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Date: August 25, 2007
Subject: Please Help Keep DrugSense Staff Pale and Pasty!

During these dog days of summer, is there anything better than sitting by a lake, sipping on an ice-cold drink, and leaving the office far behind? Probably not. At DrugSense, we wouldn't know anything about that, because our staff, volunteers, and amazing range of services are working for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Over these sweltering summer months, Matt Elrod and Debra Harper have been at their computers completely re-designing the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) Website. (Please read what Jack Cole has to say below about the DrugSense Web-design and hosting team.)

Jo-D Harrison and Doug Snead have been improving the interface to DrugSense's remarkable Media Contact On-Demand (MCOD) database of over 20,000 media sources: e-mail addresses, fax numbers and phone numbers, and physical locations. ( www.mapinc.org/mcod/ ) This data is available in a number of useful formats - sending out a press release has never been cheaper or easier!! Mary Jane Borden has just finished a special newsletter for DrugSense Insiders ( drugsense.org/nl/insider_2.6.pdf ) that highlights this database and instructs activists on how to use it to advance drug policy focused Media Activism. In addition, Steve Heath (heath@mapinc.org) and Philippe Lucas (phil@drugsense.org) are working personally with those interested in making the most of MCOD, so contact them today if you have any questions.

Steve Young continues to edit and publish the DrugSense Weekly, our distinguished e-journal of each week's major drug policy news stories ( www.drugsense.org/nl/2007/ ). And last, but certainly not least, Richard Lake continues to work with our dedicated core of volunteer Newshawks and Editors to ensure that our most popular service, the remarkable Media Awareness Project DrugNews Archive ( www.mapinc.org/ ), keeps growing by the day.

Meanwhile, I'm at my desk arranging international money transfers for organizations like the Beckley Foundation as part of our grant sponsoring service, and am also busy planning our budget and overall organizational strategy for the fall and coming year.

Unfortunately, all of these services and hard work don't come for free. DrugSense depends on individual donors like you to ensure that all of these amazing online drug policy resources stay operational and up-to-date. So please DONATE TODAY by clicking drugsense.org/support.php It's fast and easy.

AND, due to the generosity of a long time DrugSense funder, we have secured a matching funds grant! This means that anything you contribute to DrugSense and the Media Awareness Project will be matched, thus DOUBLING the effective amount of your contribution. drugsense.org/support.php v While we all enjoy the dog days of summer, the War on Drugs doesn't take a vacation. Your donation will guarantee that the DrugSense staff stays pasty, pale, and hard at work on our computers to end this war on our personal rights and freedoms. But please don't worry about us. We'll rest once drug policies are based on science, reason and compassion.

Thank you again for working to end the international war on drugs, and for supporting DrugSense/MAP.

Mark Greer,
Executive Director

P.S. On-line donations are secure, private and tax-deductible drugsense.org/support.php

"LEAP has a new dynamic web site with some social-networking functioning (www.leap.cc). Many thanks to Matt Elrod and Deb Harper for the countless hours of programming and tweaking the web pages and to Drug Sense our host and the Media Awareness Project who power the site with their automatic feeds. The new site became active on July 1, 2007. The per-day visits have nearly doubled the number of visits made during the month of June 2007 and more than quadrupled what they were a year ago in August 2006. By just holding this momentum LEAP will have 1.5 million visitors during 2007. We expect to surpass that number by several magnitudes."

- Jack Cole, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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