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Date: March 26, 2008
Subject: We Are Family

If you're interested in reforming drug policy, you probably feel somewhat lonely sometimes. It's like you're the only person on the planet who realizes how insane and destructive current anti-drug efforts are.

But, there is a group of dedicated activists who, in some ways, consider each other to be like family members. MAPsters, as they sometimes call themselves, know one other from their work as volunteers at DrugSense where they grow and maintain the DrugSense DrugNews Archive. ( www.drugnews.org ) This rich resource, available for FREE, helps researchers, activists, and the media understand the facts and truths behind the War on Drugs. MAPsters work together via e-mail, discussion list, sometimes phone calls, and maybe even a meeting at a conference. They are committed to ending the drug war one article at a time.

If you, too, want to lend a hand - help end the drug war from the comfort of your computer - here's a few things you can do:

* Write a Letter-to-the-Editor. Did you know that the editorial section is one the most read parts of newspapers? Single letters from people like you can cause an editorial board to begin to perceive drug policy as important to readers. You can be published author, too. If you need help, it's just a few clicks away at www.mapinc.org/resource/

* Help populate the DrugNews Archive. As you scour the newspaper and the Web, why not also help build this extensive resource by adding articles yourself? Become a Newshawk. It's easy using this special form www.mapinc.org/newshawk/ If you want to learn more about Newshawking and the specs that make the archive work, please see www.mapinc.org/hawk.htm

* Become an Editor. An Editor at MAP is a special individual, with an attention to detail, passion for sensible policies, and just a few hours per week to make sure that all posted articles contain proper attribution so important to research. You'll need to complete a Web- based, self-paced training course to become this kind of MAPster. If you are interested in joining the MAP editing team, please e-mail Jo-D Harrison at jo-d@mapinc.org

* Donate. If you have more dollars than time, you can help by making a generous contribution to DrugSense. It's easy, fast, and secure. Just visit www.drugsense.org/donate. You can also spread your donation over the course of a year by automatically repeating it every month, quarter, or half year. ( www.drugsense.org/donate/ )

Checks can also be made payable to DrugSense and mailed to:

14252 Culver Dr #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

Join the family of friends worldwide - MAPsters - who want to stop this endless war on our rights and freedoms. Help end drug prohibition by volunteering and supporting DrugSense/MAP.

Mark Greer,
Executive Director

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