DrugSense Email Fundraiser (index)

Date: December 27, 2006
Subject: Make a Difference Now and Next Year

No doubt you are busy. Work, school, family, and a host of other commitments occupy much of your time.

However, you agree that the War on Drugs has failed. Perhaps a relative received a long sentence for minor drug possession. Maybe an injured friend has problems finding adequate pain relief. A loyal employee might be required to prove his innocence by taking a drug test.

You know you want to make a difference, but how?

DrugSense has some answers. We are largely driven by volunteers who devote as little as 15 minutes per week to activism. We have proven that, over time, these efforts have led to more compassionate and sensible policies. Real change. Change YOU can be part of simply from your home computer.

.. with Fifteen Minutes per Week ... www.mapinc.org/hawk.htm

---> Newshawk Articles. In the time it takes to read your local newspaper you can ‘Newshawk’ drug-policy related articles by submitting them to our DrugNews Archive. This growing knowledge base of over 175,000 clippings documents drug war excesses and provides the basis for research, LTEs and overall reform. Our new Hawk Form makes Newshawking fast and easy!

.. with One Hour per Week ... /www.mapinc.org/resource/

---> Write LTEs. MAP has mastered the art of Letters-to-the-Editor (LTEs). Over the last ten years, more than 22,000 LTEs in favor of reform have appeared in print, reflecting over $22 million in equivalent advertising value. LTEs educate the public about drug war problems and solutions with only a couple of paragraphs. If you need ideas or help getting started, we have numerous resources to assist you.

.. with One Evening per Week ...

---> Become an Editor. The true power of the DrugNews Archive lies in its ability to store drug policy articles long after they have disappeared from their sources. Putting these articles in a uniform format and appending correct attributions is the job of our volunteer Editors. Editors must complete a web-based, self-paced training course, but can give this important task as much or as little time as they have, when they have it. Please contact jo-d@mapinc.org for details.

.. by Acting Locally ... www.DrugPolicyCentral.com/

---> Join a local group. DrugSense provides Web services to more than 100 groups worldwide. There is likely one in your locale or area of interest that needs your help. Join a group today!

---> Initiate local legislation. Review the DrugSense Community Audits and Initiatives Project, www.drugsense.org/CAIP, to learn from the gains and pains of other drug policy reformers.

.. Anytime Anywhere, Day or Night ... www.DrugSense.org/ or www.mapinc.org/

---> Use DrugSense Services. Did you know that DrugSense’s collection of Websites is more popular than those for virtually any other drug policy organization, including the U.S. government? The growing number of people using MAP demonstrates increased interest in reform. If you are a researcher, student, policy maker, activist, or concerned citizen looking for information about illegal drugs or drug policy, you should begin with MAP. We are here anytime, day or night, as close as your computer.

.. With Just Two Minutes ... www.DrugSense.org/donate

---> Donate. Your can also make a difference by donating to DrugSense. Your tax deductible contribution funds these programs and amplifies the call for reform. Change drug policy now!

Please mail your check or money order to:

14252 Culver Drive #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

Or visit our secure server at www.DrugSense.org/donate

As a DrugSense is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, your donation to DrugSense is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Also, act now! From now until the end of the year, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by a long-term, very generous DrugSense funder. This means that effective amount of your contribution will be doubled, thereby amplifying the difference you can make right now.

Remember, it is not what others do, it is what YOU do. You CAN make a difference, even with only a few minutes. You can help end the War on Drugs by helping DrugSense.

Happy holidays from DrugSense!

Mark Greer,
Executive Director

P.S. A version of this message can be downloaded as a two-color brochure at