DrugSense Email Fundraiser (index)

Date: June 26, 2006
Subject: DrugSense How-to Series; Back to the Basics

What is an LTE, and what's its value to reform?

Have you ever written an LTE? Had one published?

An LTE, or "Letter to the Editor", is a published response to an article or opinion expressed within various media. It has tremendous power because it is often seen as representing the "voice of the people" in a newspaper or magazine, and research suggests that a high percentage of readers of print news start with the columns, op-ed, and LTE section of the newspaper. Additionally, the print space allotted to the average LTE is equivalent to $1,000 in advertising, so writing LTEs is a truly valuable form of media activism.

In fact, since 2001 DrugSense has been involved in the publication of over 10,000 LTEs, with an estimated value of over $10 million to drug policy reform efforts (see our LTE Awards page at: www.mapinc.org/lteaward.htm).

In order to help project the voice of reform across print media, DrugSense has developed many resources to help both newcomers and experienced LTE writers get their message across -- and their letters published! From the frequent Focus Alerts that notify reformers of topical targets, to the comprehensive online instructions, advice, and email directories found at our Media Activism Center ( www.mapinc.org/resource/#guides), DrugSense has been incredibly successful at maximizing and magnifying calls for common sense and compassion.

Now, we're launching a new **FREE** series of online seminars to help activists get even more letters published. Hosted by DrugSense Media Activism Facilitator Steve Heath (through a free chat serviced called Paltalk: mapinc.org/resource/paltalk.htm), the MAP Media Activism Roundtables are designed to pass on our valuable advice and experience in order to help you get your LTEs in print more easily and frequently.

So join us at our Virtual Conference Room every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. That's 8:00 p.m. Central, 7:00 p.m. Mountain, and 6:00 p.m. Pacific. We'll help you to get your name in print, so that together we can end this war on our personal rights and freedoms.

And LTEs aren't the only way that you can help. Due to the generosity of a long time DrugSense funder, we have secured a matching funds grant! This means that anything you contribute to DrugSense and the Media Awareness Project will be matched, thus doubling the effective amount of your contribution.

Donate NOW online at drugsense.org/donate!

Checks can also be made payable to DrugSense and mailed to:

14252 Culver Dr #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

Thank you again for working to end the war on drugs, and for supporting letter-writing efforts at DrugSense/MAP.

Mark Greer,
Executive Director

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