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Date: September 05, 2006
Subject: DrugSense How-to Series; How to change the world

No doubt you are a busy person. You have work, school, family, and a host of other commitments. If you are like many people today, you sometimes feel as if you have very little time to do the things you want to do or even feel you should do.

At the same time, you agree that the War on (some) Drugs has become a disastrous failure. Maybe a relative received a long sentence for minor drug possession. Perhaps an injured friend has problems finding adequate pain relief. A loyal employee you know might be required to prove his innocence by taking a drug test.

You know you want to make a difference, but what can you do?

DrugSense has some answers. Here is how you can change the world in just a few minutes per week.

* Help us Newshawk articles about drug policy. Newshawks are individuals who find drug-policy-related articles in newspapers and magazines, or on selected Websites, and forward those articles to us using a special format. The more articles we have, the more powerful our DrugNews Archive (www.drugnews.org/) becomes as a voice for fairness and honesty. You can help build this incredible resource with just a few minutes of Internet surfing. For more information, please see www.mapinc.org/hawk.htm

* Help us format articles for archival storage. The true power of the DrugNews archive rests in its ability to store drug policy articles long after they have disappeared from their source Websites. Putting these articles in a uniform format and appending correct attributions to them makes the archive a powerful research tool. This, too, helps promote the truth about drugs and drug policy and will likely take no more than a few hours of your time per week. You can give formatting as much or as little time as you have, but rest peacefully in the knowledge that you made a difference. Those who provide volunteer formatting services are called Editors and are required to complete a short web-based, self-paced training course. Please contact Jo-D Harrison, jo-d@mapinc.org, for more details.

* Donate to DrugSense. Some people have more money than they have time. Monetary contributions can be a powerful force for social change. DrugSense is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit that provides accurate information about drug policy. You can see the myriad of services we offer on a bare bones budget by exploring www.mapinc.org/ and www.DrugSense.org. Your dollars go toward supporting these integrated services designed to bring the truth to the media about drug policy and end the War on Drugs. Please visit www.DrugSense.org/donate and donate what you can. You may also mail your check or money order to:

14252 Culver Dr #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

Remember, it's not what others do, it's what you do. You CAN change the world. You can help end the War on Drugs by helping DrugSense.

Mark Greer,
Executive Director, DrugSense

P.S. Good news! For a limited time, a matching funds grant will allow your donation to DrugSense/MAP to be DOUBLED! You'll have twice the impact for the same dollars! Donate today. www.DrugSense.org/donate

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