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Date: May 27, 2007
Subject: Milestones

Milestones can be a mixed bag. They can be markers of great accomplishment, or sad reminders of times and troubles past. It was with some anticipation that DrugSense prepared for the announcement of the 500th edition of our online newsletter, the DrugSense Weekly ( www.drugsense.org/current.htm).

The DSW has been supplying the Web with a weekly summary of international drug-related news clipped from worldwide print media since June of 1997. A milestone indeed! The DSW has become an invaluable and much-trusted resource for those seeking to move international drug policy away from laws based on fear and misinformation and towards evidence-based approaches focused on common sense and compassion, much like Dr. Tod Mikuriya, a Berkeley psychiatrist and activist for the regulated use of cannabis who died on May 20th at age 73.

Dr. Tod (as he was known) was a long-time champion for a more honest approach towards medical cannabis and assisted in the drafting of Proposition 215 that legalized medical cannabis access in California in 1996. The founder of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, Dr. Tod worked for 40 years to ensure that those who could benefit from the use of medical cannabis could use it without fear or arrest or persecution. He will be missed by friends, physicians, and freedom fighters everywhere. His passing is a sad milestone in the convoluted history of cannabis prohibition in the U.S. His good work lives on in the DrugSense Weekly archive, where stories by or about him date back to a Feature Article he wrote for the July 15th, 1998 DSW titled "Drug Wars: Menace to America" (www.drugsense.org/dsw/1998/ds98.n55.html#sec1).

Even as DrugSense celebrates 500 editions and nearly 10 years of our weekly newsletter, we mourn the passing of a man who did so much to help his sick and suffering fellow citizens. We hope that his legacy of kindness and compassion will inspire the generations that follow Dr. Tod and that in his determined hard work we will all find the inspiration necessary to continue our march towards a long-awaited drug peace.

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