. We love you, too!

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