DrugSense Email Fundraiser (index)

Date: August 06, 2005
Subject: More DrugSense Milestones

We all know what to say to someone who has just achieved a milestone: run so many miles, earned so many dollars, or published so many books. Congratulations! Kudos! What then do you say to -- or can you do for -- someone who has recently achieved several milestones?

Consider DrugSense. This message to you marks 150,000 drug policy articles archived. 150,000! ... and counting. Check it out for yourself: www.drugnews.org/

And while you are there, please note that we have also ...

-- Surpassed almost 20,000 published Letters to the Editor (LTEs) on drug policy topics. www.mapinc.org/lte/

-- Topped almost $20 million in equivalent advertising value for drug policy reform (a drop in the bucket compared to the Drug Czar's $200 million+ Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, but every little bit helps!)

-- Published more than 400 DrugSense Weekly Newsletters. That's about one per week for eight years. www.drugsense.org/current.htm

-- Issued more than 300 Focus Alerts on time-critical articles and issues, enabling activists to respond with letters, phone calls, and direct actions. www.mapinc.org/focus/

In addition, we provide Web services to more than 150 drug policy organizations, promote broadcast media events through our new Media Activism Facilitator project, and regularly bring activists together online via real time voice meetings in our Virtual Conference Room.

If it sounds like we do a lot, we do! But, do you realize that all of this could vanish if DrugSense runs out of funding? You see, DrugSense is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are able to do what we do because of donations from people like you,

It would be no exaggeration to say that congratulations for the above accomplishments really belong to you, our financial supporters. Please continue to help us grow the archive, increase the LTEs, multiply the ad value, get more reform organizations online, broaden our outreach, and end this failed war on our rights and freedoms. Please donate to DrugSense today.

Here's how:

Please make your check payable to DrugSense and mail to:

14242 Culver Drive #328
Irvine, CA 92604-0326

If you would prefer, you may contribute online by credit card through our secure server at www.DrugSense.org/donate/

We accommodate PayPal contributions and can set up automatic recurring donations, if you would like to commit on a regular monthly or quarterly basis.

Remember, it's not just what I do or you do, it's what we all do together that makes a difference. Please help; please donate.

Thank you.

Mark Greer,

Executive Director
14252 Culver Dr #328
Irvine, CA 92604
(800) 266 5759

P.S. In conjunction with the Drug Policy Alliance Conference in November (www.drugpolicy.org/events/dpa2005/) DrugSense will be celebrating another milestone: our 10-year anniversary! Ten years of providing the growing drug policy reform movement with state-of-the-art communication tools, services, and technologies. Now that's something to celebrate!