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Date: September 07, 2008
Subject: Questions and Answers

No doubt we have all fantasized about the questions we might personally ask political candidates, the drug czar, or even average folk about the drug war: Why do we incarcerate so many non-violent drug offenders? Why do we as taxpayers fund a $60+ billion war on mere plants? Why are violent raids conducted against mostly peaceful citizens?

We also ask questions; and nineteen of them are displayed here: www.mapinc.org/questions.htm DrugSense was created to ask and attempt to answer questions, and to keep our press and politicians honest, which is why we provide free resources concerning worldwide drug policy.

Our goal is to promote drug policy reform by encouraging the press and the public to ask policy makers meaningful questions. If they do not have the answers, we can help you find what you need to know in our Drug News Archive of almost 200,000 drug policy-related clippings from around the world www.mapinc.org/

If you can think of a good drug policy question, please let us know by posting it here: www.drugsense.org/feedback.htm

To continue our mission of providing drug policy focused resources and information, we need your help. Why not take a few moments and contribute HERE: www.drugsense.org/donate. It's quick and easy.

If you question the War on Drugs, you'll find answers at DrugSense. Please help us to keep our policy-makers honest. DONATE TODAY to make sure that your drug policy questions don't go unanswered.

Mark Greer
Executive Director

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